Samsung Releases Android 4.1.2 Update for Galaxy S3 to Fix Sudden Death & Exynos Vulnerability Bug


Android 4.1.2 Update for Galaxy S3 to Fix Exynos Vulnerability


Samsung has been showering update after updates to almost all its Android smartphones. For more than a month there is not a single day when the manufacturer did not come with a firmware update for one or more of the Galaxy devices. Other manufacturers should learn something from this Korean tech giant. Though the company has pushed the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to most Galaxy S3 across the globe, we have stumbled upon another version of the 4.1.2 update for the  device which is said to be a release to hot-fix the much talked about Samsung’s Exynos processor chip vulnerability bug.

Besides, the new update also fixes the Sudden Issue on the Galaxy S3 that is said to have crept through the previous Android 4.1.2 updates. Even if you are are not so much concerned about the Exynos Abuse, do install this firmware to save your SGS3 from dying suddenly.

This vulnerability was widely reported and caused major concern over how evil beings could exploit it to do something sinister. The new hot-fix update  from Samsung  is reported to close this loophole. The new update has started rolling for the United Kingdom users and consists only 21.38 MB in size and has the build number I9300XXLEA. It can be downloaded via Software Update feature on your phone: Settings> About> Software update.


Features of Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy S3:

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Bug Fixes and Changes:

As for the new things brought by this update are:

  1. Exynos Vulnerability Abuse fixed
  2. Sudden Death Issue due to bug in Firmware fixed
  3. WiFi Connectivity isuue in some cases resolved.
  4. Two new apps added: Play Movies & TV, and Play Books


If you are unable to update your Galaxy S3 Over-the-Air, or if you belong to some other country or region, you can download the complete firmware from the link below and flash it manually via Odin. Please remember that I9300XXELLA firmware is only meant for Samsung Galaxy S3 model number GT-I9300. It should not be tried over any other variant of the phone.



Download Mirror:


Latest Android 4.1.2 Firmwares for Galaxy S3:

Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia (JED):

Hong Kong:

Czech Republic:


South Africa:











United Kingdom:

New Zealand (Vodafone):

Costa Rica:










Brazil (TIM):

Brazil (Claro):

Brazil (VIVO):

New Zealand (Vodafone):


Argentina (Movistar):

Guatemala (Tigo):

Dominican Republic (Claro):



How to Install Tutorial:Link (Detailed)

  1. Extract the zip. You will see a file named “KIES_HOME_I9300XX_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5” inside the folder.
  2. Download and extract
  3. Put your phone in Download Mode: Turn off the phone. Press and hold Volume Down+Home buttons and then long press the Power key for a few seconds till the screen turns. Press the Volume Up key when asked.
  4. This is a no wipe firmware. Therefore, it will not delete any data from your phone.
  5. Run the Odin program by double clicking the Odin3_v3.04.exe.
  6. Connect you phone to computer using the USB Cable.
  7. When the ID:COM port at Odin turns green, click on PDA button and select KIES_HOME_I9300XX_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5″Android 4.1.2 Update for Galaxy S3
  8. Finally, click on start button and wait for a few minutes till the installation is finished, you get a “PASS!” message, and the device reboots automatically.
  9. Done!

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[Firmware source]

  • jvluv11

    it’s ok, thank you anyway!

  • Could not find that, sorry.

  • jvluv11

    is there any one for Dominican Republic with Orange?

    Perform “wipe data/factory reset in recovery. Follow the Steps given under METHOD 1. It should be fixed.

  • jvluv11

    I’ve install the ROM, but my phone still showing the “Emergency call only”, how do I fix that, please help?

  • jvluv11

    that was really quick thank you so much!, downloading…

  • Hi,
    I have just updated the post with the firmware you wanted. You can download it now.

  • jvluv11

    is there any one for Dominican Republic with Claro?

  • No, it does not matter. All firmware links have been updated with the latest build now. You can go with India or UK version (I have tested both).

  • Neschl Rae

    m sorry admin but the link you provided is for I9300XXELLC its neither for XXELLA nor for XXELLB. does that mean whether its A,B, or C it doesnt matter???

  • All firmware links have now been replaced with the latest ones.

  • Neschl Rae

    thanx for the instant reply admin. which firmware should i download ???
    the I9300XXELLA OR I9300XXELLB. ?
    i am confused cz my AP & CP are different.

  • The firmware details you gave shows that your Phone is already on the latest official ROM. As for the official Android 4.2 update, it has not yet been released and expect it only after the launch of S4. Iam sure you are talking about the leaked firmware:

    To install an official firmware you need not unroot it, but get OTA update you will have to. The simplest way to unroot is to download and install the official firmware from above. Hope it helps you.

  • Neschl Rae

    my GS3 was brought from DUBAI. i am from and in NEPAL. i upgraded my android from ICS to JB 4.1.2. and i rooted my phone. now i want to unroOt my phone for the latest JB 4.2 though its not available yet. My original firmware was from SAUDI ARABIA i guess. it showed me with the country code JED which is of saudi right ???..


    my device details are:

    AP: I9300XXELLB
    CP: I9300XXELLA
    CSC: I9300OJVELL3

    Baseband version

    Kernal version

    Build number

  • Yes, it is. It is coincident or what that I was just writing an article on the topic and you popped up with this question. LOL. Visit the blog after an hour or so and you will have your answer.

  • enam

    hi is it possible to check the manufacturing date month or year of s3 ? Thanks

  • depends if the unlock was permanent or temporary.

    see this if it helps you-

  • alex

    I have a s3 i747 but i unlocked it, if I update it will it be locked again?
    P.S. on claro dominicana network in cause you can suggest an update

  • Surprising! I have tested so many firmwares but did not find that issue. Try rebooting your phone and if you still can’t see it,”wipe data factory reset” but beware it will delete all data stored on the internal storage.

  • sir inside lockscreen under setting i am getting only “screen lock” and no other options such as lock screen ooptions etc

  • I can see under lockscreen only screen lock option , i am not getting option to tagg news/fb updates on lock screen???? iss that a bug…

  • No, you need not.

  • I have been update my Galaxy S3 OTA 4.1.2 on 30.01.2013 .From India.After that will I need to install this indian version firmware?

  • Johnothan Crook

    actually you do have a samsung galaxy s3 only the american version though

  • thanks for quick reply 🙂

  • Well I suggested the UK firmware because it was tested by me. Moreover, the I firmware for India arrived just yesterday. The customer care do not the latest software always. They get notification and then download it from Samsung servers and they are sometimes a bit lazy in taking pains for a customer. You can go with the firmware for India. I have already flashed it yesterday.

  • i am downloading indian firmware…i have read one of your reply suggesting instead on indian firmware…which one i should go for. and does this upgrade official one as i have not get any update from samsung custormer centre when i question them for 4.1.2,they said it iwll be coming soon…pls guide

  • Yes you can. Go for the UK version. Enjoy Android 4.1.2!

  • Jacques

    hello, I’m from Malaysia. As i know, the 4.1.2 firmware still unavailable to update in Malaysia. So i can download it from other country like UK to install manually to my samsung S3 phone?

  • It is not for you then.

  • Bilal

    Sorry to bother you, Last question, my samsung model number is SGH-I747 so is it no problem to update from odin? i though this update for only GT-I9300.

  • Via Kies- NO. If you do not care about the apps on your phone and have stored the APKs somewhere else, just download the firmware and flash it.

  • Kies will download what is the latest for your country. You cannot choose the firmware.

  • Bilal

    Are you sure no need to back up in windows?

  • the odin works only with windows.

  • Bilal

    No, don’t worry,,, i will go to library and has window 7 in computer, so i will try download kies or odin then install and update to my samsung s3. By the way, which one is better to update jellybean 4.1.2 or 4.2?

  • Did you instal the firmware on your S3?

  • Bilal

    I did but still not working…

  • Restart the computer and try again.

  • Bilal

    I did download kies but kies say “connecting” then i am waiting, it takes long time, i think it doesn’t work to connect to my device ;-(

  • If you follow the instructions to the letter, you will not need any backup or anything. Still I would recommend to perform all precautionary steps. If you have a Mac, download and install Kies for Mac. Th link is here:

  • Bilal

    No need to back up? What about my mac laptop? Thanks

  • Yes will work. I am using it for a week. Go with this:

  • Will these firmware work for Indian S3? which firmware would be closely related to INU version?