Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware Out Now



Back in late November last year, we has news from the Samsung officials that the Jelly Bean update would hit the Samsung Galaxy Advance GT-I9070 some time in January 2012. The Korean manufacturer has kept its word by surprising us with the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update for the Galaxy Advance. Most of us were expecting the it after the Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update roll out but it has made its way quite sooner.

As always, Samsung has started the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update roll out from a particular country. This time it is Russia where the Galaxy Advance users have  got a reason to rejoice. The latest update, which is also known as what Samsung terms the Premium Suite Upgrade, will bring a lot of new features and improvements to your phone. Some of the striking changes that you will discern after updating your phone to Android 4.1.2 are: Google Now, enhanced TouchWiz user interface, smoother UI experience (thanks to the Project Butter!), new Notification Panel with editable toggle shortcuts, new Blocking Mode, ripple lockscreen (same as Galaxy S3), clock weather widget from SGS3, and several others.

As we said, the Android 4.1.2 firmware update is available to th Galaxy Advance users in Russia via Samsung Kies and Over-the-Air features. You can check for the update by Going to Settings > About > Software Update option. Since it is an Unbranded firmware, you can install it on any International version of the Galaxy Advance model number GT-I9070, regardless of what country you belong.


Firmware Details and Download:

  • OS Version: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • Date: March18
  • PDA: I9070XXLPZ
  • CSC: I9070SERLPZ

Download Firmware:

Download the stock firmware for the Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070 from the links provided below.

Samsung-Update   |   Sammobile

How to Install:

Download the firmware, unzip it and follow the installation tutorial given here.

  • Muanawma

    I do not know that which country made my phone.

  • Try flashing back the same firmware version your phone had.

  • Muanawma

    Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070

  • It’s a serious issue. What’s your phone model?

  • Muanawma

    I am from india. My phone is imported from USA. I upgraded using India Firmware,then i lost IMEI and my sim card can not detected. I dont know which country firmware will i use,there is no firmware for USA in the list. Can you help me?? I do not know much about it.

  • Aby987

    I meant Kies.. LOL..
    bloody predictive keyboard.. 😉

  • Aby987

    Through Kids?? Or Odin??

  • Yes, it is official and can be installed manually.

  • Aby987

    Hi Rakesh,

    here you provided link for Indian firmware, but it seems it is not released OTA for S advanced and it is not there on SAM mobile too, but I can able to find the 4.1.2 firmware on samsung-updates..

    Do you know if the official firmware update is available for 4.1.2 for india, can you please suggest should I flash above 4.1.2 (INU) on I9070

  • Syed Eshaq Quadri

    yes i understand,i updated by phone to jellybean earlier also but deupgraded back to gingerbread using ur website because of many such lags in jb update. But on the other hand,i get bored by the old layout of gingerbread,so updated back to jellybean. By the way,new samsung galaxy phones are comming with jellybean built in. such examples like galaxy young. why do they dont get stuck although galaxy young or such phones have less performance capabilites than s advance.

  • In fact the JB update for Advance is full of bugs and the best thing that you should keep on the phone is GB.

  • Syed Eshaq Quadri

    But is this firmware for saudi arabia. because i may not find fonts in urdu or arabic if not. Also jellybean firmware i did before was 400 mb around but this is 700 mb around,so does it not slow my galaxy s advance

  • Okay, install this latest firmware that was released a few days ago:

    The method is above and let me know.

  • Syed Eshaq Quadri

    i am indian living in jeddah, saudi arabia

  • Where are you from?

  • Syed Eshaq Quadri

    I tried it but still the alarm does not last for long . Just rings for one or two seconds.

  • Try a data/factory reset from recovery. Do steps from method 1 from here:

  • Syed Eshaq Quadri

    Thanks for this article. I successfully updated my galaxy s advance to jellybean. But i have a small problem or say a bug. When my handset is on sleep for a long time and i keep an alarm for some time,the alarm ringtone just lasts for a 1 or 2 seconds and stops.ON the other hand when i used gingerbread,the alarm was ringing as long as i snooze or stop but now when i am using jellybean,the alarm tone just stops after 1 or 2 second.Please i need your help.

  • If you have to downgrade to GB, use the instruction on the downgrade tutorial with 3 files. To install JB 4.1.2, just flash the single file with .tar.md5 extension by clicking the PDA button on Odin.

  • Rokon

    The CSC of my SGS advance is DBT (Germany) though I bought it from UAE market. The care guys in Samsung centre says that my phone was officially released for Germany so no warranty here in UAE. The Kies says upgrade is not supported through it.

    Regarding upgrade via Kies they say changing the CSC will not help as the PHONE/MODEM may not be compatible with Middle East version. Besides my IMEi shows that it was for Germany.

    Now if I upgrade to Jellybean using Odin3 with UAE firmware which three files will I need to downgrade in case it is necessary.

    What I came to understand from your replies that I should use the three files given by you in the first operation and then in a second operation I can use a single …..tar.md5 file as PDA in odin3 – my native firmware.

  • You need 3 files to downgrade, but for a normal installation you need just a single file that you have to select by clicking PDA on Odin.

  • Rokon

    So, we need three files to start the process by Odin3. I have the jelly bean firmware for UAE from but there is only one .tar.md5 file. Where can I get the other two files – CSC_….tar.md5 and …PIT?

  • Open Samsung account and register your phone. The feature is found on you phone itself. Note that it should not be rooted.

  • Imran Ansari

    I am sorry i meant Jelly bean release XXLPZ ,XXLPY and XXLQ4.

    What do you mean by registering your device? Where do we need to register

  • What is z Y Q?
    The firmware is found to be working with all regular models without any issue and does not require rooting because it is official firmware and will not void your warranty. If you register the device just after update, you might use Kies (not sure as I never used Kies in life). Currently and for the last 15 days only the Russian version is available. It is a manual install and therefore you need to use Odin.

  • Imran Ansari

    HI I have following queries regarding the update.

    My phone is only 3 months old i.e in warranty

    1) which version of s advance update i should use z Y or Q latest?
    2) What are the chances of no issues in my phone after updtaing unoffical firmware
    3) If i install using ODIN is it called rooting my device?

    4) Will my warranty be void if i install the jelly bean?

    5)Will be able to use KIES after update?

    6) If official firmware is released for my country i.e India. will i be able to re update my phone

    7)For re updtaing official firmaware what should i use kies or again ODIN

    waiting eagerly for your reply