How to Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 on UCUAMF3 Firmware


Rooting is one of the best things about Android. It is a bliss that lets us satiate our appetite for customization and tweaking the device. However, sometimes our OEMs and service providers try to put a check on the very soul of Android by putting a check so that users might not be able to root their devices. That is why there is always a cold war going on between our developers and service provider. Fortunately, in most cases the great minds of Android development community come out with victorious smile.

The latest mischief has been made by AT&T who appears to be following Verizon’s path. An OTA update with baseband version UCUAMF3 for SGH-I337 rolled out the last month brought a security patch, making all existent root methods ineffectual. Moreover, the users of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 with MF3 version are unable to downgrade to a lower version.

However, the users of this device can now take a sigh of relief because XDA member Jortex has released a working root exploit. So, if you have updated your phone to build number JDQ39.I337UCUAMF3, you will now be able to achieve root access. Though Jortex’s method is not so easy as the Motochopper way, it is not very difficult to perform too.


To root your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 on Android 4.4.2 KitKat, use Geohot’s TowelRoot app.


  • A microSD card and a card reader or adapter.
  • In case you know how to execute commands in ADB, you need not use an external SD card or download the Terminal Emulator app from below. And yes, do not forget to enable USB Debugging on your phone and install Android SDK on your computer before you use the ADB method.
  • Download and install Terminal Emulator app from the Google Play Store.
  • Download the rooting package file: Root_for_ATTSG4_FM3.rar

Rooting Steps for SGH-I337  UCUAMF3 Firmware:

Now here are the simple steps to get root on AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 on UCUAMF3

  1. Insert your microSD card in the card reader and format it to exFAT on your Windows PC.
    1. Insert the microSD card into the computer using a card reader or a microSD adapter.
    2. Go to “My Computer”.
    3. Right click on your SD card drive.
    4. Click Format and choose exFAT.
    5. Click “OK”.
  2. When the formatting is done, extract Root_for_ATTSG4_FM3.rar and copy all its contents (4 files) to the memory card.
  3. Now put the card into the phone.
  4. Then open the Terminal Emulator app and type the following lines:
    cd /mnt/extSdCard
  5. Issuing the above command will execute the “” file and all necessary apps like Busybox and SupeSU will be installed to your Galaxy S4.

terminal-emulator If everything goes well, you will have root privilege on your AT&T Galaxy S4 SGH-I337. Open app drawer and look for the SuperSU app there. To verify successful root, install Root Checker app from the market: root-verified-at&t-galaxy-s4

Root Checker
joeykrim Tools Free

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  • Kumaran Viji

    hello sir i ahave samsung s4 sghi337 at&t it was running in android jelly bean , wen i go and tap on software update i did nt find any change on my device and it does not show any update . tell me the solution to put kit kat to my device

  • saheb singh

    After installing towelroot , nothing happend phone just rebooted like before
    checked from rootchecker its not rooted

  • Okay, try this: uninstall SuperSU and uninstall and reinstall Towelroot again. This time, do not install SuperSU from play store.

  • saheb singh

    I installed the apk file, the and started the root the phone instantly rebooted.
    Then I installed super su.
    Then it showes error in installing binary file

  • What error do you see? It has been confirmed by a user.

  • saheb singh

    This method is not working as well

  • saheb singh


  • SwaggaMcDaddy

    Still not working.

  • Alexis Diaz

    i got a problem i make everything but when i put ./pwn said permission denied and don’t let me continue with the process, can you help me ?

  • Go to SuperSU app and you will have unroot option under app settings.

  • Ik

    How do I remove the root? I want to update my software. It’s unlocked and I rooted it with this method. Thanks

  • Reinstall USB drivers, reboot PC and phone and try again.

  • SwaggaMcDaddy

    This didn’t work either. Every time I run the batch file, command prompt just closes on me

  • Ernest W Lawson

    Can someone please please find a root for the Samsung galaxy s4 sgh-i337 that works

  • I am not sure what to suggest you but you must be making some mistake. Do things again.

  • SwaggaMcDaddy

    the sd card is ExFat, all 4 files are on the sd card and im still having the same problem. what else could be the problem?

  • Seems you have not done ExtFat the card properly.

  • Open SuperSU app and update the binary when prompted.
    If it does not work, open SuperSU settings and reinstall it.

  • Ramesh Sharma

    followed the steps right . terminal emulator displayed root obtained:) too but when i check with root checker , there ‘ s no rot access . please help 🙁

  • SwaggaMcDaddy

    after i type in ./pwn the “Error Too many open files” message pops up and my phone restarts itself

  • What do you mean?

  • SwaggaMcDaddy

    what do i do?!

  • Thanks for coming back and confirmation. 🙂

  • Bud Wilkinson

    Much Thanks. This procedure worked like a charm when the motochopper method failed with UCUAMF3 firmware. 🙂

  • DroidViews

    cnsnts Since the method does not involve the use of computer much, all you need to do is to find a way to format your SD Card to ExFAT on Mac. Rest of the steps are done on the phone itself.

  • cnsnts

    i have a mac, do i need to do anything different?

  • Format the SD Card using ExFAT option on you computer. Make sure the card has only the files of the rooting package as instructed above.

  • Rob_ml

    cd /mnt/extSd NOT FOUND what to do?

  • Thanks for sharing your view, Blake! 🙂

  • Blake Blizzy Decker

    i wanted to say i waited til late november and i finally got the 4.3
    jellybean pushed on my galaxy s4..with no issues from above..i made sure
    i found out what was not working..and what was working..knowing samsung
    they wont let a device not go long with a softwear they know doesnt run
    right seems very much so i have a good build..i never push
    leaked updates because i know the issues will be there…with all these
    devices everything is pushed out the door to far as the build
    in some of these newer phones even the actual build quality was jacked
    up with a few carriers..such as the sprint htc one..death grip..the
    phone had gaps and the glass wasnt fit correctly..check youtube on
    that..but htc fixed the issue..i give them alot of credit on this..shows
    they the htc one max is out and build beautiful…the
    official 4.3 mk2 build update is now a wonderful experience for anyone
    hesitant as i was…here ya go from the horses mouth…its stable!..i
    did this on my moms s4 she even said she noticed the battery is
    a lil better!..i agree..just depends on the use..a small upgrade in
    buying an extended life battery isnt a bad investment at maybe
    $ is wonderful..i personally dont find the need..but ty for
    letting me post this…hope it helps people with the sgh-i337 model mk2
    build 4.3 offical users thanks for your help!

  • Hi Blake, the method given above works great on MF3. As for rooting the 4.3 firmware, no developer has been successful in coming with a working exploit so far. Still there is a tool that can root AT&t S4 on Android 4.3:

  • Blake Blizzy Decker

    is there a root for the i337 with att on official 4.3 firmware…i would love to root..i just want to make sure im doing what is right so i dont get in any boot loop or crap like using the mf3 build also…any help would be much appreciated here!! i now must have root access…with everything ive seen this isnt fair lol!

  • Try rebooting the phone and computer.

  • sageofsennin

    SD Card Drive won’t show up in My Computer..what do I do?

  • Hmm, in that case there is no reason why it is not working on your device. Start over again and be careful every single step. The guide works 100%.

  • alex

    yes i am.
    model # sgh-i337
    version 4.2.2
    baseband i337ucuamf3
    kernel 3.4.0-812098 se.infra@sep-104 #1
    build # ldq39.i337ucuamf3

  • Do you have UCUAMF3 firmware version or something else?

  • alex

    hi i keep getting {/system/bin/sh: ./pwn: can’t execute: Permission denied} what am i doing wrong. i formatted to exFAT, put 4 files to root of sd card.

  • Well, it rarely happens but not developer have been able to break into the MF3 bootloader yet. Since Android 4.3 is about to roll out soon, I hope there will be some development after its release.

    There is a bootstrap recovery for Verizon and AT&T S4 called Safestrap but I would not recommend it to new users. You can get more info about Safestrap recovery here:

  • Jackson Wu

    Alright thanks man… so will there be a custom recovery available? Thats my last question thanks 😀

  • Actually there are several font apps that do not work. I once tried some apps from the play store a couple of months ago but none of them worked.
    TouchWiz has it own font app called Flipfont that can be downloaded from withing phone settings> Display> font, but for some reason they do not work too.

  • Jackson Wu

    alright then. do you know about the Font Installer root problem then? Or downloads will not start?

  • Hmm. We got the culprit then. This particular firmware version has a locked bootloader that does not allow a custom recovery. I have already mentioned it in the article above.

  • Jackson Wu

    Yes it is sir. And SGH I337 ATT

  • Okay. Is your phone’s firmware version “UCUAMF3”?

  • Jackson Wu

    It’s called carbon

  • Which ROM did you try to install?

  • Jackson Wu

    well for one example, do you know the app Font Installer Root? I tried to install a font but the font never changes. Another one is downloading a ROM, i tried to download from the available installers from google play. But the download never starts with those apps. So i tried to download the rom from my pc then transfer it to my phone. those didn’t work either. When i go into Clockwork recovery, there’s always an error when i try to install the rom.

  • What kind of issue are you having?

  • Jackson Wu

    Right after the cd /mnt/extSdCard It was blanked so i assumed i did something wrong and then i saw the picture and tried adding that… and the root works.. but i’m having some problems with some rooted apps.. not sure if its because of this though.

  • The code has worked without “sl -l”. Where did you add it, by the way?

  • Jackson Wu

    Hello I was having some problems getting past the step entering “cd /mnt/extSdCard” but i am able to fix it via the picture. You should add that you need to type in “sl -l” to be able to continue to entering in ./pwn

  • It’s always a pleasure to be of any help to the community. 🙂

  • Ryan

    This was a HUGE help. Thanks for helping out a newcomer. 🙂

  • Hi Ryan, because the UAMF3 bootloader has not been unlocked or bypassed yet, installing a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP is not possible currently.

    Alternatively, you can install a special recovery system for locked bootloaders called Safestrap. This recovery does not replace the stock one and by creating virtual slots on the system partition, allows you to install custom ROMs.

    You can find more details and download link on the official site:

    As for custom ROMs, we have a dedicated article on it:

    Hope it helps.

  • Ryan

    I’m fully aware that I’m being a Noob here, (new to the rooting community), but would you be able to provide a link to instructions on how to do this after the device is rooted?

  • Yes, Ryan. A custom recovery requires either a method to bypass bootloader or an unlocked bootloader.

  • Ryan

    After these steps, would I have to unlock my bootloader to flash a custom recovery such as ClockworkMod? I know this can be done through the ROM Manager app in the Play store, but is it required that the Bootloader be unlocked for this to work? Thanks in advance for the response 🙂

  • No, you can delete them when root is achieved.

  • Breezy

    must you keep the files on the card in order to keep the root?

  • Nice! enjoy root!

  • Justin Starn

    I installed SuperSU from the app store and I am good to go! Thanks!

  • Hmm, weird! Try some of these apps and see if they work. If yes, who cares for SuperSU to crowd the app drawer! LOL

  • Yes, that is a very important step. Copy your files to you computer for a while, then xFAT it and try again. It’ll work for sure. Let me know. 🙂

  • Justin Starn

    Root checker said that I have root access but I dont see SuperSU anywhere in my app drawer…

  • You must have a microSD card adapter or a card reader. Manage it. If you have a 64 GB card, you can format it on the device itself.

  • Jesus Murillo

    What if my SD card flex isnt working? is there any otherway to do this?

  • No, you only have root access. The bootloader has not been unlocked yet. 🙁

  • derek

    i have followed these steps and obtained root, now is my bootloader unlocked?

  • Nice to know it worked for you. 🙂

  • FelippeVanessa Gazio

    Indeed, exFAT worked! my mistake and ignorance. Thanks Alot!

  • Only formatted card is not enough. It must be formatted as exFAT (not FAT32) to have desired result.

  • FelippeVanessa Gazio

    not true… my card is formated and clean with only the 4 files on it and even tried removing the readme file and still gives me the same message….

  • Sobhan

    Re-partitioned using the .pit file and odin. Now the Downloading…. do not reset target doesn’t come any more when I press vol-up/home/power. However, I still see:
    1. Samsung/unlock icon/Custom when the phone boots – why? is this because rooting installed busybox?
    2. When I try to recovery mode (vol-up/home/power), I still get “no command” error – why?

    Two more questions:
    3. yesterday night when my partition was screwed up, how did the phone boot when i pressed vol-down/home/power and then picked the reset option?
    4. I guess my only option now to install transparent weather widget is to go to a new ROM or wait until TWRP/CWM is made to work for UCUAMF3. Is there a particular ROM that you would recommend?

    Thanks / Sobhan

  • Hi, nothing wrong would have happened if your phone did not have UCUAMF3 firmwre version. It currently does not support a custom recovery ar AT&T has locked the device bootloader. That’s why we only have rooting tutorial for this firmware.

    In normal circumstances, I would have suggested you to install a new firmware to recover the device but UCUAMF3 does not allow downgrading firmware.

    Anyways, here is a workaround, try it and let me know:

    All you need is ODIN and the attached pit file,

    1. Download attached file and unzip it
    2. Run ODIN
    3. Click on PIT button
    4. Locate the SGS-I337_16GB.pit file and load it
    5. Click start, phone will reboot when when complete
    6. Done

    Detailed guide here:

    Download this PIT file:

    In your case, please do not select any file by clicking the PDA button on Odin.

  • Sobhan

    Rakesh – I was able to successfully root ATT/SGS4 UCUAMF3 with this method. Thank You. However, my final goal is to install transparent accuweather widget. In order to do that I need to install CWM or TWRP. I followed and flashed TWRP using recovery tools. Once I rebooted – I had the scare of my life. It said normal boot failed and stuck on Downloading…. Do not reset target…. I rebooted multiple times and same message…. I then pressed down arrow, home button, power and it went into some other menu – I selected reboot phone there and the phone came up … phew!!!! I tried installing CWM from recovery tools .. but it wasn’t able to download the install file…. I think I need one of these recovery tools in order to be able to install transparent accuweather … help please!!! do you know why I got TWRM error screen – that was scary!!!!) .. btw – I installed titanium backup and backed up all the apps… 🙂

  • Sobhan

    Cool!!! So first root the device – I assume that will keep the existing ROM and not reset anything with the apps, settings, data…etc… then install titanium backup and backup apps, data…etc… and then I can install what ever ROM I want and restore will get back all the apps with their settings and data. Does titanium backup also remember the background settings, icon layout on the screen …etc… ? btw – thank you so much for your quick responses and patience in handling these naive questions.

  • Root device and use Titanium Backup to backup your Apps and Games. It creates complete backup with all data of apps and games:

  • Sobhan

    Thx rakesh. If I move to custom rom now, will I lose game scores..etc..

  • If you receive OTA while rooted, you will lose root. Also, 4.3 will come to S4 at the end of this or beginning of next month and AT&T users will have to wait at least for another month to get it. Till then you can enjoy it.

    Like the official ROM, custom ROMs too are updated at regular basis, and so you will always be able to get the latest update even with a custom ROM.

  • Sobhan

    I actually want OTA updates to work 😉 as I would like to get 4.3 from ATT. If OTA update overwrites the transparent weather widget mod that I plan on installing, I can always install it again. I dont think I am ready to put in a new ROM that is not from ATT – btw when you install a new ROM, do all the game scores …etc… get reset? Thanks for your quick response Rakesh.

  • Usually, root prevents OTA from being installed. You can also do this: go to Settings> More> About> Software update and turn off auto update.

  • Sobhan

    will OTA updates work once we root the phone with this method?

  • Hi Jeff, do he steps as directed. EdGAR is compulsory and you got the error because you have other files on the card.

  • Jeff

    I get /system/bin/sh: ./pwn: can’t execute: Permission denied

    The only thing I didn’t do was the format to exFAT because I have other files on the sd card already. Was that a crucial step?

  • sad case usa youth

    I did this yesterday and now my root checker is saying phone not proper root access. What do I need to do? Dibi keep the sd card or I can change.

  • No rooting will not allow that, but it will allow installing a custom ROM based on a lower version than UCUAMF3 and then you can try unlocking.

  • Joel Lamont-Charles

    Hi will rooting my galaxy S4 i337 allow me to downgrade the firmware or give me access to the umts main menu screen that is currently locked?