Root Any LG Device Easily with Stump Root


Android is an awesome operating system known for its open source attribute. It offers hundreds of devices to choose from one of the cheapest to the costliest ones. This most popular platform stunning on its own becomes more powerful when you gain root access on it. If you have an unrooted device, you have been experiencing just the half of what it can offer. Rooting unleashes the true capability of an Android device. By using root apps, custom mods, ROMs, frameworks and kernels, you can enjoy the best possible system optimization, performance tweaks and graphic customization.

There was a time when it was not possible to root an Android phone or tablet without using a computer. We had to use different tools for rooting different devices. Moreover, most root-toolkits were made for Windows only. As a result of phenomenal custom development activities, more refined, safer and easier-to-use methods have been evolving now. Cross-OEM tools like FramaRoot and TowelRoot does not even need a computer. You just have to install an Apk on your device and tap a button in the app to get it rooted.

Now we have another amazing root-tool in the form of an Apk. Famous developer jcase has collaborated with some other renowned names like IOMonster, Autoprime, PlayfulGod and the result is an universal root exploit for LG devices.  The root exploit is called Stump Root and works on almost all LG phones and tablets released since 2012 till data.


If you LG device is on KitKat or Lollipop, try the following one-click root method:

Easily Root LG Devices using the One-Click Root Script

Rooting LG Device with Stump Root

Stump Root app is so easy to use that it does not require any specific instructions yet we have described the steps to get your LG device just in a single tap.

  1. Download Stump Root app and copy it to your device: Stump Root v1.2.0
  2. Open File Manager app and install the Apk file. Do not forget to check Unknown sources option under Settings> Security on your device.
  3. Having installed the app, open Stump Root from app drawer and tap the Grind button. Stump Root will greet you with a melody while the device is being rooted.Stump-Root
  4. Wait till Stump Root works its magic and allow the device to reboot when you are prompted to do so.
  5. When you phone boots up, install SuperSU app by Chainfire from the Play Store: [appbox googleplay eu.chainfire.supersu]

To verify root access on your device, download a root checker app and run it.

Root Check
JRummy Apps Tools Free


  1. When the root is verified, uninstall Stump Root app.

If the root checker app shows your device status as Rooted, you got proper root access on your device. Enjoy! For newer updates, make a request to the developer, and make a donation, check out the XDA thread.

  • Neil Donnelly

    its vodapone LG VFD 200 i am unable to connect device to laptop either no device drivers and cant find them either please help ive been trying all weekend to roo my device gutted

  • Neil Donnelly

    i have mate its vodapone vfd 200 running android version 5.1 but im unable to get device setup to laptop either due to no device drivers ????? help please

  • Please mention the full phone name and model number.

  • Neil Donnelly

    Hi im having problems trying to root LG VFD200 help please. ive tried kingroot which stops at 90% tried other apps to but unable to get my mobile device to root please help someone

  • Banan Nugget

    I have an Lg k20 Plus, what is a good program to root it?

  • Awesome Bryner

    LOL! Says “Device Is Patched, Sorry!” Why is it sorry if it is patched? Someone does not know how to do English. Should say “Device is not Patched, Sorry!” Since it did not patch it. Stupid. Can’t trust anything you get from the internet.

  • Awesome Bryner

    I think it is pretty stupid to say all LG phones and reading comments people are saying there device is not supported. I am debating to try on my LG Rebel, because of the comments. I guess the worst it could do is not boot up again. Don’t want to buy a new phone though.

  • Shri

    Sir…. Will this app successfully root LG LS675 Boost mobile?
    What could be a major trouble to a mobile if it fails in the middle?
    Pls help.

  • xFallenDemon99x

    Try Xposed for mods and tweaks for android

  • John Staples

    Thanks for saving me from waisting my time….

  • No.

  • Lucy Georgia

    thanks,, can anyone tell me which root application is able to root swipe elite with android 5.0.2

  • Will not root an LG L15B Sunrise running KitKat 4.4.2. Says device unsupported.

  • marcus

    I had a jailbroken iPhone a while back if i root my lg leon will there be a platform like cydia where i can download and manage the mods on my phone

  • g suresh

    hi i am new to this forum. i am using lg g2 d802, purchased through ebay and its a imported version. Few months back i tried to update android version through laptop and bricked phone(no network & touch screen not working). After that i got the replacement from seller. I have checked mobile country of origin using imei no and its showing made in korea and belongs to Hong kong. Kindly help in updating newer android version. If you dont have issue, kindy respond to

  • ProXuS

    how can i upgrade my kitkat 4.4.2 to lollipop?

  • Yes.

  • ProXuS

    it said my LG G3 with 4.4.2 Kitkat wasn’t supported but can be bruteforced. and i used bruteforce. is that good?

  • terry

    It says my device is patched

  • Adam Myczkowski

    doesn`t work on my V400 running 5.0.2

  • What Android version your device has- Kitkat or Lollipop?

  • Jyoti

    Will this work on my LG P920? Please let me know

  • Andres Solis

    Works great!!

  • Open My Computer and click the drive icon that represents your device’s storage.

  • bornUScitizeninJapan

    Dumb question: How do I copy the apk file to my phone? I’ve got the phone cabled to my laptop, and it appears in the Devices section of the control panel, but I don’t see how to get the file from my laptop to my phone.

  • Olen Garcia

    Not supported LG-D170

  • Noah Conley

    I dont have a computer

  • ash

    “device not supported” while trying to install stump on my lg3 beat
    kindly advice

  • Lacey Perez

    No access to a computer

  • Lacey Perez

    Says device is patched with the stump rooter

  • Shane Short

    I’m trying to root my LG Tribute LGLS660 Stump Root says device not supported, can I get a little help please?

  • Rooting opens up the possibilities for many things but it does not stand for SIM unlocking.

  • Jennifer Bishop

    My D801 isnt activated after a long dragged out fight with Tmobile. Is this the same as flashing to use on any Network ?

  • apudo

    Would it work on an lg g3 d857 ..china version. I need Google Play on my otherwise awesome device. Thanks in advance.

  • Emile Boxo

    you are the Best Forever…. your app is the only ONE work for root LG G2 D801 TMobile running on 4.4.2 ALL WITHOUT YOURS IS FAIL….. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG THANNNNNNKKKKXXXX BRO
    @Lome TOGO (AFRICA)

  • Emile Boxo


  • Steve SKP

    did not work unfortunately – thanks for the reply

  • Not sure but it should. It’s safe to try.

  • Steve SKP

    Will this work on the 858HK Dual Sim version?

  • Alessandro Lopendro

    why its incompatible with lg 9 ii?

  • jkhgkjhh

    it says device not supported

  • Well, you can try Stumproot.

  • Luis Linares

    Hi guys im new i need my LG optimus L70 rooted please contact me if that is possible and when it happens thanks.

  • Bangash Ehtesham

    worked for me ………… i had optimus G running on 4.4.2 and ite fored rooted the phone Thanks

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  • cubenate

    check my comment I need help..

  • cubenate

    Hi, please help, it says my phone is not supported, I have D802 South Africa.. please help I need this phone Rooted..

  • What do you mean by “LG Realm”?

  • Michael Webb

    Not able to download stump root onto LG Realm

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