Root and Install CWM Recovery on Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 Android 4.1.1/4.1.2



Rooting an Android device has many privileges. Having rooted your phone once, you are able to use third-party custom ROMs and mods that require a custom recovery to be installed. Besides, there are hundreds,or say thousands, of app that are capable of doing wondrous things and enhance your phones performance and usability. But this humble eulogy of rooting cannot undermine the hazards associated with it.

Rooting a Samsung Galaxy device is much easier than rooting any device manufactured by other OEMs but when it comes to rooting a Samsung phone from Verizon, things get a little more complicated and rounded. However, complicated it might be, it cannot stop our great Devs to crack the nut. All props and credit for the method described here goes to XDA member open1your1eyes0.


Please note that the procedure of unlocking the bootloader, rooting and installing a custom recovery on your Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 is considered risky. Moreover, it will also void the warranty of your phone. Proceed only when you are sure what you are going to do and understand the  seriousness of things. More than anything, be careful while following the steps.


  • Charge your phone to have at least 60% of battery juice.
  • Rooting does not wipe any data from your phone but we would strongly recommend that you backup all your contacts, messages, call-log, apps, etc. Here are some good free apps to help you with backing up your data.
  • Put your device in USB Debugging mode from Settings> Developer Options>

Method 1 (VRBLK3, MB1 & MD3 Builds)

Required Downloads:

Since this tutorial is for Galaxy S3 I535 on Android 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 both, download the files accordingly- only different being the stock bootchain file. For the sake of convenience put all the downloaded files in one folder.

These are important but  mandatory files. If you have them, just skip:

  • Download the Odin tool and extract the zip on your desktop:   —  Mirror
  • Download Samsung USB Drivers and install on your computer. Skip if you already have it: Download

These two files are meant to be downloaded by all:

Download one of the following files depending on what you want:

Download one of the following bootchain files depending on firmware version of your Galaxy S3 SCH-I535:

Make sure you download the correct file. Go to Settings> About, check firmware version and download the matching file.


If you have recently updated your Galaxy S3 with official VRBLMD3 OTA update, you should choose VRBMD3_Bootchain.tar.md5 from above.

And if you have updated your device with the recently released VRBMF1 update, use Method 3 to root your phone.

Don Not Miss!

How to Update Firmware on Your Rooted Verizon SCH-I535

Install Android 4.1.2 Official Firmware on Verizon Galaxy S3

Root, Unlock Bootloader and Install CWM:


If  you see the following message in CWM after Step #10 below or anytime later:

ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?

– NO
– YES – Disable recovery flash”

Please select “YES” otherwise CWM will be replaced by Stock Recovery and then you’ll have to do all steps again.

Already made the preparations and downloaded the required stuff? It’s action time now. Proceed carefully-

  1. Copy the “” file to your phone’s internal or external SD card.
  2. Turn off your Galaxy S3 and boot it into Download mode: hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds till you see a warning screen asking you to press Volume Up key to continue. Pressing this key will take you to Download or Odin mode.Galaxy-s4-download-mode
  3. Open the Odin folder and run the .exe file present there. When Odin window is opened,  connect your Galaxy S3 to PC via USB cable. Wait till Odin detects your device and you see ID:COM port turning Blue and “Added!!” text at the message box below.
  4. Now we will flash the custom bootchain file so make sure that “Auto Reboot” and “F Reset Time” are selected on Odin. Then click the PDA button and select the VRALEC.bootchain.tar.md5″ file and click on “Start” button on Odin.
  5. The bootchain file will be flashed in a few seconds and you will see “RESET!!” message with blue signal. Your phone will reboot automatically. Close the Odin window and disconnect the USB cable.
  6. Now you need to install the ClockworkMod touch recovery. To install it, boot the phone into Download mode again (as you did in Step #2 above).
  7. Relaunch the Odin, connect the phone using the cable and uncheck the “Auto Reboot” option on Odin.
  8. Click on the PDA button, select the “CWM6023TouchVZW.tar.md5” file and hit the Start button.
  9. CWM Recovery will be flashed to your phone followed by “PASS!!”. This time your phone will not reboot automatically. Close the Odin window and disconnect the USB cable.Verizon-Galaxy-S3-SCH-I535-odin
  10. Now pull out the back cover of the phone and remove the battery. Place the battery to its place after about 30 seconds.
  11. Then boot the phone  into ClockworkMod recovery mode. To do this, hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously. Keep the 3 keys pressed till your phone vibrates and when it does, release the Power button but keep the other 2 keys pressed till you see a gray/black background with blue text the Clockworkmod Recovery written on the top of the screen.clockwormod-recovery
  12. Since it’s touch recovery, you can either select options by tapping, or using the volume and power keys.
  13. Okay, now go to “install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard” and select the “” file.
  14. Confirm your choice by selecting “yes” and let the installation finish.
  15. When it’s done, go back and select “reboot system now”. But before your phone boots, pull out the battery and place it back after a few seconds.
  16. Once again, and for the third time. you will have to boot the device in Download Mode. You know well how to do it.
  17. Relaunch Odin, connect the phone to PC, click on PDA button and select the stock bootchain file (either VRBLK3 orVRBMB1 or VRBMD3) depending on what file you have  downloaded.
  18. Click the Start button to initiate the installation. When it is finished, you will see PASS!/RESET! message followed by an automatic reboot of your Galaxy S3. You can disconnect the cable now.


Method 2 (for Rooting VRBMF1 Build)

  • Thanks for the appreciation, Bobby!

  • bobbythegeek

    Thanks, I will try that. I see it is for my Android version. Either way, thanks also for your original post, which was very helpful in providing general knowledge.

  • Try Towelroot.

  • bobbythegeek

    I wish I could use this nicely written procedure, but my Verizon Galaxy S3 (with a T-Mobile SIM) has Android version 4.4.2, Build number KOT49H.I535VRUDNE1.

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  • Vipul

    How I can go ahead with VRBMA2 ?

  • Try clearing Messages app data from Settings> Applications. You can also try resetting the message centre number in messaging settings.

  • Gnostic

    i just unlocked my samsung galaxy s3 SCH I535.. everything is working fine the only problem am facing is that i can receive text messages but cannot send text it says failed…
    need help plz???

  • Thanks for your feedback and appreciation, Aaron!

  • Aaron

    YOU ARE THE BEST! I’m a noob and spent days trying to figure out how to root my phone to no avail. METHOD 3 IS PURE GOLD.

    Verizon S3 SCH-I535VRBMF1, 4.1.2

  • To easily access download / recovery mode, use one of these apps :

  • Johnny Schlaack

    Also, I would still love to figure out how to get to recovery mode, use Volume up+Home+Power buttons from a shutdown. It keeps on saying it’s Downloading… but it does enter into recovery mode.

  • Glad to know, Johnny. 🙂

  • Johnny Schlaack

    Thank you Very MUCH for your help! I was able to connect it to the PC and use Casual tool. I wiped and re-flashed CM10.2.1 and flashed gaaps and it’s back to working!!! THANKS!

  • Try rebooting PC and device and connect again.

  • Johnny Schlaack

    Well, I did figure out how to enable usb debugging in CM, but still not recognized by Casual or Odin. 🙁

  • Well, you won’t be able to access TW (TouchWiz) firmware because you are using CM. If you facing connectivity issue with Odin, enable USB Debugging first:

  • Johnny Schlaack

    No I can’t access the TW firmware. I even installed the TWRP app, but it crashes everytime I try starting it. Thanks for your help! Volumeup+Home+Power buttons never worked from shutdown. I ran TWRP originally when connected via a USB to pc. But the Casual tool won’t recognize the phone now.

  • The casual tol works only when the device has Samsung’s stock TW firmware. Can you access the TWRP recovery mode? If yes, copy the to external sd and flash it. To go to recovery mode, use Volume up+Home+Power buttons.

  • Johnny Schlaack

    Okay, I finally decided to try root and install Cyanogenmod stable
    version 10.1.2vzw on my Verizon(i535VRBMF1) Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2. I
    installed usb drivers and used Casual Root Tool to root the
    phone. Everything was up and running and working well. But I could
    never boot up into recovery mode/TWRP from a shutdown using volume down,
    middle button, & power. It said it was downloading, but nothing
    else would happen. So I installed TWRP and was able to wipe the phone
    and install CM. But like I said, everything was working fine until
    Cyanogenmod told me there was an update. So I clicked on it to update,
    and it went into TWRP and did the update (cm-11-20140104-SNAPSHOT). But
    then the phone would not boot up. So I shut it off and TWRP came up
    again. So I flashed CM 10.1.2vzw again. But I did not flash the google
    apps and did not wipe anything. It booted up, but certain apps
    wouldn’t work like Google Play app. TWRP app was gone. So I hooked up
    the USB cable to my PC in hope that maybe I could run Casual Root tool
    again and do what I did before. But Casual root tool does not recognize
    the phone even though I can access the phone through the usb. So then I
    decided I would go into settings in CM and do a backup & reset. (I
    know I am an idiot and should have probably stopped messing with

    Now, I can boot into CM, but no Google apps. No play store app. Can’t
    install Helium to restore my apps. Can’t hit volume down, middle
    button, & power button to go into recovery from a shutdown because
    that never worked. Don’t have a clue what to do now!!!??? I even
    installed Odin but phone isn’t recognized. Any help would be
    appreciated!!! THANKS!

  • No, you didn’t get me correctly. I only mean to say you must not receive the official Android 4.3 OTA from Verizon or you will lose root and TWRP. On the official 4.3, you can only root the device but not get the TWRP. Also, once upgraded to 4.3, you will be able to downgrade back to 4.1.2.

    As for custom ROMs, you can install any (4.3 or 4.4), whether it be CM 11, 10, ParanoidAndroid, Carbon AOKP or even a Samsung-based ROM. Just abstain the official update. I hope I am clear now. 🙂

  • Ty Parsons

    So just to make sure I got it right, 4.3 and 4.4 kitkat roms won’t work on my 4.1.2?

  • Do not accept firmware update from Vzw.

  • Ty Parsons

    I was prompted to update my device yesterday, do I update before flashing CyanogenMod 11?

  • That was a right decision. Do not take the 4.3 update and try to disable OTA from Settings> About> Software update. The best way is to keep your phone rooted with TWRP on it, backup your current rooted rom to Ext SD, and then try a TouchWiz based custom ROM with the latest version.

    You take OTA, you lose root. 🙂

  • Ty Parsons

    Also, my phone prompted me to update yesterday and I didn’t want to do it because I wantd to root first. Question is, do I update my android now after I have rooted and then install custom roms, or should I skip on installing the android update.

  • Ty Parsons

    I’m backing up all my data now just to be safe. But I had quick question, know any good tutorials on how to do custom boot animations/ logo’s?

  • Ah, good to here you discovered the little mistake. It really sounded weird to me for a Galaxy device.

    Enjoy your rooted S3 and keep visiting! 🙂

  • Ty Parsons

    I think I actually figured it out. In my TWRP i went to reboot and hit power off instead of system, I think that’s why it was going back into TWRP. Thank you so much for your timely response though, mad props.If I come across any problems flashing a ROM ill ask here. I shouldn’t have problems though as I’ve flashed countless roms on my Droid X many years go with the original DX bootstrapper.

  • Can you tell on what firmware version did you try the method?

  • Ty Parsons

    I got past it somehow, but now when i try to boot my phone it boots into TWRP every time even if i just use the power button by its self, did I lose my OS somewhere??!!

  • Ty Parsons

    I used method 3, and I can’t get the TWRP to come up. Like other people, my phone is booting into the stock recovery instead of TWRP, and I can’t figure out how to over write it. I tried using Odin to put CWM on it, but Odin failed on one of the processes. I have root properties, I just can’t get into the recovery. I even tried to install CWM using the Casual tool, but after I did that I got the yello triangle telling me to go to a store. I’m at a loss, any help would be appreciated….

  • DroidViews

    tsimons78 DroidViews  

    Okay, try these:

  • tsimons78

    DroidViews tsimons78 Thank you.

    This download link doesn’t appear to be working, I tried IE and Chrome,  Does anyone else have a link?

  • DroidViews

    tsimons78 DroidViews No, it will not reset the device but a manual data factory reset after installing new firmware is recommended. So, backup your data to computer first.

  • tsimons78

    DroidViews tsimons78 does that mean I’ll be factory defaulting, basically wiping my device?  …I don’t care about losing root at this point, I’m trying to find options to get the upgrade without wiping my device


  • DroidViews

    tsimons78  Install the official firmware back:

  • tsimons78

    Thanks for this!

    Does anyone know how to get the boot loader back to stock so I can take the recent OTA Upgrade to 4.3 from Verizon?  (I have used triangle away to reset the flash counter but still can’t take the update, I think its b/c I’m on the “I535VRALEC” bootloader

  • DroidViews

    What firmware your phone has?. Launch Odin, boot the phone in download mode and see if your device is being detected or not. If it is, try installing new firmware.

  • jwrosen

    tried the method 3 on my vzw s3 sch i535 and got the yellow triangle when it rebooted after a failure of the insecure flash… I can get it in download mode but that’s it and my computer won’t recognize the phone to retry the flash insecure aboot?!?! what can I do to fix this?

  • II

    tried a method where a debrick image is downloaded to a class 10 micro sd of the same capacity as the device (16g).. it’s supposed to take the device into download mode where stock rom can then be flashed through odin.. it failed to resuscitate the device.. and im assuming a usb jig only works on soft bricks.. guess the most convenient route at this point is jtag service..

  • It was due to the VRLEC bootchain that is not meant for MF1. I have added a note above but sometimes readers miss them or act carelessly.

  • sjss

    and im not sure as to how the bootloader corrupted

  • sjss

    yeah, i contacted someone who’ll do it.. but it’s quite a drive getting to him.. found a couple sites that offer the service, as well but would have to ship the device.. im hoping a jig would work (hoping).. anyway, thanks.. and to all, please beware of method 1

  • It’s due the corruption of the boot loader. Try to find a guy with a Jtag box to recover the device.

  • sjss

    unable to boot into download mode, likewise, recovery . the only response i get from the device is a red led for a brief moment when i pull the battery and connect it to a pc or power source.. samsung usb drivers dont recognize it nor odin.. it’s a true hardbrick.. i followed method 1 precisely (im pretty sure).. the device bricked at step 5 of method 1 when the device was supposed to auto restart

  • Method 3 works MF1. Please check if you can boot the device into download mode.

  • sjss

    used method 1 on s3 sch i535 verizon stock mf1 jb4.1.2.. and it hard bricked the device.. phone wont power on whatsoever. a red led when i plug it in (without the battery) to a power source is the only sign of life i get.. followed each step in method 1.. any reason as to why this happened and how to fix it?? any helpful solutions would greatly be appreciated

  • Erik

    After you root, just above the ‘do it’ button is a drop down menu with your step 1 root label. Click step 2, then click ‘do it’ again. That Will unlock the bootloader. Then choose whichever recovery you as step 3 from the drop down menu hit ‘do it’ once more. Then you should be good to go! Hope this helps

  • Brad

    never mind Rakesh, i finally figured out how to get to step 2&3. Thanks for your help! i will moving on to flashing a custom rom or just removing bloatware.

  • Brad

    Rakesh, here is a screen shot of the toolkit script after my program finished running. Is there something missing?

  • Brad

    Rakesh, here is a pic of the toolkit script after root is complete.

  • Brad

    Erik, how did you finish out the last 2 steps? It doesn’t give me an option to do anything after the phone is rooted

  • Brad

    I am not seeing any options for me to choose and only see * on the side. the tool runs through the program and when it gets to the end of program says end script. i don’t know, I will keep trying. thanks.

  • And you thought right, Brad. Actually the tool is a compilation of required files for the job and scripts that, when run, trigger things. You must have noticed options with numbering on the tool’s interface. Just make sure not to miss any preparatoty steps and choose the correct options. That’s is it. Just rest assured that the method really works and if it’s failing, it’s because you’re missing something. Good luck this time! 🙂

  • Brad

    i thought when using method 3 ,twrp was installed automatically. Do i have to manually install twrp after the phone is rooted?

  • Hey Brad, just check the comments of Erik above. He was having the same issue with TWRP installation due to some mistake on his part but manage to fix things. Just go through the procedure once again carefully while making sure everything is fine.

    Remember, Verizon’s devices have a secure bootloader. Just make sure you choose the correct options before installing TWRP. 🙂

  • Brad

    yes, i have root by using method 3. I have verified with root checker pro. what am i missing?

  • Glad to know that, Erik. Enjoy and keep visiting. Thanks. 🙂

  • Erik

    So now how does the downloading custom ROMs work? Do i still have to use odin, or can i install them using TWRP?

  • Erik

    Ya, I figured it was something i was doing. I was just wondering if anyone has ever had this problem and could help me out. The numbering is fine, and i followed the steps. What happened was that #2 The insecure boot didn’t take the first time, so the TWRP failed. I subsequently tried only reloading the TWRP which ovbiously failed again. But I reloaded the insecure boot and then the TWRP right after, making sure my USB wouldn’t disconnect during the process and it worked this time. I guess the third time is the charm. Thanks for the timely replies and your help! Great webpage, will definitely be directing any interested friends here!

  • The method works fine with the firmware version you have. Many users have testified it too. Since it has been a long time since I wrote this tutorial I can hardly remember the tools interface but I think it must have different options with numbering. You need to press the corresponding number to trigger a task. Just check if you are missing something.

  • Erik

    I tried reloading the TWRP recovery, but got the same yellow triangle and not able to enter TWRP. Is there something extra i need to do in order to get TWRP to work?

  • Erik

    Ya, I don’t have TWRP. Should I just try loading it again? And if so, can I just go straight to loading that, or do I have to do all three steps again?

  • Hi Eric, the yellow triangle points that your device has custom binary, and since you say you have root access, your phone is successfully rooted. Try to boot the device in recovery mode by holding the Volume Up+Home+Power keys. If you are able to access it, the goal is achieved.

    If you see the yellow triangle with dead Android icon in recovery, it means the phone doesn’t have TWRP but only root.

  • Erik

    Nevermind, i’m just dumb and didn’t finish out the last 2 steps. Although, when i did i got SuperSU access and then flashed the TWRP recovery script and it gave me the verizon yellow triangle of death. I restarted my phone through odin mode and it started up and i still have SuperSU access….Not sure if this is normal or not, any feedback is appreciated!

  • Erik

    I tried using method 3 twice last night as i have the VRBMF1 update, and nothing happened. It ran through the casual system fine and rebooted, but it didn’t root. I don’t have TWRP recovery. Is there something else i need to do? Thanks!

  • Have you used method 3? If you have root access on your device, try this guide:

  • Brad

    i can’t get my galaxy s3 to boot into twrp recovery mode. When i hold volume up+home+power buttons, i get android system recovery with several options under that and in the middle of the screen is yellow writing saying manual mode, appling multi-csc…, applied the csc-code :vsw, successfully applied multi-csc and a picture of the android robot laying on his back with the front door on him open with a red triangle inside of it. Did i miss something or is something messed up. i want to install a custom rom and get rid of the bloat ware. Could you help me with this?

  • Good to know it worked nicely for you and that for the MS certification. 🙂

  • Flawless

    Method 3 is lovely. Method one had failed for me for whatever reason everything ran perfectly like it had worked but the root didn’t happen. Thanks for the great tutorial. #Microsoft Certified

  • Always happy to help! 🙂

  • Brad

    Thank you for the reply and the links !

    Thank You!

    Brad Walters

  • Hi Daniel,

    If you have passed through the procedure without any error, yes you are ready to install a ROM. Please check if your phone hs TWRP recovery or not. You can do it by holding volume up+home+power buttons together for 4-5 seconds.

  • Daniel

    So an update, I was granted root, however my Clockworkmod recovery was overwritten, I had this happen with my T-Mobile, so I flashed Clockworkmod recovery via Rom Manager and had a Yellow triangle saying it wasn’t authorized to bring it back to Verizon, I was able to get back into stock with Root. I’m guessing I will need to follow the steps again correct? And right after the first reboot go into recovery and tell it to overwrite the original recovery

  • Daniel

    Hello, I just used method 3 to root my phone. Do I need to perform any additional tasks before I can install Cyanogenmod on my phone?

  • Great! Enjoy your rooted device. 🙂

  • David

    I re-flashed VRALEC.bootchain.tar.md5. That seems to have done the trick. I was able to flash cwm then used triangle away. Thanks for the quick responses.

  • David

    I tried. I was able to flash VRALEC.bootchain.tar.md5. After reboot I tried to flash cwm with odin and it failed.

  • I would suggest you to use method one.

  • David

    After I tried to install cwm the got the message to return phone to Verizon I went back into download mode and reflashed stock 4.1.1 now I have a flash count of 1 and can’t acquire root.

  • The casual root tool root and installs TWRP recovery too. You need not use Odin separately. Where is your phone stuck?

  • David

    Hello. I had a problem using method 3 from above. I have a Verizon SCH-I535 with 4.1.1 .After getting root with method 3 I tried to use mobile odin to install clockwork mod recovery. When the phone rebooted I had a message to bring phone to Verizon. I was able to get the phone in download mode and re-flash stock 4.1.1 . The problem is I now have custom binary downloads: yes (1 counts). I am not able to get proper root. After I flash VRALEC.bootchain.tar.md5 I can’t flash cwmrecovery with odin, it fails. That’s where I am stuck. I can’t boot into recovery to fix bootloader. Any help would be great. Thanks.

  • Brad

    I rooted my Verizon galaxy s3 with method 3. everything went smooth. I am new to rooting and flashing custom roms. what should i do now that i have rooted. Do I make a nandroid backup?

  • Restart your phone and PC, make sure Java has been installed properly and try again. It is one of the easiest methods to root SCH-I535.

  • draco

    what did you do im stuck there?

  • I mean Google wallet and NFC libraries is not compulsory.

  • DW4LyF

    My Bootloader is unlocked. I had to unlock it to root it initially, but did you mean without google wallet?

  • You can do with the Google Wallet thing but bootloader must be unlocked and the device must have CWM or TWRP recovery.

  • DW4LyF

    Great thanks, I am reading thru the details posted there and it states “These updates are for Verizon Galaxy S3s that have been rooted, with custom recovery, unlocked bootloader, and have Google Wallet and the associated NFC libraries installed. If you did all those things to your S3 and want to apply the stock OTA updates, this is for you.” If I do not have and do not use Google wallet will I need to install it for these instructions to work? Or can i just go with it.

  • Hi, if you want to remain rooted even after upgrade, why not install a stock based custom ROM?

    Anyway, you can also try the OTA packages for rooted devices here:

  • DW4LyF

    My Verizon GS3 is currently rooted on 4.1.1, will any of these methods work to upgrade it to 4.1.2? or will I have to unroot, upgrade, the reroot?

  • In that case, you can use it.

  • Mike Cottle

    It says not to use Option 3 if your phone is 4.1.1 What if your phone is 4.1.2? Thanks.

  • Nice to know you fixed it! Good job!

  • alex moran

    i have to tanks you for your concerns i already resolved it it was only the fuckin sorry for the word problem from windows i only restar my computer and vuala tanks any way for everiting

  • alex moran

    how do i do that please explain me?

  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the USB drivers and reboot computer and device.

  • alex moran

    sorry a tip error i want to know the solution to my problem if i conect my galaxy s3 to any computer they dont detect it and i can check mi internal and external memory help me please i do root to my S3 whith metod 3 after the root this is wath hapened to my phone

  • What do you mean by Galaxy Y?

  • alex moran

    i recentli made with metod 3 root to my galaxy s3 an it succesfuly did it but after that every pc dosnt detect my galaxy y cant acces to my internal or external memory wath can i do? please help mi

  • Prabhjot

    Thank you lol. Btw what ROM would you recommend for battery life?

  • Glad to no that you did it without bricking the device you were so nervous about. 🙂

  • Prabhjot

    OK thank you I have successfully rooted

  • Most often people refer to “soft brick” as bricking. A device can be recovered from soft brick, but if it is hard bricked, things become complicated.

  • Prabhjot

    Thank you. Is there a way to unbrick it if it does brick?

  • Thousands of people have rooted their phone using the methods given above. There might have been a couple of cases of soft bricks too. Nothing comes without risk.

  • Prabhjot

    What are the chances of bricking my phone by using method 3?

  • Nice to know that. 🙂

  • Jason

    Nevermind i fixed it, thanks for the great explenation on rooting

  • Jason

    I followed Method 3 to the letter and while it was rooting this showed up in the feed:

    error: device not found
    error: device not found

    This is not your device, halting.
    Script Complete

    Nothing has changed on my phone so far.

  • We’re happy for you! Enjoy!

  • Kyle Yee

    Thanks for all the help! The root went perfectly

  • Nope, just use the firmware files from here:

    Rest is the same for all Galaxy devices.

  • Kyle Yee

    Also, isn’t that method for unrooting just for the Galaxy S4?

  • Well, you can find a custom ROM based on stock Android. Try CyanogenMod, Carbon or Paranoid Android:

    The latest PA from here:
    Google apps:

    and CM 10.2 from here:

  • Kyle Yee

    Last question, do you have any suggestions on custom ROMs or a link to a stock android 4.3 ROM for after I’ve rooted? Also, isn’t that unroot article for the Galaxy S4?

  • Well, the flash counter does void the warranty but you can reset it anytime later using this method:

  • Kyle Yee

    Sorry I’m a bit new to this, but you wrote that this would void the warranty on my phone. Is this because it trips the flash counter? If so is there a way to reset the flash counter and restore the warranty or not?

  • Not tested on MAC myself but the Java based tool should work.

  • Kyle Yee

    Does method one work on a mac, and/or has anybody tested method 3 on a mac and found it successful?

  • Hey friend, I am sorry but I am really unable to understand what exactly do you want to say. Please be clear.

  • Alan Custodio

    Do not try it many times and I tried everything, a friend of mine told me about software pass a samsung cable, morning told me to be ready, I’m going esque conosco technical and some others who always help me to solve difficult problems. Odin did not recognize him or anything but it sounded when I connected pc via usb but would not start at all. thanks for your help.

  • Turn off device by pulling out the battery and put the battery back to its place. Then press and hold Volume Down+Home+Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds. Doing this will launch the Download Mode.

    Let me know if you can do that.

  • Alan Custodio

    mode would not turn on or download tried to light normally. I kill my phone?? : (

  • Okay, pull out the battery and place it back after a minute, and start over again.

  • Alan Custodio

    in step 4 of botchain disconnect the device before it is restarted because I understood well, and my cel. remained in black, will not start, that I can do?

  • Shealtiel

    Hi Rakesh. Your website seems to be going up and down all throughout the day everyday it seems. Are you doing some updates periodically within the day?

  • joshieboy

    Thanks! Now I’m shopping around for a good custom ROM. I was looking around, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I want something based off 4.2.2 or 4.3, but that maintains some of the TouchWiz quick settings. Other than that, I like the clean look of the vanilla ROMs (pure Android basically). Any suggestions?

  • Ha ha ha ha…..! Okay, I can understand that. Welcome to Android and DroidViews too! 🙂

  • joshieboy

    I asked for help because this was my first Samsung phone ever rooting, and the process was WAY too easy that I though for sure I screwed up! Thanks!

  • Hi mate, I am really surprised why you are asking for help? Actually, you have achieved what you are seeking for. Your device has been rooted successfully and what you are seeing on the screen is TWRP custom recovery.

    Just tap on “Reboot” and then select “system”. You phone will boot normally. And yes, congrats for getting through the procedure successfully. Cheers!

  • joshieboy

    Tried Method 3, claimed it was finished in about 30 seconds. Now, my phone simply shows a bunch of options, such as Install, Wipe, Backup, Restore, Mount, Settings, Advanced, and Reboot. And the system is claiming that when Windows 7 recognizes my device, it’ll continue.
    Top reads: Team Win Recovery Project v2.5.0.0 and the time and Battery level

  • Erin Flom

    OK thank you!

  • Hi Erin, your phone is rooted and so it doesn’t mean it is no more a Verizon phone. You will get many people who would still like to but it. In case, you wish to unroot it, download the following official firmware and install it using Odin:

    How to install:

    Hope it helps!

  • Erin Flom

    Hi – found out the service is not so great here with Net10. I am going to be selling this phone. Do I need to “un-root” it so I can sell it again (as a Verizon phone)? If so, how do I go about doing this?

    Thanks for your help!

  • I am in too! LOL 🙂

  • Erin Flom

    OK thanks for your help, my next step is to figure out how to delete the old APN. I am on a mission! 🙂

  • Yes, that might be a reason.

  • Erin Flom

    Thanks so much, I will try these. If I delete the old (Verizon) APN will these work better? I’m wondering if that is what my problem is (that I am unable to delete the old APN so it is slowing things down).

  • Hi Erin, we always strive to make our users happy with whatever support we are capable of. Try the following settings and let me know:

    Net10 recommended, but added APN Type.
    Name: Net10
    APN: wap.tracfone
    MMS PORT: 80
    APN type: default,supl,mms
    MCC: 310 (default)
    MNC: 410 (default)

    This may work too…
    Name: Net10
    APN: tfdata
    MMS PORT: 80
    APN type: default,supl,mms
    MCC: 310 (default)
    MNC: 410 (default)

  • Erin Flom

    Thanks for your quick response. I tried it but it says it wasn’t compatible with my device. I’ve tried a few APN apps, however none of them work. I read somewhere that with this version of the software (4.1.2) you have to save the (APN) files to your SD card or something to that effect?

    If you have any ideas, I would greatly welcome them. Right now I have bad service and no data – if you know of any place to find good APN settings for AT&T (NET10) I would appreciate the help also! I know it’s a lot to ask, but thought I would give it a shot!

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  • Hi Erin, I think this app will help you:

    Good luck!

  • Erin Flom

    Hi – thanks for posting this. I used Method 3 but have a question. the reason I rooted/unlocked was so I could switch from Verizon to Net10 prepaid. I found an APN setting to try, downloaded the APN manager pro, and can’t figure out how to delete the old Verizon APN. My data is very slow and I am wondering if that is why? Do you have any APN apps you can recommend? Thank you!

  • Nice to know it worked for you. 🙂

  • Youno

    I’ve tried Method 1 and its prefect. It seems to be long but its not.
    Finally my phone is rooted. Thank you

  • Since you are rather new to custom activities, I’ll strongly recommend you reading this:

    I am sure it’ll help you with installing ROMs, mods, patches etc. safely. 🙂

  • Stephen

    Yeah I’m going to try tinkering with Carbon Mod first. Once I’m comfortable flashing in new roms I’ll go ahead and start working on others. AS I type this I’m actually setting up the mod and everything seems to be running smoothly! (for now- knowing my luck)
    Thanks for the help! New to website but I see myself returning here often.

  • Since you have rooted with Method 3, your device has TWRP Recovery and not CWM. ROM manager works with ClockworkMod recovery instead.

    I would recommend you to use this app:

    It’ll work. Which ROM are you trying t0 install? I recommend Jelly Beans ROM:

  • Stephen

    Thanks for the quick response 😀

    I simply went and did a factory reset and that has seemed to solve the issue. Now I’m trying to flash the ROM in but am having issues getting ROM Manager to read my ROM from the SD Card. Any suggestions or other methods to flashing the ROM?

  • If you have to go through the startup setup after device reset, there is nothing abnormal in it but if you mean you device resets itself automatically, it is an issue then. Verizon has recently put a patch on the root exploit with the new update and it might be due to that.

    Can you confirm which situation applies in your case?

  • Stephen

    I used method 3 since i have the VRBMF1 build. But now I’m having an issue where when when my phone resets it makes me relog into gmail and go through the whole startup process every time. Is there I way to alleviate the issue? I haven’t been able to flash any custom ROMs (and don’t plan to) until I fix this issue. Probably for the best.

    To give you some more background, I received my new device today (under warranty I was able to get a new phone) and only apps I had install prior to rooting was the easy backup and dropbox app. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Glad that it helped you root your phone. Which method did you use, by the way?

  • Stephen

    Thanks for the tutorial! Seamless process to root my phone. Let the fun begin!

  • Dustin

    SUCCESS!! now to find some good roms, thanks for the fast responses, now to go flash crazy

  • Hahaha! LOL.

    It has worked for many users. Rooting VRBMF1 is a little tricky. Try some other app that needs root like Titanium Backup and if still says no root, try the method once more.

  • Dustin

    now device status says modified but root checker still says not rooted lol, I’m at a loss

  • Dustin

    ok will try here in a few and post follow up reports

  • Okay, boot your phone in TWRP Recovery mode by turning off the device and holding Volume Up+Home+Power buttons together.

    Copy this file to phone:

    Then install the zip in TWRP using “Install” option. Let me know of the developments. 🙂

  • Dustin

    I have used the one click method, since my stock baseband is VRBMF1. It installed TWRP just fine but under device status it reads normal and root checker says Im not rooted?

  • Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the appreciation! I always try to be clear while I write such tutorials because I know what and how much is at stake. It is the trust of our users that keeps us alive. I am really happy that it helped you get out of that mess. Everybody likes nice words. 🙂

    Your phone automatically took you to the Download Mode and it indicated that it was not just a bootloop. Anyway, let’s now come to your questions:

    1. It is not easy to escape the notorious updates sent by Verizon. It requires some modifications in some system files to disable the feature. Also, you can postpone or cancel the update when you are asked to do it. The best way, however, is to install a good custom ROM that eliminates any such possibility of OTA being downloaded to your phone. You can find some nice ones here:

    2. If you have root and CWM installed on your device, you need not convert your ROMs to .tar format. Just backup them using CWM recovery. Here is a detailed guide for more information:
    You can also update your rooted Verizon S3 from this post:

    3. The second method is meant for recovering S3 from a soft-brick or corrupt bootloader state. It replaces the non-functioning bootchain with a working one to get back the device to normal state.

    I hope I was able to address all your concerns. Regards from DroidViews and keep visiting!

  • M F

    Hi Rakesh,

    Wonderful !

    Thank you very much. Just the first step was enough to get me out of the bootloop.

    Now back to the back-ground of this mess. It is not that I got scared of the Verizon message about un-approved software. It was a kind of bootloop too, because I could not use the phone or do anything except getting into download mode. I did not want to flash a stock ROM, but I could not find a better advice as to what to do. And I did look for the latest version of ROM(VRBMF1), but it was not available in a format that Odin could use. I had a suspicion that the ROM version I used was old, how old, I had no idea.

    1- Now, please tell me, when I re-root my phone, someday I may run into that Verizon un-authorized software screen again. If it so happens, how should I proceed to get out of it ?

    2- How to convert the ROM files to *.tar / make them Odin compatible ?

    3- The second method that you proposed for me to try to get out of bootloop, how does it work ?

    And once again I must thank you not only for my help but also for the way you write, clear and to the point, no ambiguity !

    I will keenly await your response to my questions, because want to find a remedy for the Verizon message first before I root again.



  • Hi Matt, you have installed a very old ICS firmware. The message you got from Verizon is just a normal thing when you have rooted and unlocked the bootloader. Installing the firmware has corrupted the bootloader and therefore you are not able to get into recovery mode.

    Here are 2 possible remedies to get out of the situation your device is in:

    1.Download this firmware:

    and install it using this guide:

    In case it does not help you, try the following:

    2. Download the following files: (this is a torrent file. Install UTorrent software on you PC and download the file.


    1. Launch ODIN

    2. Select only the following box: F. Reset Time

    3. Flash the VRALEC bootchain in the PDA section and wait for a PASS message

    4. Reset ODIN

    5. Flash the VRALF bootchain in the PDA section and wait for a PASS message

    6. Reset ODIN

    7. Put the stock.vzw_root66.tar in the PDA section

    8. Select the following boxes: Auto Reboot, F. Reset Time, Nand Erase All

    9. Click the start button on Odin.

    Let me know. Good luck!

  • M F


    Thanks for the excellent articles. There is another aspect that need to be touched on in detail and for which I cannot find much help. I used your technique and rooted my Verizon Galaxy SIII and installed custom recovery. At the end of all this my system version was RBMF1. A few days later I got stuck with Verizon message that I had software not approved by Verizon. So I had to un-root, I used the latest Stock ROM available:


    but then I got stuck in a bootloop, from which I cannot come out, I cannot get into recovery either. I have flashed the above Stock ROM several times already but I cannot get out of the boot loop at the 4GLTE animation screen.

    (I also have a full backup on an external SD card but do not know how to use it to get out of the bootloop because I cannot boot into any kkind of recovery)

    Do you have any advice for me ?

    Please help.



  • Thanks for the appreciation, Christina! We always try to put accuracy and detail in our tutorial so that anybody can follow them and land safe. As for your question whether you can do it again on the new update, the answer is YES.

  • christina magliocco

    Hey man, so far this is the best info I’ve found for the Verizon s3. Thanks for taking the time to put this together and answer our questions. I’m brand new to android and rooting but I have been reading pages and pages of tuts and in the end I used casual, which I believe is method 3, to root my phone and it worked like a charm! But then I accepted an OTA update because I didn’t know any better : (
    Anyway I lost root and superuser but my phone updated fine thank goodness. Should I root again using the same method? The bootloader is still unlocked. Again, Thank you so much for your time effort, it’s greatly appreciated!

  • Just disconnect the cable and select Reboot option in TWRP.

  • Andy Chung

    This might sound stupid, but what do I do after casual? I have the TWRP screen on my phone, and I don’t quite know where to go from here.

  • Hi, the best is to flash the complete firmware over the current one. You’ll find it here:

    And what do you mean by this- “phone is not working properly”?

  • hawk1878

    how can I undo all of this? if the phone is not working properly and I want to return it to before rooted status, how do I go about doing that?

  • Hi Derek, just wanted to let you know that I have updated the tutorial. Use the newly added Method 3 to root your phone. Regards!

  • Just updating the guide for the VRBMF1 root. Please wait.

  • Derek Wallace

    I decided to try and root my S3 to remove the junk I don’t use but mine is already “VRBMF1” (latest) and this file is not listed with the other bootchain files,
    is it still possible to do with clockwork?

  • Hi Matt,

    Try this app:

    It can make the device temporarily unrooted and them you can get the OTA or download the OTA update in a zip and install it manually:

    Try this and let me know.

    You can also try replacing the CWM recovery with Stock one by pushing it using ADB (a little complicated).

  • Matt Vanderville

    Looks like Verizon updated to VRBMF1 to fix some issues as I’m now getting nagged to install it and the option to decline it is no longer available it seems. I have followed these wonderful instructions in the past but I now would like to update to the latest. If I just accept the OTA update, I’m pretty sure I will get the “Unauthorized Software” message since I have ClockworkMod installed.

    What is the best way to update to VRBMF1 (or future updates) once these instructions have been followed?

  • The pleasure’s all mine! 🙂

  • Mark LaFlamme

    Beautiful. Glad I could contribute in some tiny way. I’ve got a bunch of friends with the GS3 and their all terrified to root. I’ve sent them all your link and assured them it’s relatively pain free. Of course, I’ll make sure to advise they’re using the right version for this method. Really good tutorial. Been having fun with the root functions all night. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for the appreciation, Mark! We always try to describe complex things easy and detailed way so that anybody could follow them. As for the ambiguity at Step #9, I have added what I should have not missed. Sometimes we take things for granted and leave them.

    We are happy, we could help you. Cheers!

  • Mark LaFlamme

    My friend, this is an awesome tutorial. In and out in about 15 minutes and I’m rooted. The hardest thing about it, for me, was the button combinations. Piece of cake, really. The only point of confusion for me was at the end of step 9. I wasn’t sure there whether I was supposed to unplug the phone from the computer or not. I read ahead and it looked like that was the case. Otherwise, that was very cool. In installed Titanium Plus (the main reason I root) and now I can have all sorts of fun. Thanks a bunch.

  • Does the CWM recovery shoe the following options under “install zip from sd card”?-

    Choose zip from sdcard
    install zip from internal sdcard

    Please tell me. It’ll be great if you could add an image of that screen.

  • Great, enjoy!

  • rich r

    sd wont load. i formated sd card and cwm recovery only saves to internal. i can view and work with files on my sd through my phone but recovery doesnt load the card.. help please.

  • Thomas

    Thank you, No Problems read all directions and followed them Correctly.

  • Cory Carpenter

    Used root checker and all seems good. Thanks man. I wonder if this is the same problem other ppl had lol Thanks Again!

  • LOL 🙂

  • Cory Carpenter

    Thanks, I’m just dumb and was holding the vol down button in step 11, and it’s even in bold for me. lol Hopefully the rest of the process runs smoothly.

  • I f you are sure you have missed nothing before Step 10, just continue with the CWM recovery part. Do not let the device reboot when it is flashed and in case you get this message in CWM Recovery:

    “ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?

    – NO
    – YES – Disable recovery flash”

    Select “yes”.

  • Cory Carpenter

    Start from the beginning?

  • Hmm, the method is fully tested and working. It really sound weird that is does not work nicely for some people.

    Try it again, sometimes it might take a couple of attempts as reported by some users.

  • Cory Carpenter

    I have the Verizon S3 SCH-i535 4.1.2 with VRBMB1. After performing step 10 my phone won’t go to the Recovery window. I read the comments you had with dan123… but that didn’t work either. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

  • Okay, I hope it helps you revive the phone

  • **

    I’m gonna get it JTAG serviced today

  • **


  • Are you able to get the device into download mode?

  • **

    Flashing the first bootchain with odin hard bricked my phone. No charge light, no nothing. I don’t hold you in anyway responsible etc. etc. – just thought you’d like to know. Was running a verizon 1535 w/ 4.1.2.

  • Actually, I did not mean that. I would just suggest you reconfiguring the WiFi settings and if possible doing a factory reset via device recovery mode (this will delete all data from internal storage).

    You could also try a good wifi fixer app from here:

    Hope it helps. 🙂

  • Lpskysdad99

    I just rebooted and still won’t enable wifi. I wasn’t complaining, was just wondering if you had any advice. Thanks for you help.

  • Reboot device a couple of times. Rooting does not affect WiFi. You are the first to complain this issue.

  • Lpskysdad99

    I just rooted my verizon samsung SG3 with tour links and now the wifi won’t enable. What would you suggest?
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • We are glad it helped you, Raven. 🙂

  • A Young

    Well it only took me a couple of runs through your instructions (after many attempts and bricks using other people’s instructions) to finally get my Verizon S3 rooted, and successfully flashed with JellyBeans B15. Many Thanks!!!

  • Mine is more terrible though it is a broadband connection.

  • dan123dan123

    like it takes 5 mins to load a 2 min 240 youtube video

  • My internet is super crap, Dan. 🙁

  • dan123dan123

    ok thanks ill try it again, it will be a while, my internet is crap

  • Hmm, the files are correct and the vrbmd3 works fine with vrblmd3 too. Bur since you are having problem with installing the CWM recovery itself, I strongly suspect it is a new vrblmd3 firmware (a notorious update) that is doing the the mischief.

    As a solution, I would recommend you to downgrade the firmware to VRMB1 and then everything will work fine. If you wish:

    Firmware link:
    Installation link:

    Do it and you are in!

  • Paul Lanctot

    Yeah I disconnected once I saw RESET. I can’t get it into download mode, the phone won’t turn on at all. I’ve tried changing batteries and taking the battery out while just running on the charger, but still the same thing

  • dan123dan123

    4.1.2 vrblmd3 verizon 1535 i downloaded vralec, cwm6023touchvzw, and vrbmd3

  • Okay Dan, please tell me the firmware version of your device and the names of the files you downloaded.

  • dan123dan123

    I tried again but it still brings me to this screen(i looked it up on the internet,but that is exactly what it looked like)

  • Usually it shows up at the first attempt but seems you made a mistake somewhere. I just want you to do it all again. I have described everything in detail so it should not be a problem, Dan.
    Just take care of the thing to do what I told in above comment. As for video I could make it, but I will not be able to do the video now since I sold my S3 a couple of days ago.

  • dan123dan123

    the CWM menu wont show up it shows the original recovery. so do the thing in odin until it shows up, is that what your saying. if your able to could you please make a video on it

  • If you done all steps and now have a rooted phone, it means you were able to boot

    into CWM while installing the SuperSU zip. If I am right, I would recommend you to repeat the steps again and if you get this prompt in CWM:

    ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?

    – NO
    – YES – Disable recovery flash”

    Select “yes”. Then you will have permanent CWM.

  • dan123dan123

    sorry, ive done everything up to that step

  • You still did not tell me what a wanted to know to suggest a solution, bro!

  • dan123dan123

    everything works but when i hold the power,home,and up only home and up when it vibrates,
    it takes me to the original recovery

  • Hmm, have you done all steps and having this issue, or you are unable to boot in CWM after Step 9?

  • dan123dan123

    i cant get it to go into cwm recovery i am sure i did it right i tried doing it again but it still isnt working. it takes me to the origanal recover. by the way my phone is fine

  • No, if the bootchain file was installed and you disconnected the device after getting the RESET message it should not be a reason.

    Try to put the device in Download mode and install official firmware via Odin:

    If you are not able to do that, please let me know.

  • Paul Lanctot

    on step 5 when I disconnected my phone, I hard bricked it. It won’t power on and it gives me the Qhsusb_DLoad driver error when I connect it to my computer. I’m not asking for help on fixing it, I’m just curious, was I supposed to wait for the phone to reboot before I unplugged it? I unplugged it once it powered off.

  • Yes, it will to the best of my knowledge. Go ahead and end those doubts bud!

  • InternetUser007

    So as long as I used the files listed here, and with the “Bootchain file for VRBMD3 (Android 4.1.2 JB)” file, it *should* work?

  • Yes, it’ll work if you try with correct files. I know at least 04 of in my acquaintance who have rooted their VZW S3 with VRBLMD3. Go ahead carefully and try not to make any mistake.

  • InternetUser007

    Hi, I am unrooted, and I updated to the latest version of Verizons software a few days ago with Baseband version: VRBLMD3. Will performing these steps with the VRBMD3_Bootchain.Tar.Md5 work even though the baseband version is slightly different? I want to be able to root it without downgrading or reseting my phone. Thanks.

  • Marius Anghel

    I can’t turn on my phone, keep getting the “Software not authorized” message. I put it in download mode and connect to Odin and click on PDA and select the VRBMD3_Bootchain.tar.md5 and click start. The message box shows a bunch of threads but when I attempt to restart my phone I get the same message “Software not authorized”

  • Marius Anghel

    can you tell me which file? none seem to work

  • Yes, with USB Debugging on.

  • Marius Anghel

    And how do I do that? I open Odin and with the phone in download mode I click PDA and select the .tar.md5 file, right?

  • But who told you to install CM? Anyway, try to get into download mode and install the firmware.

  • Marius Anghel

    cyanogenmod. The thing is that it was installed but since the bootloader wasn’t unlocked (dunno how that happened)…i get the message 🙁

  • Another ROM? What is that?

  • Marius Anghel

    .tar.md5 . after that I tried another ROM and that’s when I got the message…Now I can’t seem to go back to stock via Odin. Help!?

  • Which file did you try exactly- the zip or .tar.md5?

  • Marius Anghel

    VRBMB1 didn’t work…

  • Why are you trying to install a custom recovery? I just advised you to install the VRBMB1 firmware using Odin.

  • Marius Anghel

    I get the message “System software not authorized by Verizon has been found on your phone. Turn off and go to nearest Verizon store” After reading some posts, people seem to be able to flash the original ROM back, but when I try I can’t get past installing custom recovery . After installing custom recovery with Odin, when I try to get in to it Vol Down + Home + Power I get the “System software not authorized….” message again. Am I missing something?

  • Hi, I have just updated a related article with VRBMD3 OTA update zip. Since you want to downgrade firmware, I would recommend you downgrade to the VRMB1 full firmware and then flash the VRBMD3 OTA update zip via stock recovery.

    To download the full firmware and OTA zip, go here:

    To downgrade firmware by flashing the full firmware, use this tutorial:

    Hope it helps you.

  • Marius Anghel

    I’m on the latest version VRBLMD3 (not rooted) but want to go back to the previous one VRBMD3, how can I do that?

  • I am glad that it worked for you. I recently bought an iPhone 4 just out of curiosity and can now conclude that iOS sucks. Android is far better. Welcome to the world of Android.

  • Jonah Malloy

    First time ever rooting an Android. Worked like a charm on my first try. That was even easier than most iOS Jailbreaks. Thanks so much for the guide.

  • Weird! If the problem with WiFi persists from longer, install a new firmware using Odin. You can find the 4.1.2 complete stock ROM here:

  • Thomas Pierce

    Nope. Still no luck. And now the wifi will not work.

  • Okay, try once again with this Odin:
    Keeping fingers crossed for you. 🙂

  • Thomas Pierce

    I actually do not use this to make calls or text, I only use it on wifi. I just want to get rid of some bloatware.

  • Thomas Pierce

    Thank you. I have tried it for the past 2 hours, doing everything exactly as instructed, but I cannot get the clockworkmod recovery screen no matter what I do. God I hate verizon.

  • Also see that you have downloaded the correct Bootchain file corresponding to your firmware.

  • Do not let the phone boot automatically when you get the PASS message. Repeat it again and make sure you are not missing anything told above that step.

  • Thomas Pierce

    On Number 11, I can only get a blue “recovery booting” at the top of the screen, then it boots normally. I can’t get the clockwork mod to come up.

  • Uploaded “VRBMD3_Bootchain.tar.md5”!

  • Nice it worked for you. Just wait for 10 minutes, I am adding the new Bootchain file right now.

  • Matt Vanderville

    These instructions worked like a charm. Any links to the new VRBMD3 bootchain? I want to accept the OTA update but not until I have the right files to unlock the bootloader. (I’m also assuming Voodoo RootKeeper will protect my root – I just want to be sure I can get an unlocked bootloader again.)

  • Step 17 is mandatory but the device should boot into download mode.

  • DSR

    no luck with the download screen after reinstalling SuperSU. Refuses to come up. Just out of curiosity I went through the normal boot and installed root checker, and from the looks of things the phone is good to go / full root control. What do I loose skipping step 17?

  • Enter CWM, flash the SuperSU again and try rebooting.

  • DSR

    Stuck on # 16. After the SuperSU step my phone won’t go into the download setting anymore. It allows me to go into CWrecovery and boot normally, but if i try to get into the download setting it vibrates but the screen stays black. Should I use the CWR to go back a step or restore?

  • Nice to hear that! Having root and CWM on your phone, now you can install apps with root access and improve its performance. You can also backup your current firmware and try different custom ROMs.

  • Daniel Ziegler

    This Is my first time rooting an android, so I don’t know exactly what to be looking for, but as far as I can tell this worked perfectly and root checker confirmed my phone has been proper root access. Thank you!

  • The point is, if you try to mount USB storage via Recovery mode and push the file, then it won’t pick up. The idea here is to reboot your device normally, connect the cable, turn on USB storage, copy the file, disconnect the device, reboot into recovery and now browse the SD card, the file will surely be there.

  • Ben

    That is correct, every thing else seems good.

  • Justin Ice

    i got it.. thanks

  • Justin Ice

    maybe i need to back up a little, im running windows 8 ultimate, i am connected to my G3 with the usb cable, I started with just dl the su file and i opened the phone location sd card, doped the zip file and went on with the steps. the card shows mounted.

    I then followed the steps up to loading in clockwork, the file is not listed. restart the phone and went into libraries, then to the phone and looked at both sd card and internal storage, moved the file from one to the other. started again and same thing .. so its got to do with dropping the file in the sd card… not sure on another way to load the file to the sd card… not sure how to do the ROM and transfer…

  • Justin Ice

    do you have to go through steps again to get into clockwork again or should you just be able to load into it again? i get the regular android sys recovery if i dont go through everything again… going through android sys recovery i get the will it work this way?

  • Reboot into ROM, connect the cable, Turn on USB storage.
    Drop the files, disconnect the device and reboot into recovery mode. The file shall be there now 🙂

    Actually, USB mounting via recovery mode is buggy.

  • Justin Ice

    i downloaded the SU file opened the SD card dir and droped it in the dir … then went through the steps.

  • Here, you are mounting USB storage within the recovery and pushing the file, right?

  • Justin Ice

    I followed the directions and i got to where i load clockworkmod recovery, I can get it to load however where I go to do the install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard” and select the “” file. The file is not there.. I restart and open the sd card dir on my pc and i see the zip file. I got back into clockworkmod and its not showing up even looked in ext sd card and still not there. its named CWM-SuperSU-v0.99 compressed (zipped) Folder located in SCH-I535 > Card. the zip shows its on the card but not coming up in clockwork….. What am i missing?

  • So, actually your device isn’t booting up, right?

  • Ben

    Yes it passed, after pulling the battery and trying to rebooted android recovery recovery still shows up

  • The first thing I need to know here is, have you followed the steps above and flashed CWM successfully using Odin? Did it finally show the “Pass” message?

  • Ben

    Idk. I followed the steps but nothing i see shows me its been dowloaded. How can I check that.

  • So, you have clockworkmod installed? The problem is with flashing SuperSU?

  • Ben

    I followed the notes perfect, but after loading the clockmod and rebooting it still is android recovery. I went ahead and tried to open the sd for supersu and it says signature failure. Thanks

  • Yes, that’s what we’re here for. 🙂
    Tell us where you’re stuck.

  • Ben

    Hello, I’m have a problem loading the clock work mod recovery on the phone. Could you please help

  • I guess you did wrong with the sequence of installation! Anyways, I am happy for you. As for “Jelly Beans”, it is really a good ROM, try and share your experience. Cheers!

  • AWN

    OKay I know what I did wrong. First time I went through all the steps. And I thought I had to flash back to VRALEC to have the bootloader in unlocked mode. What threw me off is that BMB1 is noted as the “stock bootchain file”. So i thought this step was going back to the locked boot loader.

    I did all the steps including leaving BMB1 installed and then went back into clockwork mod and flashed the zip and everything worked without a hitch. Cheers for the quick responses.

  • Confused! Why!
    Anyways, I would recommend you to go through the whole procedure again and do the steps in the sequence they are instructed.

    Also, read the instructions twice before you proceed.

  • AWN

    I guess I am confused, after the final step of BMB1 are we still “unlocked”?

    Yes I can go through your process without a hitch. Then when I flash the custom ROM in CWM i get the verizon error

  • AWN

    can someone please explain to me how to install a custom rom in this process?

    I run the first unlock, then CWM, root, then flash the BMB1. I then decided I wanted a custom ROM. So I reflashed the VRALEC boot loader to unlock and then went into CWM and installed the .zip without a hitch. On reboot I get the verizon error about messing with the software.

    Should I instead just 1.)VRALEC 2.) CWM 3.) Root 4.)install custom ROM and omit step 5.)flash BMB1?

  • If you want to return to official 4.1.2 firmware, download and install the full firmware from here:

  • Ignore that image. We manage things in many ways but suggest users the easier way.

  • Relaunch the Odin, connect the phone using the cable and uncheck the “Auto Reboot” option on Odin. and i noticed that in the picture below you have it checked

  • And yes, you will see that prompt in CWM. Hope it works for you this time. Cheers!

  • ah i see i will try that

  • Shealtiel

    OK. Thanks for the tips. I did backup but I deleted without thinking because I was trying to make space on my sd card. Thanks again.

  • If you are on an AOSP based ROM, you’ll not b able to install Samsung apps on it as they are protected by signature. I hope you had backed up the previous stock ROM before installing new ROM. It was also instructed on the installation tutorial. If yes- read this and you can get back the ROM-

    If not, you’ll have to install a TouchWiz based ROM from here to enjoy those apps and features:

  • Shealtiel

    That’s fine. I figured you’ld have replied sooner or later. Is there a way that I can get the original Samsung ROM back? Because I deleted all of my backups in the intent of making room on sd card without even thinking that I will need it later or not. Is there a way for me to get some of the original Samsung apps and install them on my phone? Because Samsung have a couple things that I liked. Thanks again.

  • BRAVO! Congrats! Just play with the settings and you’ll learn things automatically. This is how I learn, my friend!
    Sorry for the late reply! I just forgot about the comment somehow.

  • Ah, got it now. Look, after flashing the SuperSU when you reboot the device, you will see a message like this:

    ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?

    – NO
    – YES – Disable recovery flash”

    When it prompts, select “yes”. Then you will have permanent CWM.

  • i did it again as read but after cwm installs i pull the battery boot into cwm flash the su app it works only the one time after that every time i try to boot into cwm it goes straight into android recovery

  • Hi James, sorry for late reply! Can you enter download mode? If yes, pull out battery,, boot in Download mode and try again. Make sure you download and flash correct files.

  • hello i went through all the steps and when i got to installing cwm i did what ya said but now that i am all finished i cant get it to go in to cwm it either restarts the phone or goes into recovery with the dead android… is there any chance that i can just go back and repete the steps to flash cwm or do i have to odin back to get rid of the root and start all over from scratch

  • Shealtiel

    The war between me and this installation was won!!! Now I have the Jelly bean 4.2.2 Carbon on my Galaxy S3 (sch-i535). Much appreciation for that.

    Man you just don’t know what I had to go through in order to get it though. I started the process and 2 or 3 times the installation was aborted telling me that something was corrupted. I was already tired physically and about to be mentally drained wrestling with this thing. Only to find out that the browser which I used to download the file with didn’t download completely but was showing me in my files folder that the file was downloaded. Thus the reason for the file corruption issue. So I had to delete those downloads and install Firefox from the Apps store and then the file was downloaded successfully using firefox. After I did that, I was able to go through the back up process again at the cwm recovery, do the wiping and formatting, and the installation went through like it was never happening in the first place. So now, the browser that caused me the problem in the first place is no longer my default browser because it caused me to loose hours of time that I could have done other things with. But really and truly, there is no loss in learning from your mistakes. Nevertheless, I appreciate your patience and passion in what you do. Take it easy.

    One more thing though. Where can I go to learn more about using this ROM? because it has so many functions that I would need a guide to learn to use.

  • ok same problem, so i put the phone in ordin mode then i open the ordin window, then plug the phone in, when ordin picks up the phone, i unchecked the auto reboot hit the pda select the cwm file then hit start. i noticed in the message window where ordin tells u what its doing it always stuck at (get pit mapping….) for about 8 mins then says fail.

  • ok

  • Disconnect cable, reboot PC and try again.

  • my download mode is also perfect the first download worked and the phone automatically reset like you said it would, the the second one (CWM) keep failing

  • yes i did am on 4.1.1 now

  • Did you update the device to JB before trying this?

  • ok ordin says fail at instruction 9 everything was smooth before lol

  • thank you

  • Shealtiel

    Lol. Smiling face with victory. Alright, I’m gonna take on the challenge again. Thanks man. I’ll give you an update as well.

  • Yes, it did not did it nicely. Anyways, do this-

    Download this ROM file:

    As for Google Apps, you already have it (as you told).

    Copy both files to your phone’s internal or external SD Card (just remember the location as you will have to select these files while installing via CWM).

    Then install using Steps given here (install the ROM file first and then the gapps:

    And this time, come with a smiling face with victory!

  • Shealtiel

    No I didn’t. I did download the gapps file to my phone though. These are the steps that I took. I went to the website that you gave to me and I clicked on the link that had the verizon s3. It took me to and I saw the gapps link: I clicked on it, and it took me to where I can download it. That’s pretty much all that I did. Did I go through the wrong process?

  • If you are trying to install an AOSP ROM, you need to install two zip files- the rom file and the Gapps file. Did you flash both of them?

  • Shealtiel

    Ok now. This is my update. I wasn’t able to install the 4.2.2. maybe I clicked on the wrong zip file. The one I downloaded was the “gapps-jb-20130301-sig…”. Is that the right file? Nevertheless, I went ahead and tried the jb13 from the other site that you gave and it worked fine, except for an error message that I keep on getting when the system alerts me that there is an OTA update for jellybean ROM version 0.1.5. It just gives me an error message saying it can’t download when I try to click on it. Other than that it works fine and fast as well.

  • Shealtiel

    Ok now. This is my update. I wasn’t able to install the 4.2.2. maybe I clicked on the wrong zip file. The one I downloaded was the “gapps-jb-20130301-sig…”. Is that the right file? Nevertheless, I went ahead and tried the jb13 from the other site that you gave and it worked fine, except for an error message that I keep on getting when the system alerts me that there is an OTA update for jellybean ROM version 0.1.5. It just gives me an error message saying it can’t download when I try to click on it. Other than that it works fine and fast as well.

  • Nice!

  • Shealtiel

    It worked!! And I’m on a roll now!! Much appreciation.

  • Shealtiel

    Ok. I’ll do that this time then. Thanks. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  • I guess it’s this thing:

    “ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?

    – NO
    – YES – Disable recovery flash”

    This time select yes if asked. And yes, check “Auto Reboot” on Odin this time.

  • Shealtiel

    ok. thanks. I’ll try that. But what did I do wrong? Did I take out the battery too quick after the CWM installation?

  • Not, all if you can see SuperSU app in your app drawer. Just install this via Odin:

  • Shealtiel

    I kind of thought so. So that means I should start from step 1 pretty much?

  • Hmm. In that case you’ll have to flash the CWM file from above again!

  • Shealtiel

    I have another question. I tried to install the custom rom 4.2.2 and I went to the process of doing the clockworkmod recovery. However, when I did the volume up + home + power it takes me to “Android system recovery “. Should it say that?

  • Shealtiel

    OK. Thanks again.

  • Depends on how much you expect from your device. As for the difference, yes it is. 4.2.2 AOSP based Roms are quite faster and responsive and give you a feel something like the Nexus 4. If you love TouchWiz, you can install the Jelly Beans ROM from the link I gave you yesterday. Custom ROMs have more features as compared to stock and yet they are faster and more battery efficient.

  • Shealtiel

    I tried to check if I had the CWM on my phone but when I did the clockworkmod recovery mode it didn’t take me to the touch wiz screen on the recovery mode. That’s why I think I may have done something messed up on a certain part.

  • Shealtiel

    It loads slowly at work, because at work they have firewalls and a whole lot of restrictions. At home it loads immediately and from my phone. Work is the only challenge. In your opinion, would it make much of a difference if I tried the 4.2.2 ROM on my phone versus the one that I currently have?

  • You mean that the site loads slow? I agree to that and apologize too. You’ll soon see new changes as I am going to hire some good professionals to redesign the blog and improve page load speed.
    Thanks for the appreciation!

  • Shealtiel

    Man! I have never came across a blog site where I have gotten so much help. This site might take a while to load on the computer at work but props gotta be given where props is due. Thanks for the help. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • The 4.2.1 you are talking about might be an AOSP based custom ROM, not stock TW ROM. Here is a 4.2.2 ROM for your device:

  • Shealtiel

    I see that they have the 4.2.1. but I haven’t seen where it’s available for Verizon yet. I’ll check out the link that you gave me though. Thanks again.

  • It is not available for the Verizon version so far. Where have you seen it?
    You got root and CWM, better try these:

  • Shealtiel

    Thanks again for all the help and for your patience in this matter.

    One more question. Would it be wise to update my phone to the jelly bean 4.2.1?

  • Nice! That is common message, you should have selected NO but selecting back would have done the job. You phone is now rooted and has CWM recovery. Just verify it and enjoy.

  • Shealtiel

    I rooted the phone but there was a part that I came to at instruction number 15, which says,

    “When it’s done go back and select “reboot system now”. But before your phone boots, pull out the battery and place it back after a few seconds.”

    After I hit **back** and select “reboot system now”. The next thing that popped up said:

    “ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?

    – NO
    – YES – Disable recovery flash”

    Nevertheless, I tapped on **back** and then it was about to reboot so I took out the battery and then replaced it and powered on the phone. It went through fine, but I wanted to know. What was I supposed to do when I had gotten that message?

  • It is only for sch-i535 on 4.1.1/4.1.2.

    Update your device to JB first. Here is the 4.1.1 OTA update package:

    Copy it to external SD and Install it from stock recovery. Turn off device, hold Volume up+home+poer keys for a few seconds till the phone vibrates and you see Samsung logo, release the Power key and keep other 2 keys pressed. In recovery, use volume keys to scroll and power key to select.

    Choose install update from external sd, find the file and install it. You device’ll be updated to JB and then you can use the tutorial above.

  • Hi, my android version is 4.0.4 will it work? and if so what bootchain file should i download?

  • Shealtiel

    I came across a problem. I am at instruction number 15, which says, “When it’s done go back an select “reboot system now”. But before your phone boots, pull out the battery and place it back after a few seconds.” After I hit back and select “reboot system now”. The next thing that pops up says

    “ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix? THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE.
    – NO
    – YES – Disable recovery flash”

    What should I do? I haven’t taken the battery out yet.

  • Shealtiel

    Ok. I’ll let you know.

  • Let me know when it is done successfully.

  • Shealtiel

    Lol. Thanks for the help. I would have been on this for hours trying to get it right. Thanks again.

  • Hahaha! LOL. I guessed that. Bro, you did nothing so it stays where it is!
    Okay when you see the downloading screen, connect the device to PC and then launch Odin. Continue with step 3….. There’s no problem except that you are new. Cheers!

  • Shealtiel

    It’s the larger one with S3 picture.

  • Shealtiel

    It looks like the larger image (image 2) with the S3. And that’s the screen that it just stays in for minutes not doing anything.

  • Okay. See these pictures and tell me how does your download mode looks like:

    The smaller one, or the one with S3 image?

  • Shealtiel

    I’m having problem with step 2. It goes into Odin mode and stays there. It has a picture of the green android with the message below saying downloading and tells me not to turn off target.

  • Make sure you have downloaded VRBMB1 Bootchain. On what step are you facing the issue?

  • Shealtiel

    Thanks for responding. The firmware is version 4.1.2 and it’s a verizon phone. The instructions are pretty clear so I must be doing something wrong.

  • Can you tell me what firmware version your device is on and what files you downloaded. I think you are making some mistake. As for the SuperUser zip file, it is meant to be flashed via CWM recovery.

  • Shealtiel

    It did the freezing thing again. I have a question. Once I have copied the Super user boot loader file to my phone, should I actually open it from my phone to activate the zip file?

  • Shealtiel

    I appreciate all the help. It did the same thing again when I tried it. I downloaded all of the required files and I put the super_su bootloader on my phone. But when I get to where I can click the volume up key it stays in downloading and don’t move. I am going to try again though and let you know.

  • Shealtiel

    Ok. Thanks. I am going to start over again. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  • No, that is unusual. It take just a few seconds to complete. Anyways, pull out the battery, wait for 30 seconds, put battery back and start again. Make sure to select the correct files it will work.

  • Shealtiel

    Hello. I just started the first process where you simultaneously press the power, home, & volume down button. It took me to the part where I must press the volume up button. The question that I have is, should it be taking so long to download? I have been downloading for over 30 minutes now and it’s still at the downloading screen. Is that Okay so far?

  • Hi Jose, sorry for the late reply as I missed among the other comments. Anyways, to the best of my knowledge, any OTA does not affect the files and settings on the device. OTA just keeps the new files that replace/append system files and preserves the older ones. Nevertheless, I will also recommend that you backup all data.

  • Here it is:


    Download, rename as “”, copy to phone, boot into cwm recovery (volume up+home+power), then flash it. It is supposed to preserve the root.

  • Here it is:


    Download, rename as “”, copy to phone, boot into stock recovery (volume up+home+power), then flash it. It is supposed to preserve the root.

  • Thanks, do you know where I can grab this unsigned 4.1.2 stock?

  • Hi Connor, resources are right and the method correct, all they need is appropriate implementation to get it working. Just read the instruction twice, follow the steps carefully and everything thing will be fine. I’ll be here to help you if you get into problem.

  • Connor

    What are the risks?

  • If one version of Odin does not install, try another versions:

    Odin 3.0.4-

  • Trish

    I had the same issue – can you tell me what the fix was? Thanks!

  • Yes, you can install it because it is the modified version of the official OTA

  • Do you mean bloatware/system apps? Download a root file browser and go to “system/app” folder and delete the app that you never use. Avoid connectivity related apps though.

    See this:

  • Jose M. Berumen

    But there is around an OTA unsigned I believe you can install it without any problem


    Just a follow up…once I’m done rooting/flashing, what files do I need to keep and what can I delete from my SD card?

  • Better late than never! CyanogenMod is a great ROM indeed but the weak network signal problem is there. I would recommend you go for Carbon ROM as it is the best choice for AOSP lovers and have all those features (more than CM):

    Having used Carbon, if you miss TouchWiz, you can consider one of these:

    Hope it helps you.


    Sorry to be so late to this party, but I do have one question. I really like the idea of rooting to flast Cyanogenmod 10.1 to my Verizon Galaxy S3. The main reasons to do this is honestly: 1) have the battery/signal/clock at the top be blue (sad I know) and 2) to add lock screen widgets that only are avail in 4.2. Will only wanting minimal things, will this be worth it to me? Will rooting and flashing CM10.1 deteriorate my cell signal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I do not think that you can get the OTA while being rooted (this doesn’t apply if you installed a pre-rooted firmware or used Triangle Away). You must unroot your SCH-I535 first to get the new update and then root it later again.

    The reason why I recommended installing a custom ROM is sound too. It’ll save you from going into a lot of drill since you have already a rooted device. A good custom ROM (based on VRBMB1 4.1.2) can let you enjoy all new features + many additional things. If you are rooted, it doesn’t make a difference whether you are on rooted stock or a custom ROM.

  • Thanks. Nope, not spam, I have no affiliation with that root site I linked. I did screw up the question a bit though: I’m rooted up to 4.1.1 and there’s the 4.1.2 OTA available is what I meant to say.

    So, you’re saying to just do a nandroid backup first, then either just let it update the OTA or install a custom ROM instead? According to a lot of the comments on that page though, the OTA did go through, but it unrooted. So, if I just let it take the OTA though, then I just re-root using your guide?

    Thanks again

  • Nice to know it helped you.

  • Your guide is amazing. I can not thank you enough!

  • Hi, though your comment sounds more like a spam, your question is genuine. Here is the answer- I do not see problem with updating the new firmware. It will unroot your device and you’ll need to root it again. Since you already have CWM on your phone, do not forget to backup the current ROM before updating.

    You can also try a custom ROM that already has the features of the 4.1.2 OTA update. As for preserving apps, data and settings, I always recommend not to restore apps or settings using Titanium backup sort of apps. Doing this’ll make your phone laggy.

    Another thing, you will not receive the OTA because of the root factor. I’ll recommend you trying a custom ROM:

  • It’s unusual! Show me a screenshot.

  • Nicole Shehan

    ODIN won’t install on my computer it comes up in china writing and goes away HELP

  • Nice! 🙂

  • Jericho

    nevermind, got it fixed =)

  • Jericho

    Followed directions, worked perfect, thank you. Only problem is now my wifi will NOT turn on anymore. Any solutions? Verizon Galaxy S3.

  • Yes, you should have and you cannot do that without root.

  • David

    When I flashed 4.1.1 I never used triangle away to reset counter. Now when I boot into recovery mode I get the red triangle android. Should I have reset counter before flashing stock rom. Also can I reset counter without root?

  • Pull out the battery and wait for 1 minute at least. Then place it back and try again. Remember, booting into stock recovery is more complicated that a custom recovery. Press and hold Val Up+Home+Power till you feel vibration and screen light up, then release power key but keep other keys pressed till you see the recovery.

    If it does not help, try holding down all 3 keys continuously till you see recovery.

  • David

    Hello, I don’t know if this is an issue. I used the firmware link you provided above. After I flash it with odin, then pull usb and pull battery I can’t seem to boot into recovery mode. The little andoid pops up like it is upgrading. So I was unable to factory reset and wipe cache until after the phone reboots. Like I said I don’t know if this is an issue. Thanks

  • David

    Thanks I will give it a try.

  • The best and easiest way to root is to flash back the stock firmware:

    Use this firmware. Since 4.1.2 firmware is not available for download, you will have to install 4.1.1 and then update via OTA:

  • David

    Do you have a tutorial on un-rooting Verizon galaxy s3?

  • Make sure USB debugging is on and Kies is closed as you do this.


    when i hit start, the procedure will get to the end then stop and says fail right after NAND write start

  • In fact good and not that good are just relative terms. It depends on your preferences. As mush as I know Jelly Beans has more features than any other custom ROM for i535.

  • michael

    thank you very much:) I actually flashed synergy rom the first time i followed your article. i guess i bricked my phone after flashing the custom kernel while installing the rom…that and, i just learned that i have to wait until it says “PASS!” not “RES” or “RESET”. do you recommend jelly beans over synergy?

  • It usually takes a few seconds. Wait for a few minutes and if is still stuck there, pull out the battery, insert it after a minute, close Odin and relaunch it. Put your phone in download mode, connect to PC and repeat the drill. Hope it helps you.

  • John Greer

    Hey. How long for the clockworkmod to flash. I unchecked auto reboot, then odin went to setupconnection…initialize…get PIT for mapping…firmware update start..recovery .img., then sits there. Any ideas. thanks

  • In fact, it just a matter of conception. You can flash a custom ROM or mod with any of the bootchains. As for the Triangle Away part, i just cited an example. The stock bootchain is important for security reasons. That’s it!

    If you plan to install a custom ROM, would recommend the Jelly ‘Beans” ROM:

  • michael

    oh I see. thank you very much for this article:) just one more thing, if i ever want to flash something else, do i have to flash custom bootchain first? in other words, does having stock bootchain lock down the device to the point where i can’t modify it via odin/CWM unless i flash custom bootchain?
    Also, i was little confused with the last part of your reply. Does it do the same thing TriangleAway does; when you flash back to stock bootchain, or does it make the phone think it’s counter is at 0 without actually resetting it? Becasuse my counter is still at 3.

  • Yes, it will work fine without the stock bootchain but there is nothing wrong in flashing it too. You guessed correctly. It’s very much like the existence of the yellow triangle about which people bother too much.

  • michael

    What’s the purpose of flashing back to stock bootchain at the very end? I didn’t do that and i booted the phone, and it appears to be working just fine. does it trick the phone into thinking it’s still stock; which makes it easier to flash later on or something?

  • Nice! We always like to hear success stories.

  • Worked fine for me. Thanks!

  • David

    Ok. Thanks

  • I have never heard that nandroid backup can be transferred. I believe, no because system backup contain system ID.

  • David

    That’s what I am beginning to think. The backups that I made the clock work mod, do they have to be restored on the exact same phone?

  • No, I have never. If software update and reset cannot help you, it might be a hardware issue.

  • David

    Ok. One of the main reasons I went through the rooting and custom rom installs was because my Bluetooth mysteriously stopped working. Thought it was an update issue. Unfortunately my BT still doesn’t work. When I try to turn it on through settings it just displays “Turning on Bluetooth” but never turns on. Have you heard of any BT issues with JB?

  • Yea, just backup the ROMs and you can switch between them within minutes. You are enjoying the root, nice!

  • David

    Tried again after a good nights sleep got jelly beans installed. Installing apps and going to make a backup. It’s cool being able to switch between roms so easily.

  • Yea, Carbon ROM is one of my favs. Since I have not tested “Jelly Beans” I am not sure about that. Here is the video of the ROM made by Eric:

  • David

    Tried to install Jelly Beans TW couldn’t get past disclaimer. Not sure if something was happening. Let it sit for a while but couldn’t get any response. Installed Carbon Rom. Looks cool.

  • Yea, it’s definitely a newbie question but there’s nothing wrong is asking. TW means TouchWiz UX- the launcher app that you use on your phone with stock. I just meant a Samsung-based ROM.

  • David

    I am sure this is newbie question but I’ll ask anyway. What is a TW ROM?

  • No, both are TW ROMs and require no Gapps. If you want a really nice AOSP ROM, try this:

  • David

    I will give one or both a try. Do I need to download gapp files for these? I am assuming these are 4.2 roms.

  • Nice coincidence, we are about to publish a best ROMs post for i535. Since I do not have this phone, one of our contributors from Virginia, Eric. Here are two from his unpublished draft.Try one of these:
    With AOSP feel-

    with Multi-window-stock

    let me know.

  • David

    Ok, rooted phone and did a backup using tb also did a backup using cwm. now I would like to try a custom rom. It’s quite overwhelming the number of roms out there. Could you suggest something stable to test with. My main reason is ever since I got JB 4.1.2 my Bluetooth doesn’t work just displays turning on Bluetooth. Thanks.

  • David

    Should probably do a nandroid backup. Do you have any guides for stuff like this?

  • Hey David, I was waiting for this reply from you. I was just reminded that the root guide for the Vzw S3 was not at my blog when you asked about it. Thanks to you too! Cheers!

  • David

    Just rooted my GSIII. Took about 10 minutes. Your Guide was great.