Samsung’s new flagship, the Galaxy S4, is ready to take over the world of smartphones. While for a current Galaxy S3 user it might not seem to be a great deal to upgrade, the new users will certainly feel the pride of owning the smartest  handheld gadget on earth.  If you have already grabbed this device and now looking for a working method to root it and install a custom recovery so that you might be able to install apps that require root access, custom ROMs and mods on it, you can now do it easily by following our easy tutorial.

While the LTE variant of the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) was rooted even before the official release, the users of the international model (GT-I9500) got it later. As you know, having a rooted Android device puts you in an advantageous situation by opening the gates of plethora of development activities focused on your device.


It sounds pretty odd to shout out the same warning thing each time we come up with such tutorials but it’s still a formality that you must take seriously. Rooting your Galaxy S4 will void its warranty which can be recovered anytime by installing the stock firmware back. Moreover, the procedure described here is considered risky and might soft-brick your phone. Therefore, do not proceed unless you are sure what you are going to do. Do not blame us for any mishap.

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Preparations Before Rooting:

In the following tutorial, we’ll install the ClockworkMod recovery that will replace the stock recovery on your Galaxy S4, and then we’ll install the SuperUser app via it. But before we do that, let’s take care of the following things first.

  • Download Odin3 1.85 to install the CF Auto Root:
  • Download Odin 3.04 for installing TWRP Recovery:
  • Download the latest TWRP (.tar file) for Galaxy S4: twrp-
  • Download the CF-Auto-Root by Chainfire (extract the zip):
  • Download and install Samsung USB Drivers on your PC. If you have already installed Samsung Kies, you can skip installing the drivers but make sure that Kies is closed while you use Odin.
  • Make sure your S4 has at least 60% battery left on it. If not, plug the charger now.
  • Turn on USB Debugging from your phone’s Settings> Developer options. If you are unable to find “Developer Options” on your phone, you will have to bring to front by enabling it first. Refer to this tutorial to activate developer options.

Rooting Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

Now here are the easy steps to install the root package to your Galaxy S4-

  1. Turn off your device and boot it into Download/Odin mode. To do this, press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power keys simultaneously for about 3-4 seconds till the screen turns up and you see a warning screen. Press Volume Up to continue to the Download mode.Galaxy-s4-download-mode
  2. Launch Odin3 1.85 and connect device to PC.
  3. When Odin detects the device,  the ID:COM port will turn Yellow and you’ll see “Added!!” at the message box on Odin.
  4. Make sure that only“Auto Reboot” option is ticked on Odin (see below).
  5. Now click on PDA button and  select “CF-Auto-Root-ja3g-ja3gxx-gti9500.tar.md5”.
  6. Finally click the Start button on Odin and let the installation finish followed by PASS! message.Galaxy-S4-GT-I9500-Root-Odin
  7. Now disconnect the USB cable and pull out the back cover of your Galaxy S4. Remove the battery and put it back after 30-40 seconds.


Your device will now reboot and it might take a couple of minutes before it boots up normally. Now you can see a new app called SuperUser in your phone’s app drawer. To verify if the root access is working fine, you can install and run the Root Checker app from the Play Store.

Root Check Price: Free

Install TWRP on Galaxy S4 GT-I9500

Your Galaxy S4 already has root access now. If you also want a custom recovery to be installed on your phone,  follow the same steps as you did above while rooting the device.

  1. Boot Galaxy S4 into Download Mode (Volume Down+Home+Power).
  2. Launch Odin3 v3.04 and connect the device to PC using USB cable.
  3. Click on PDA button and select twrp-
  4. Make sure that only “Auto Reboot” and “F Reset Time” are selected on Odin.
  5. Finally, hit Start button and wait till CWM is installed followed by a PASS! message. Your device will now reboot automatically.Galaxy-S4-GT-I9500-Root-Odin-CWM
  6. To enter the ClockworkMod recovery mode anytime, turn off your phone and hold down Volume Up+Home+Power buttons for 3-5 seconds till the screen turns up, your see “Samsung Galaxy S IV” logo. Now release the Power key and wait till you see a screen like shown below:galaxy-s4-clockworkmod-recovery
  7. PhilZ Touch CWM recovery will look like this: 
  8. If at any point of time you see a screen with following prompt in CWM, select “Yes- disable recovery flash” or you device will automatically replace CWM with Android System Recovery.
    ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?
    - NO
    - YES - Disable recovery flash

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