Root and Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean



It has been quite a while since the Samsung Galaxy S2 received the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. The users of this phone must be feeling a little better to get the long-awaited update. We had come up with a rooting Guide for the Galaxy S2 on Android 4.1.2 XWLS8 firmware but that was specific only to a bunch of builds. Here is another rooting tutorial that is applicable to all 4.1.2 firmwares.

If you have already updated your Galaxy S2  to the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM and wish to root your phone and install the ClockworkMod recovery on it, follow the easy tutorial given below. Having rooted your phone, you will be able to install apps that require root permission. On the other hand if you install the CWM Recovery too, you can install custom ROMs and mods to enjoy variety and get the most out of your Galaxy S2.


Though the method described below has been tested successfully and found working fine, it’s our duty to warn you that the rooting procedure is considered risky and will void your phone’s warranty too. Therefore, think twice before you decide to proceed with it. We shall not be responsible for any mishap. You can regain the warranty later by unrooting or flashing the official firmware.

The rooting procedure described here also works with Galaxy S2 GT-I9100T variant.

Installing CWM Recovery on Galaxy S2

  1. Download Jeboo Kernel  (do not extract): jeboo_kernel_i9100_v1-2a.tar
  2. Download Odin flasher and extract the zip on your desktop:
  3. Download the rooting package for Galaxy S2 and copy it to the internal or external SD card of your phone:
  4. Make sure that either Kies or Samsung USB Driver is installed on your computer. Remember that during the whole procedure Kies should no be running.
  5. Make sure you Galaxy S2 has more than 50% battery left.
  6. Backup your contacts, messages, APNs, bookmarks, calendar, apps & games using these apps.
  7. Enable the USB Debugging mode on your phone: Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging.
  8. Boot your phone into Download Mode: turn off the phone,  press and hold the Volume Down+Home (center) buttons together and then press and hold the Power key for a few seconds. Press the Volume Up key when the phone prompts you to do so to enter the download mode. galaxy-s2-download-mode
  9. Now go to the Odin folder and run the Odin program by double clicking the Odin3_v1.85.exe file.
  10. Connect your Galaxy S2 to the computer using a compatible USB cable. When Odin detects your device, you will see the ID:COM port turn yellow.
  11. Check that the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options are ticked on Odin
  12. Now click the PDA button and select the “jeboo_kernel_i9100_v1-2a.tar” file.Root-S2-GT-I9100-odin
  13. Make sure that everything looks like shown in the image above, and then hit the Start.
  14. When the installation is complete, your phone will reboot automatically.

When the phones boots up, it should have ClockworkMod Recovery installed on it but your phone is still unrooted.

Root Galaxy S2 on Android 4.1.2:

  1. Download the SuperSU file (do not extract) from above and copy the file to your phone’s SD card.
  2. Boot your phone into CWM Recovery mode: turn off the phone,  press and hold the Volume Up+Home (center) buttons together and then press and hold the Power key for a few seconds. Release the Power key when you see the Samsung logo blink for 2 times but keep other keys pressed  till you see the a black screen with blue text. In recovery, use the volume keys to highlight/scroll options and the Power key to select them.
  3. Go to “install zip from sd card> choose zip from sd card”, navigate to  file and select it.
  4. Confirm the selection by choosing “yes” on the next screen.
  5. When the installation is finished, go back and select “reboot system now” option.


On booting up, your phone should be rooted. Go to the app drawer on your phone, open the SuperSU app and update the binary if prompted. Download and install Root Checker app and run it to verify the root. Later, whenever you need to boot your Galaxy S2 into CWM Recovery mode,  turn off the phone, and follow Step 2.

Root Check
JRummy Apps Tools Free

If you find this tutorial helpful, why not share it with your friends. Do not forget to drop your feedback and experiences via comments. Cheers!

Rooted Your Galaxy S2? Now What?

Having rooted your Android device, you have now opened the door of possibilities. You can now install any apps that requires root access, a mod made for your device, and choose from lots of custom ROMs available for your Galaxy S2.

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  • Humble Manaph

    Hi Rakesh, I rooted and tried to install “jeboo_kernel_i9100_v1-2a” , Now after installation the System doesn’t boot,
    All i can see is a black screen with Samsung I9100 logo and Yellow
    Triangle. I Even tried to get into the CWM Mode, but the Samsung the screen not changed. Please guide me What to do ? Mine is Samsung Galaxy S2

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  • khristine

    hellow. is there other way of rooting the s2, actially my samsung s2 is looeh already converted to gt i9100 JB 4.1.2 baseband i9100XXLS6
    can i root it without going through odin?

  • You phone is SIM locked?

  • Ade

    I am just changing my sim card and find a request sim network unlock pin, the phone galaxy s2 had been unlocked before and had been used on another network, but now its asking for the above, I wanted to root the phone bu got FAIL after running Odin 3, how can you help

  • Follow the instructions given under this head ”
    How to Install Android 4.1.2 Firmware on Galaxy S2:” at

  • dele

    wow you are so wonderful bro many thanks !! and what do i do next after extracting the file since its a zip file please ?!

  • dele

    if there is no os for my country or something you can give me another country’s own as well as its gonna work with my samsung s2 gt i9100

  • Where are you from?

  • dele

    oh i mean i want you to give me a suitable one for my samsung s2 gt i9100 i want you to choose a link for me so i can go ahead and download the stock firmware you are gonna give me …

  • Samsung does not provide direct download links. You can look here though:

  • dele

    wow i just visited that page and i saw many download links many thanks but please can you give me a link to the direct download page cause i wouldnt wanna install something else not meant for my phone

  • Download stock firmware and install it using Odin via Download mode:

  • dele

    hi please i got a problem with my samsung s2 gt i9100 device and im running wizzedkat rom v2.6 , i was experiencing a slow down using my device so i tried to do factory reset from settings but after completing that my fone got stucked in the boot menu showing the yellow triangle icon and i couldnt boot into cwm recovery mode only download mode is bootable please what can i do and how can i install another os using odin app on a system cause i cant boot into cwm recovery mode . help me id appreciate it …. many thanks !!!

  • Jewel Varughese

    I started with the process. Tried installing the odin given above. But as soon as I install it, a pop up appears in korean. Once I click ok, the odin window appears for a second and closes immediately. Could you help me please?

  • Kiro

    hi, i have the same problem with the yellow triangle. I have CWM instaled, i tried to instal superSU, but it stays there like forever. cand you help me please?

  • gal gabay

    thank you very much , you helped me !

  • Vishal Yadav

    step 14 after atomatic restart process my mob got stuck at samsung logo help me rakesh plzzz..i m
    using s2 gt i9100g

  • vishal yadav

    Plz admin help me
    After all this process my mob got freez at the samsung logo.
    I m using S2 gt i9100g
    Plzzz sir help me

  • Vishal Yadav

    Supersu ver 1.80 is ok for my Samsung galaxy s2 gt i9100

  • Vishal Yadav

    Supersu ver 1.80 is ok for my Samsung galaxy s2 gt i9100

  • Durgaprasad

    Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks a lot your very nice article. I followed each and every step in the way you have defined here. But unfortunately now my phone is not turning on. It shows “GALAXY – S2” with a YELLOW triangle symbol followed by a tone which gets interrupted and the phone doesnt turn on. Please help on this issue, Also please let me know if any other SuperUser file has to be installed.

  • sami

    no there is no any CWM recovery on my Samsung galaxy s2…


  • Do you have CWM installed? If yes, try it again: turn off phone wait for a minute, and then try the key combo.

  • sami

    Hi Rakesh, I rooted and tried to install “jeboo_kernel_i9100_v1-2a” , Now after installation the System doesn’t boot,
    All i can see is a black screen with Samsung I9100 logo and Yellow
    Triangle. I Even tried to get into the CWM Mode, but the Samsung the screen not changed. Please guide me What to do ? Mine is Samsung Galaxy S2
    GT-I9100T i am in Afghanistan .

  • sami

    how did you fixed that coz i have got the same problem

  • FabrizioTurci

    Everything went fine in the rooting …but after i turned of my phone it want restart it freeze withe samsung galaxy s2 logo and a yellow triangle under  what to do? please help

  • Then copy the root package to internal storage and try again.

  • Yusuf

    I can’t pass the 3. step of rooting.. I go to install zip and then “choose zip from sd card” but it gives a message E: can’t mount /sdcard… What’s its reason?

  • Nathan

    Both PA3 3.99 20130829 AND 20130825 . I now replaced it with the

    Resurrection Remix JB 4.2 – Stable as a rock. It has the best of many roms i guess. Halo and Pie are synced well and as such the phone has i think quite little bugs

  • Which version did you try?

  • Nathan

    Installed the PA 3. Looks like its not as stable yet …..Lots of bugs to be frank

  • Hey, PA 3 is a very good ROM. I guess it was the device model unmatch that did not let it install. As you say you device shows GT-I9100 now, let’s do the mischief again. 🙂

  • Nathan

    The issue was to do with trying to install the PA3 ROM, From the suggestions on this website. Once I tried Installing, Mid way the Installation aborted !!!!… Instantly System reboots and then It was stuck at the Samsung Screen and the yellow triangle . No matter what it wouldn’t go. So I downloaded the Original firmware and then installed the original firmware. Since I had the back up of my data, I restored it . Only difference now is that the Phone now shows itself as I9100 instead of I9100T……..So far So good…..Please suggest which ROM is good to run and without any problems ?????

  • Okay then. What was the cause of the issue?

  • Nathan

    Fixed it My self Yayyyy!!!!!!

  • Nathan

    Hi Rakesh, I rooted and tried to install the Customer ROM – PA3, Now during the installation, It got aborted, so I tried to restore from the Back up of the Original ROM. All done, but now the System doesn’t boot, All i can see is a black screen with Samsung I9100 logo and Yellow Triangle. I Even tried to get into the CWM Mode, but the Samsung logo blinks just once and the second time it just stays on the screen no Changed. Please guide me What to do ? Mine is Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100T Vodafone Australia Version .

  • CWM has nothing to do with internal SD corruption. Try formatting the device and if it does not wok, install official firmware again and then root the device.

  • Fronselkop

    After installing CWM (so after step 14) My sgs2 rebooted with a yellow warning triangle underneath the samsung logo. Also my internal SD seems to be f’ed up. Says I have to format it. Also can’t backup my ROM on the internal memory now in CWM since it says “can’t mount path”
    Any suggestions?

  • Yes, you will see it.

  • RED

    is there a triangle thing come up when u try to flash it with that kernel?

  • Hewa Ali

    why I can’t

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:85)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  • Nice that it worked for you! Yes, there are some good apps and ROMs that you can try:

  • iqbal

    Hi Rakesh, just wanted to thank you for this wonderful article on how to root the phone. it worked perfectly and i was wondering if there is anything else which will make this phone even better!

  • parwez ahmad

    i cannot on my gt-i9100 when it on only show galaxy s2 gti9100? plz help me what i m do? and also with recovery mood

  • What problem are you having?

  • Limocon Kenneth CharLz

    tnx for dz thread i already done rooting my s2. btw, can i ask something different topic about my m250l korean s2. ive got problem on it.

  • Christophoros Prodromou

    hi im currently on 4.0.3 on my galaxy s2(stock)…and i want to install cm 10.1 …how can i root it..install cwm..?

  • If your S2 is on Android 4.1.2, yes you can.

  • Limocon Kenneth CharLz

    hello author is it ok to flash your rooting file without updating using the jebo kernel? my purpose is only rooting my device. tnx in advance

  • But what is the issue you are facing?

  • Hey, what is your problem. Please tell me with a littl details.

  • KluangMan

    yes …

  • KluangMan

    how u revert ?? i have same problem like u

  • ketilio

    Will do. Thanks!

  • Actually I updated this tutorial just today and added the 2.2 kernel zip file in a hurry. Use the tar file to install CWM and when you have root+cwm on your device you can install the 2.2 zip file that you downloaded earlier to update the Kernel.

    To update, you ned to flash the zip file by entering the CWM recovery, using “install zip from sdcard” option.

  • ketilio

    OK …but that file is from 10th of March. Is it not possible to use the 2.2 version?

  • Seems a wrong file was linked while updating today. Sorry for the inconvenience.Try this:

  • ketilio

    Thanks, but I still can not find the file. What is the name of it besides .tar? zImage?

  • Please extract the zip and you will find a .tar file inside the zip. SeleCt it by clicking PDA.

  • ketilio

    I am having problems with step 12. Odin will not detect or let me open a zip file. Therefore I am unable to open Odin only accepts tar, md5 or smd. Any ideas?

  • Hi Amit, it is the official file from Chainfire, the developer of SuperSU. When I uploaded, it was clean and I do not know why it now says it has virus.

    Anyways, I am replacing the file with the latest version 1.30, download and try this:

    Try again!

  • Amit Alon

    Rakesh, Hi again.
    The link you posted for downloading the SUperSU file ( is of a site that contains virus scanner for files it host.
    The result of the virus scan this site ran shows that this file has a Trojan horse !
    Where you aware to this?
    Any ideas on how to act?
    — Amit.

    Size: 1.00 MB (1050533 bytes)
    Uploaded By: Droidviews
    Uploaded On: 2013-03-05 13:48:12
    Downloaded: 1557
    MD5 Sum: c46ab39ac48423598e4fd24657e72f22
    Virus Status: ANDR.Trojan.GingerBreak FOUND
    Note: Use virus status as a reference, rescan with your own Anti-Virus.

  • If you’ll flash the file for I9100 on I9100G, this’s sure to happen.

  • Already replied.

  • Hi, My phone doesn’t reboot after Installing CWM Recovery, what should I do now ?

  • Is your Galaxy S2 GT-I9100?

  • same problem,wat to do now

  • Thank you!
    I have tried and failed time and time again, and as of now I’ve decided to stick with the OFW 4.1.
    Thank you though, for all your hard work and such polite answers. Next time I get an Android device, this is where I’ll go to root it. Thanks!

  • Kathryn Little

    Excellent step by step instructions for a newbie to rooting. Thank you SO much.

  • You can do it. Follow onto some Apps on Google Play Store.
    Most Apps backup data in regular (non-hidden) folders. Once backed up, transfer the folder containing the backup to another device, then install the same App and restore it 🙂

  • george

    Thanks for your prompt replay Rakesh! Awesome tutorial btw. So is there no way to migrate apps and data between different phones?

  • Hi George, sorry to know about the brick and broke story of your devices. Anyways, restoring a phone’s data backed up by a root app like TB creates problem even on the same phone with a different custom ROM. As for your case, your are talking about restoring one phone’s data to another and this will certainly create some issues especially with apps and data. Despite of the great commonalities between galaxy devices, some system files differ and this will create issues and might even send your phone to a bootloop. I would not recommend it.

  • george

    Hi Rakesh- I had a Galaxy Note 1 on a Jelly Bean mod which i broke. I have a TitaniumBackup backup file of all my data and settings on a micro SD card. I now have an S2 Model Number GT-I9100 on official JB 4.1.2 XWLSH. My question is this- can i simply install superuser app onto the micro SD card and run it from standard recovery and then install and run Titanium Backup? Also, if i run titaniumbackup restore, will there be any issues given it was from a different phone and different JB rom? should i leave out system files or something? Sorry for the long question. great site. i recently bricked a motorola razr playing round with this process so im more cautious now….

  • Thanks for the info. I will try t find a custom ROM for i9100t and let you know if I find any. 😀

  • Dom

    Hi Rakesh, FYI have had to revert to original rom as I found my phone kept hanging every 2-3 hours. Cheers

  • Dom

    Hi Rakesh, FYI have had to revert to original rom as I found my phone kept hanging every 2-3 hours. Cheers

  • Since you have Clockworkmod recovery now, backup your current ROM first of all. You can restore it anytime when needed, It’s a kind of Insurance policy for mobile devices. See how to enter recovery mode on the best ROMs article.

    See here:

    When you have backed up, try one of these custom ROMs (I recommend Omega):

    If anything goes wrong, just restore the ROM and everything will be fine.

  • Dom

    Hi Rakesh, the above method worked fine with jeboo_kernel_i9100_v1-2a.tar. Thanks for your help. Now any idea to to un-brand the phone. Cheers Dom

  • Hey sorry, I did not read your comment carefully the first time. Yes you can try the method because all system files in regular i9300 and i9300t are the same except the modem which has nothing to do with rooting. I have not tested it on i9300t though.
    But I would recommend your to backup all data on phone and download the 4.1.2 firmware file in advance. Flash it via Odin if any unusual things happen. Don’t worry it will not brick your device.

  • Okay, try to wipe data/factory reset via recovery. Perform steps 10-14 from here-

  • Hi, I am not sure if it will work on the Telstra variant of the device. The main reason being there is no official 4.1.2 release for it. This guide is for JB firmwares only. Anyways, download this file:

    Extract it and install the file with .tar.md5 by clicking in PDA button in Odin. See detailed steps above. Let me know what happens.

  • Dom

    Hey Rakesh, will this tutorial work on a S2 GT-i9100T model samsung. Having serious battery drain after upgrading to 4.1.2 and want to try and fix it or get rid of it.


  • No – If I put any ROMs or such on it, it wont start. It only shows the yellow triangle, and turns itself of again. My phone only works if I put the stock stuff back in.

  • Okay! Everything is fine now?

  • And thanks yet again for such a quick answer!

  • I tried to update SuperSU from my phone, and was asked if I wanted to update through CWM or normal update. Since the Jeboo was I place, I thought I should use the CWM way, and that’s when ny phone wouldn’t start for the first time.

  • Currently, Jeboo kernel is considered the best for S2. And why did you try to update CWM?

  • Kate

    Worked for me! Thanks 🙂

  • Thank you for such a quick and steady answer.
    I think maybe something went wrong when I tried to update SuperSU from my phone. I was asked if I wanted normal update or CWM update, and I chose the CWM update, as I had installed the Jeboo kernel. After that, my phone wouldn’t start normally, unless I used Odin or Kies to restore it to default. It simply wont start if I put CWM on it.

    Best regards, Mathias

  • Hi Mathias, I try to test almost every kernel and custom ROM before posting it here. I have tested the methods on my S2 which I have sold a week ago. If you are talking about the big yellow triangle that shows up before booting, it’s a normal thing for S2. It does not indicate any issue but the presence of a custom kernel.

    If you want to remove the triangle, try Triangle Away app from the market. As for myself. I have become so accustomed to it that I love it now.

  • Hey Rakesh!
    Very nice site you’ve got going here, by far the best I’ve seen when it comes to rooting and Android development.

    I tried to follow this guide, but something is wrong. After I’ve installed and followed the procedure correctly (I have triple checked everything), my phone starts, and the yellow triangle shows, but then the phone just shows that screed like 10 seconds and turn off again. This happens every time I try to power up my phone.

    I’ve reverted to the stock FW, but I still have the Jeboo kernel mentioned in your article. The phone works now, but whenever I try to root again, the exact same thing happens.

    Best regards, Mathias.

  • I’m successfully too..thanks U 😀

  • Ken

    Rooted successfully on my galaxy S2 I9100 JB 4.1.2.
    Thank you:)