Root and Install CWM on Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5100, GT-N5110 & GT-N5120 (All Models)


The Galaxy Note 8.0 is a tablet device from Samsung that was released to combat Apple’s iPad Mini. It has been out now for a couple of months and has been successful in getting itself popular among tablet users. If you have recently got hold of this beautiful tablet with 8″ screen and nice specifications and want to root it so that you can further enhance its utility, we bring you a very handy and detailed tutorial on rooting the Galaxy Note 8.0.

Besides rooting the Note 8.0, we’ll also guide you to install the ClockworkMod recovery on your device. With CWM recovery present on your Note, you can install a custom mod or ROM very easily and thus you will be able to enjoy ROMs with added functionality, less bugs, better battery life and new look.

In the present guide, you’ll find all required resources and steps need to root and install CWM recovery on all models or variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0:

  • Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5100 (3G+WiFi)
  • Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5110 (WiFi)
  • Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5120 (LTE)

If you are in a fix as to whether or not you should root your Note 8.0 or not, do not forget to read the following article that might help you decide the right path:

To Root, or not to Root, that’s the Question!


Please note that the procedure given below has been tested successfully but it is considered risky and if it is not performed carefully might soft brick your Galaxy Note 8.0. Think twice before crossing this line. Remember, you have been warned! The developers of CF-Root, CWM packages or we at DroidViews must not be held responsible for any mishap.

Preparations to be Made:

So if you have made up you mind to go with rooting, here are a few tools that you need to gather together and preparations that must be complied with before proceeding.

Rooting Galaxy Note 8.0 Using Odin:

  1. Unzip the CF-Auto-Root zip package. Inside the extracted folder, you’ll see a file with .tar.md5 extension which will look like this: CF-Auto-Root-kona3g-kona3gxx-gtn5100.tar.md5
  2. Also unzip the zips with Odin3 1.85 to your desktop.
  3. Turn off your Galaxy Note 8.0 and boot it into Download Mode: press and hold the Volume Up + Power buttons at the same time for 2-3 seconds till you see a warning screen with a yellow triangle, asking you to press Volume Up button. Press it to enter Download mode.
  4. Now launch Odin and connect the device to PC using USB cable. Wait till the ID:COM port at Odin turns Yellow.
  5. Do not touch anything on Odin and directly click the PDA button and select the file with .tar.md5 extension. In my case, I selected CF-Auto-Root-kona3g-kona3gxx-gtn5100.tar.md5Root-Galaxy-Note-8.0-Odin
  6. Then click the Start button and wait till the rooting package is installed on your Galaxy Note 8.0. It’ll take just a few seconds.
  7. When the installation finishes, you will see PASS! message on Odin and your device will reboot automatically. It will take a while to boot up normally.

Your Galaxy Note 8.0 has been rooted now. To confirm it open the app drawer and look for a new app called “SuperSU” there. If you wish to verify root access on your device, you can download the Root Checker app from Google Play.

Root Checker
joeykrim Tools Free

Installing CWM Recovery on Galaxy Note 8.0:

If you also wish to install the ClockworkMod Recovery on your device, you can install it via Odin using the same steps as given above. Just do the following steps:

  1. Put the device in Download Mode again.
  2. Launch Odin3 3.07 and connect device to the computer.
  3. Click on PDA button and select the CWM recovery file with .tar extension you downloaded above.
  4. Finally, click the Start button.
  5. When you see the PASS! message and device reboots, disconnect the cable.

When the device boots up, it will also have CWM Recovery installed on it. Now are now entitled to enjoy custom ROMs, mods and app that require root access to installed. Enjoy!


  • Dave Hughes

    I’ve done both of those and I stlll get the error.

  • Amir Imran Ataupun Juntai

    Hi Rakesh, thanks for the reply, i already did the wipe cache and factory reset. later on installed back all my applications but the problem didn’t solve. Do you have any other solutions ? Actually the problem arise after kitkat update.

  • Amir Imran Ataupun Juntai

    on 15th October 2014 based on my kernel version date.

  • When did you update the device?

  • Amir Imran Ataupun Juntai

    Hi Rakesh, are you still there. I would like to ask if there’s any way to fix battery drain and cpu getting hot when playing CoC. For your information my device is GT-N5100 and updated to 4.4.2 and still not rooted. Btw i heard if you try to downgrade to jellybean, there will be problem with battery charging. Please advice and suggest to me on how to handle this problem. Thank you very much.

  • Hi, try this zip and let me know:

    In case you still get the same error, try this file using Odin:

    Let me know.

  • Tacholi Othenan

    Hi Rakesh, I have a note 8 3G, N5100. I have rooted and installed the CWM by following the steps mentioned in your guide.

    But when I am trying to flash CM 11 manually through installing from zip file it says an error message “konawifi, konaltexx, n5100, GT-N5100, konalte” device; this is GT-N5110″ and installation aborted.

    Could you help me with this issue?

  • You already have CWM installed?

  • William

    Hi Rakesh! Thanks for the guide but I got some problem. I use GT-N5120, trying to flashing CM 11 with CWM, but failed. It says, This package is for “konawifi, konaltexx, n5120, GT-N5120, konalte” device; this is GT-N5110″.

    Could you help me clear this problem? Already searching for 2 days straight but still no result 🙁

    Thanks before!

  • Actually, official CWM or TWRP Recovery is not available for this device. Just try the root method to play safe.

  • Alexandre Monteiro

    Its the gt-n5110, (wifi). Running stock 4.2.2. My country still hasn t received the 4.4.2 update.

  • No, you need not require root to flash CWM using Odin. What’s the model number of your device?

  • Alexandre Monteiro

    Thanks for the quick response! But do i need to root before installing CWM?
    And is the CWM package updated cause there is no file for the note 8 in CWM official site.

  • Hi, the root should still work but I would not recommend you installing the CWM if your device has 4.4.2.

    You can also try a newer, safer and easier method:

  • Alexandre Monteiro

    Hi Rakesh! Thanks for the guide. I just have a few questions!
    Does the root work with any version of firmware provided by samsung (ex: android 4.2.2 or 4.4.2 update)?
    Do i need to root before installing cwm??
    Can i use this version of cwm to flash the cyanogenmod rom on my note 8?

  • mustiafiz

    no bro, still have this problem. suddenly my device was open after 1 week when i dont look at its. sad. after open, few mins later it again hang/stuck then i off by power button, and again i faced that. i used all methods but i didnt used USB debugging when that off mood and so that i didnt install firmware through that steps. one thing when i using method 1/2, my device showing ‘can not wipe cache, or can not find wipe data/factory reset or can not Wipe dalvik-cache’like messages. so what will be next step for me?

  • Your problem fixed??

  • Use the steps given here and make sure not to miss anything described there:

  • mustiafiz

    its showing fail

  • mustiafiz

    how to install firmware manually after download this file from this ?

  • The method is the same buddy, just use the firmware I gave you above.

  • mustiafiz

    but its for n5100,not for 5120..

  • mustiafiz

    but this is for series GT N5100 3G, not for GT N5120 LTE…

  • mustiafiz

    i buy this from my country, Bangladesh, there have no warranty, so i have faced many problem…how can i install that?

  • Try installing the stock firmware manually. Where did you buy the device?

  • mustiafiz

    hi Rakesh bro,few days ago, i brought a “Samsung Galaxy Note
    8.0 N5120 8-inch 4G LTE”. after few days, while i was playing a racing
    game then its hang/freezing, then shut down that but it didn’t open
    again, and after then it opened in safe mood. but next day, i had got
    the same problem. and had shown it don’t open from its last location or
    no cache files, reboot it or reset (shown those via pressed on power
    button+volume plus) like that. then,
    i went to general service center, where they reinstalled OS, but they didn’t
    opened it. how can i solve that problem, could you please help me by any guideline?

  • Guest

    hi Rakesh bro,few days ago, i brought a “Samsung Galaxy Note
    8.0 N5120 8-inch 4G LTE”. after few days, while i was playing a racing
    game then its hang/freezing, then shut down that but it didn’t open
    again, and after then it opened in safe mood. but next day, i had got
    the same problem. and had shown it don’t open from its last location or
    no cache files, reboot it or reset (shown those via pressed on power
    button+volume plus) like that. then,
    i went to general service center, where they reinstalled OS, but they didn’t
    opened it. how can i solve that problem, could you please help me by any guideline?

  • mustiafiz

    hi Rakesh bro,

    few days ago, i brought a “Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 N5120 8-inch 4G LTE”. after few days, while i was playing a racing game then its hang/freezing, then shut down that but it didn’t open again, and after then it opened in safe mood. but next day, i had got the same problem. and had shown it don’t open from its last location or no cache files, reboot it or reset (shown those via pressed on power button+volume plus) like that. then,
    i went to general service center, where they reinstalled OS, but they didn’t
    opened it. how can i solve that problem, could you please help me by any guideline? Note,

  • sunbi

    Help, please. Is it possible root with ‘framaroot’ ?
    My note 8 with 4.2.2 xse (asia region) never rooted, but when i tried the framaroot for all of the version none has work.

  • Glad to know! 🙂

  • Isaac Clarke

    now it’s finished and
    thank you so much for ur help ^_^

  • Isaac Clarke

    firmware is 1.39gb
    too big for me
    gonna take lot of time to download
    but i’ll try

  • Isaac Clarke

    root failed
    my phone is in recovery mode
    how to install original firmware on my note 8?

  • Isaac Clarke

    it didn’t not work 🙁
    any other way?

  • Isaac Clarke

    what is that? firmware?
    i’m new to this stuff

  • Download this ROM:

    Copy it to your card using a card reader or by inserting it on some other phone. Put the card in your Note 8 and then install it via recovery.

  • Isaac Clarke

    i think i delete all file on my device
    only clockmod left
    yes i huv 2gb memory card
    pls help me on this one and thank you for quick replay 🙂

  • did you delete the rom file after installing it? Which device do you have and do you have a memory card?

  • Isaac Clarke

    nothing found on my device
    it’s empty
    what do i do now?

  • I guess you still have a copy of the CM Rom zip on your device. Just wipe system, cache, cache partition and install the zip using install option.

  • Isaac Clarke

    how to reinstall the ROM ? 🙂
    thank you for replay

  • Turn off the phone, boot in CWM/TWRP recovery and restore your ROM backup or reinstall the ROM.

  • Isaac Clarke

    i accidentally format/system in clockmod
    now my note 8 won’t turn on
    what should i do?
    help me 🙂

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  • guty

    sorry but on my note 8 I can’t find the devlloper option and I have android 4.2.2
    can i still go ahead with other step?
    and since yesterday my screm is freezing and I have difficulty to get connecter via wifi
    I try the factory reset it work for like 2 hour a after the same problem can some one help me

  • alireza

    Hi there I’ve done this,but now I have some problems above them is I’ve rooted mine and I see super su but now I have a lot of problems caused here,first of all is that when I lock my screen and wanna unlock it takes a long time and after 3times unlocking my tablet doesn’t start!how can I solve this problems?Am I have too unroot?

  • Ali Kulachi

    Hello rakesh I need your help on something
    I have a n5100 tab , I rooted it fine then tried to flash a cynogen kit Kat on it, it gave me an error that its n5110 and didn’t flash it. I somehow flashed 4.3 rom on my device, now my device is converted into a n5110 with no phone dialer , am stuck with it can you help me get it back to stock ROM which I didn’t backup for some unknown reason

  • Use the online Odin with the files provided above:

  • Rich

    Does this work when I use Mac?

  • Abhinav Nair

    I deleted my phone and contacts apk.I faced the same problem which rakesh faced when flashing cm11
    .Now theres’ no way I can call using my GT-N5100.Please help!!

  • We already have a greater version than yours posted above. Try that.

  • alex

    Thanks for this answer but it does’t work. My device does not start with this CWM.
    I also looked up in but I cant find a Recovery for the Note 8 only for Note 2 and Note 10.


  • Here is the latest official CWM Touch recovery image:

    Download Flashify app from Google Play, copy the CWM image fto device, open Flashify and flash the recovery.

  • alex

    Hey Rakesh thanks for your fast reply. I’ve tried a few Roms, also other distributions like AOKP. It was in every case a similar exception. When I use the CWM the I got the exception: ~some data fault. I guess its not the CWM. Somewhere in some configuration my note 8 is set up a a N5110 and I have no idea how I can get rif of this problem. If I set it completely back to the origin setup there is no problem and my device is working fine with wifi and 3G. In some other forums I read about similar problems but no one has a valid solution. Is there a CWM which is only for the 5100 device? Or do you think a kernel update/ custom kernel could help?

    Thanks in Advance alex

  • Hi, it might be due the reason that the CWM package for N5100 and N5110 are the same. Another reason might be the wrong packaging of the ROM itself. Try some other ROM to verify.

  • alex

    Hi Rakesh,

    like your instruction a lot. But I have the problem, that I have (for sure) a GT-N5100 and in the CWM when I want to install Cyanogenmod it says This package is for “GT-N5100, kona3g, ….” ;This is a “GT-N5110”.
    So my device thinks that its a GT-N5110 …!? I don’t know what I could do. I changed the CWM from CivZ to PhilZ and I tried a few different Customer Firmwares.

    Maybe you have a hint for me.

    Best Regards,

  • Hadji Hekmat

    Work !!!!!
    Ty Bro . . . 😉

  • alpetrie1985

    Ok thank you very much!! I don’t think or know if it is lock that’s why I originally asked for help on here first. I didn’t want to start the tutorial before I had a solid answer if I had to or not. Now I know because of you that I’m fine to go on with the tutorial. Thank you sooo much for your help and time I really appreciate it A LOT!!!!

  • DroidViews

    alpetrie1985 Agree, unlocking the bootloader is a prerequisite before rooting but how did you concluded your device has a locked bootloader. To the best of my knowledge, only Sony, Nexus and HTC device come with locked bootloaders. As for Samsung, only some US carriers use this trick to prevent users from rooting the device.

    I don’t see any reason why your Note should have locked bootloader!

  • alpetrie1985

    That’s what I was referring to. That’s what made me second guess myself. Not saying anything about this tutorial is wrong. I was just thinking that unlocking the bootloader was something that is always done first and no one said anything about it because its something they just know to do. Sorry I am kind of new to tablets. I just got t this thing and am scared of ruining it.

  • alpetrie1985
    The central CF
    If you have locked bootloaders, flashing one of these will probably brick your device – with the exception of Nexus devices, which will  automatically “OEM unlock” and

  • DroidViews

    alpetrie1985 Well, I just checked Chainfire’s thread again and did not see anything like that.

  • alpetrie1985

    I hear you. I just want to root for apps that’s all and I didnt see anyone on here say anything about unlocking theirs before rooting. So I am unsure of what to do.

  • DroidViews

    If you are that sure, better not try it. Never do a thing you are doubtful about.

  • alpetrie1985

    Ok thank you and im pretty sure chainfire said to.

  • DroidViews

    alpetrie1985 Who said its bootloader is locked. All I know is you can root and install recovery using the procedure given above. And, if you got a custom recovery, there is no reason why you cannot install a ROM!

  • alpetrie1985

    I have the note 8 gt n5110 sorry for confusing you. I know I need this tutorial just wasn’t sure if I had to unlock boatloader first to root. Also if I want a custom Rom do I have to unlock the boatloader?

  • alpetrie1985

    I have the note 8 gt n5110 though.

  • DroidViews

    alpetrie1985  Try this:

  • alpetrie1985

    Thank you much for your time!!

  • alpetrie1985

    Yes it’s that one I didn’t realize the first post with it went through

  • alpetrie1985

    Ok thanks I seen people on xda s saying to unlock boatload first or you could brick it.scared me!!

  • DroidViews

    alpetrie1985 So, is it GT-P5110 then?

  • DroidViews

    alpetrie1985  Just follow the guide to root it.

  • alpetrie1985

    I’m sorry I have the gt 5110

  • alpetrie1985

    Gt n5110

  • DroidViews

    alpetrie1985 Which model do you have?

  • alpetrie1985

    @DroidViews Do I have to unlock my bootloader before doing this tutorial?

  • Chris

    Thank you!

  • It usually takes about 2-4 minutes. Your device is stuck on bootscreen and to restore it to normal state, you will have install a fresh firmware:

  • Chris

    Under step 7 you say “It will take a while to boot up normally.” How long is “a while”
    I followed all of the instructions step by step but I am concerned because there seems to be no progress after the reboot. I am still seeing the screen that says “Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 GT-N5110”

  • Hi, I have heard of a mod that lets install apps to SD by default, but for that you’ll have to be rooted.

  • Rich Hill

    Thanks for all your help. Can I ask you another question. Maybe you can direct me the right direction. Just like everyone else I’m trying to find a sure way to transfer or have my downloaded apps directly to my SD card which was the only reason why I rooted. I did the Internal/SD swap, it seemed to work at first, then my Note 8 started to say I was out of space with 9GiGs SD still available. Thanks for even looking at my replys. Take it easy..

  • Sometimes it happens. Boot device into CWM and if it is working, there is nothing to worry.

  • Rich Hill

    I got both done with ease. Thanks. I do have a 1 question. Turning the device on, holding Volume up and power shows CWM is installed. But Rom manager does not seem to pick it up. It tells me to install it, but doesnt have the note 8 as an option. Is there something I can do. Thanks..

  • Sreenivasan Subramaniam

    Thanks…It is written as for 5110, I hope this is compatible with 5100. ?.

  • Sreenivasan Subramaniam

    Purchased new n 5100 yesterday morning 11 am, rooted at 8.30 p.m due to ur good advice , installed triangle away after root..A must software…What about update from 4.1.2 jb to 4.2.2..Thanks in advance

  • Congrats!

  • Sreenivasan Subramaniam

    Thank you…Mission success….your commands were SUPERB

  • Gustavo García Orellana

    With root and clean data and cache doesn’t work the Samsung apps, because detect the access the root file and closed

  • Good. Try another workaround too. Open Settings> Application Manager> All. Select the Reader Hub app and clear app data and cache. Let me know.

  • Gustavo García Orellana

    The Samsung applications aren’t work with ‘access the root file’, so the reader hub app doesn’t work, but i get the solution for to avoid lose the root. Only with superuser app, there is an option that allows tempory unroot and all works again.thats all, thanks again for the tutorial and the interest.
    Thanks from Chile.

  • What error are you getting?

  • Gustavo García Orellana

    Hi. First thanks for the tutorial. I have a question, i did just root with this method, leave stock rom, kernel and recovery, but now i cant use reader hub, so i want unroot my device, i can?

    Galaxy GTN-5110 4.1.2
    PD: Sorry for my english

  • TMC

    Thanks and it did!

  • Yes, it will work.

  • TMC

    Great instructions! I used CF-Auto Root on my GTN 5110 running Jellybean 4.2.1. However, I’ve since upgrade Jellybean 4.2.2 (manually) and of course, lost my root. Question is: Will CF-Auto Root for GTN 5110 work with 4.2.2? Thank you in advance!

  • KXM

    Ok thanks anyway, great tutorial

  • Sorry, I did not find any link to the original firmware in the tutorial above.

  • KXM

    A link to download a file with the original firmware for the N5100. Sorry if it’s a real newbie question, this is the first time I’m attempting this.

  • What do you mean?

  • KXM

    Hello, I don’t suppose you have a reliable link. I presume I do this through download and Odin?


  • KXM

    Thanks for the (extremely!) speedy reply, I will go ahead and root it as soon as I receive it.

  • Yes, you can do it. The best way it to install the official firmware back.

  • KXM

    Hi, great, very clear instructions thanks. Just wondering if the rooting is reversible