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Automatically Respond to Calls or Messages from Almost Any App with Can’t Talk

In a meeting, driving, clambering up a mountain face, in a library - it is almost an endless list when you consider the places no very convenient for taking a phone call or replying...
Transfer Files from Android to iOS Using AnyTrans

Easily Transfer Files from Android to iOS Using AnyTrans

In general, both new Apple users and those who migrate from the Android ecosystem, both rely on the iTunes software for their file management, backup, and other needs. While it is arguably a good...
WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Review: Rip DVD Videos Easily with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Remember those days where people used to buy compact disks and DVDs with their favorite songs and movies? In fact, back then, CDs were the only means people could share and transfer data. But,...

Briar Messaging App Uses Tor Network to Keep Your Conversations Private

There are already many messengers out there in the world, and quite a few of them support an end to end chat encryption. This ensures that only you and the person you're talking to...
Watch New Short Indie Films Daily With

Watch New Short Indie Films Daily With Viddsee Android App

Big budget blockbusters are fun, they are. There's nothing like watching someone with a red cape flying around on the screen, making you believe a man can fly. But then, there are also movies...

The Dark Knight: Online Slot Review

Source: The Dark Knight Slot via Facebook For Batman fans who are still aching from the announcement that Rocksteady Games will not be continuing their Batman: Arkham series, there are still plenty of other ways...

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