LG Optimus G and LG Nexus 4 are two different but yet very similar devices, they match with the hardware in  most aspects  but differ in several other things including Body Design, User Interface and Chipsets.

Being a LG Optimus G owner is definitely a proud feeling but the only part that might bore you sometimes is its UI, while the Nexus series phone from the same manufacturer has a truly beautiful UI, which looks much more Interactive. If you’re a fan of the stock Google UI, then you just might be interested in this MOD maintained by XDA member rohan32. Lets now begin with Introducing with what this MOD actually do, It simply converts your Optimus G to Nexus 4. Below is the detailed info on its operation and working.



DroidViews or any of its members are not responsible for any kind of damage to your device. Perform all the actions at your own understanding and risk.

How does this MOD works?

The MOD tends to remap all your Optimus G partitions, overwrite all the AT&T carrier files and bootloader with pure Nexus stuff. To cut it short, it simply replaces and adds all the the Nexus 4 8GB related files to your LG Optimus G. making it a complete Nexus 4 but just with a different hardware look. This MOD will enable its users to flashing any Nexus 4 files including ROMs, Recovery, Kernel and mods to the MOD enabled Optimus G and even the Stock AOSP ROM by Google.  Astounded, right? I’m pretty sure that anyone would be.


  1. To make LTE work, flash AT&T modem
  2. Volume buttons are reversed after this MOD (vol. up is actually vol. down and vol. down is actually vol. up)
  3. SD card has mounting problems
  4. Only 8GB space is available
  5. No capacitve buttons, on-screen buttons are to be used

Few Notes

  • You may flash any Nexus 4 ROM, Recovery, Kernel or MOD but with limitations mentioned above.
  • Flashing a kernel is no harm, but few tested kernels have some touch issues.


For Installation Instructions, downloads and ways to revert this MOD, visit the source thread at XDA. Workarounds or future bug fixes for this MOD shall be found on the same thread.

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