The Meizu Mx M9 has a very pretty user interface and it is the reason for its popularity among mobile phone users. There have been a number of attempts to copy the look and feel of its UI to iOS, Symbian and Android by theme-developers. Here is another attempt by a Chinese guy named Chenziyou who has modified several elements of the Meizu Mx M9 theme old versions and combined them in a new whole.

The Meizu Mx M9 theme is compatible with all Android phones running  MIUI ICS and JB. The theme features a beautiful lockscreen with the finish of the original. Slide the lock button up to unlock the phone and the phone and MMS icons to quickly open relevant apps. There is a 3D digital clock on the homescreen is not a part of the theme. I do have the widget on my PC but I will later add it here. The original icons from Meizu Mx M9 phone make the theme more resembling the original. Download and copy the mtz to MIUI/Theme folder on SD Card and apply from Themes app.


The theme also come with 7 fresh wallpapers in HDPI (960 x 800 px) resolution. Extract the zip and copy the images to the Image folder and apply from the Gallery app.