LG P500 Best ICS ROMs Series- Part 5


5. AOKP – Android Open Kang Project



AOKP – One word says it all. Android open kang project. Highly customizable, infinitely awesome, uber-cool and, as always, fast. Also , its clean.  Customized to best of your battery and performance needs. here are the notable features:

Features :

  • customizable status bar
  • brightness slider in status bar
  • custom clock color , right, center, disable.
  • Nav bar possibility.
  • Very customizable lockscreen with even messaging widget.
  • Battery icon/colour picker
  • native LCD density changing possible.
  • Facebook contact sync integration !!!
  • Weather panel on status bar / lockscreen
  • customizable carrier text
  • Navigation bar color picker/transpareny/button glow duration/reorder/hide on lockscreen
  • traditional and new toggle widget layout in status bar.
  • Awesomeness !
  • Panorama works !


  • More or less same bugs/awesome-ness as CM9 plus other exclusive goodies.
  • Soooooo…. nothing really ! 😀

Whatcha waiting for? I know you cant wait to try this sexy lady out, so go on, do her justice !



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