Hello people!

We all know MIUI and we equally love it but not all devices are lucky enough to get official MIUI support, especially MDPI/LDPI devices like Optimus One.

So being a huge fan, I stepped forward and gave a hit to the port. This post is being written to make you guys aware of the current status of the ROM. The ROM has been namedOpti-MIUI V4(as suggested by Raakaysh).

Before heading forward, I would love to thank raakaysh for his amazing work on my ROM’s banner. Indeed, you can have a look at it on my XDA thread.

For now, I have managed to boot the ROM successfully after fixing a lot of framework errors.


Base MIUI ROM:  Nexus S (Crespo) MiuiAndroid.com v2.8.3


Here is what left to do:

  • Fix Black Bar On Notification Dropdown
  • Fix superuser script
  • Fix theme issues
  • Fix UMS


The current ETA for the ROM’s first beta build arrival is 12 August 2012.

I hope I will get enough support from the users.

Any feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated, just comment and express your valuable feelings.