LG Optimus G System Dump: Stock Wallpapers, Tones and Apps


LG’s latest flagship the Optimus G is a powerhouse stuffed with a bunch of unique features. It’s amazing specs make it at once a worthy opponent to Samsung Galaxy S3. It has not been very long since the Optimus G showed its face to world. When I had first seen the leaked picture of the device, I started pining to have its stock wallpapers on my SGS3. Thanks to Chris from the Android Source forum for making the system dump of the Optimus G available to us. You can download the whole system dump in one zip file, or the stock wallpapers, sounds and apps separately.

Coming to the wallpapers, the LG Optimus G has some of the best stock wallpapers I have ever seen. There are 26 awesome wallpapers in HD quality with  1536×1280 px size. The sounds package contains 34 fresh ringtones along-with notification, UI, and alarm tones.


LG Optimus G Wallpapers


LG Optimus G Sounds


LG Optimus G Default Apps

LG Optimus G System Dump



  • We do not have the files any more. Sorry!

  • Ahmed

    please respond

  • Ahmed

    hey. the download links are dead. Can you please help ? I really need these.

  • You can only get LG launcher app but not all its features.

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    How to install the LG G feature on Samsung note?