iPhone 4 (3D Icons) Theme for MIUI V4/JB (Translated)


I have posted quite a number of iPhone themes for MIUI V4 in the past made by different theme-makers. Yet I decided to post this theme because of two reasons: (1) it is better that other V4 iPhone themes, and (2) it is fully compatible with all HDPI and XHDPI devices. The theme runs well on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, Galaxy Note, and so on. The theme has been made by World 12345 from the Chinese forum.

The theme has a  iOS classical style lockscreen. On the homescreen you will see a good-looking analog clock and 3D icons that are superbly done. Not that these icons are new, but this theme has about two sets of icons for HDPI and XHDPI resolutions with 750 icons each. The dialer again is very neat and so is the overall graphical user interface that gives a perfect iOS feel and experience on your Android device with MIUI ICS/JB ROM.

Needless to say, I have translated this theme into English. Previously, there were some Chinese texts on the LS, contacts and messaging app.

iPhone 4 (3D Icons) V4