Sony Xperia Z3 was Sony’s second flagship for 2014. All in all a great device for the time but it is no slouch today either even as it is reaching towards its 3rd year since launch. The device has also been showered love by Sony with two full version Android updates. The Xperia Z3 was also all set to receive its third full version Android upgrade to Nougat, however, thanks to some Google mess, not only the Z3 but also the Nexus 5 couldn’t officially get updated. If you’re a Z3 user, now is not very late to root your device and travel the dark side. Here we will show you how to root Sony Xperia Z3 running on the official Marshmallow firmware from Sony and install a custom recovery on the device.


  • Xperia Z3 running the official Android 6.0.x from Sony. (.575 or .291 firmware)
  • Enabled USB debugging
  • A PC
  • Unofficial Sony flashtool by Androxyde. If you don’t have it, you can download it from here. In case you have no clue about how to set up the flashtool, follow our guide here after you have downloaded it.
  • ADB installed. In case you don’t have ADB installed, take a look at our guide here.

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As always, you must understand the rooting process for an Android device, no matter how simple or easy, involves risks. You might end up with a bricked device, and DroidViews does not take any responsibility for it.


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Root Sony Xperia Z3

  1. The process described here is valid for Xperia Z3 variants – D6603, D6653, D6633, D6646 and D6643.
  2. In case you are running the latest Marshmallow firmware, that is the .291 firmware, you will need to flash the kernel from .575 kernel.
  3. Download the correct .575 kernel for your device.
  4. Rename the .zip to .ftf and transfer the file to C:\Users\yourusername\.flashTool\firmwares\
  5. Click the flash icon and select flashmode.
  6. Select the kernel from the list of flashable firmwares. Once the kernel is flashed, click on the flash icon  and select flashmode.
  7. Select the kernel file from the displayed list and click Flash. Once the kernel is flashed, close flashtool. If you get a “loader.sin” error when flashing a kernel FTF, unplug the phone and try again. It should work after that.
  8. Power On your phone.
  9. We’d suggest that at this point, you restart your PC just to make sure all instances of flashtool and the ADB interface are closed.
  10. When your PC starts again, connect your Xperia Z3 to it again normally.
  11. Extract the recovery tool ( into a separate folder.
  12. Open the folder and double-click on install.bat
  13. If everything goes well, your phone should soon boot into the TWRP custom recovery.
  14. When in the recovery, flash the SuperSU zip like any other flashable zip.
  15. Once you’re done flashing SuperSu, don’t select Reboot System yet.
  16. Go back to the main TWRP menu and select Reboot>Bootloader.
  17. Now open flashtool again.
  18. This time flash the .291 kernel for your device also available for download above. Make sure you rename the .zip at the end to .ftf
  19. Disconnect and reboot your device now.

Your Xperia Z3 should now boot up and you should find the SuperSU app in your app drawer. When you want to reboot into recovery again, just reboot your device and press the Volume down button when the LED turns green.

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