Download Transparent and Blacked Out Google Apps on Your Android Phone


We always say that the world of Android is one of possibilities— you wish a thing and you get it! We have thousands of modders and developers who work hard ceaselessly to come up with stuff that make our devices more functional, feature-rich and even more beautiful. It was just yesterday when the new Google Play Store app (v.4.0.25) popped up and now it has been modded and themed black.

The Play Store is just one such app but you can now have all Google apps in blacked out and transparent style on your phone. The apps have been modded by XDA senior member B-boy™ who has been inverting Google Apps for more than two years. We appreciate this guy for his constant importunity to keep all inverted Google Apps to the latest version. The apps look so beautiful with black background that it might make anyone wonder why Google does not officially make its apps dark.

To be able to face the dark beauty of  blacked out Google apps on your Android, you must have a rooted device with a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP installed on it. While some of these apps can be installed as normal Apk files, there are others that require to be flashed via ClockworkMod Recovery.


Here are installation instructions for specific Google apps. Download the blacked out or transparent apps according to your preference and install as directed.

Play Store:

Play Store  4.2.3

Play Store 4.1.6


Download the zip file and boot into recovery and flash it. Using a root file explorer, go to system/app folder and make sure that the Play Store app  is named as “phonesky.apk”  instead of  “vending.apk”. Rename it if needed. Then reboot into recovery mode and flash the zip downloaded from here.

Google Hangouts:

Hangouts (replaces Talk)


Download the zip file, boot phone  into recovery and flash it. In case the app does not show up in the app drawer after installing, flash the NO_MANIFEST zip first. The boot the phone and check that Talk is installed. If it is there flash the “BlackTalk” via  recovery and boot the device.


Gmail 4.5.2



Uninstall old Gmail app and then  install it as a normal Apk file.

Email Android 4.2.2:

Email Jelly Bean  4.2.2

Google Chrome:

Chrome   27.0.1453.90

Play Music:

Play Music  5.0.1053



Uninstall Google Play Music app first and then  install it as a normal Apk file.

Google Play Movies:

Google Play Movies & TV  2.5.22



Flash both zips.

Google Search/ Google Now:

Google Now  2.6.7



Uninstall Velvet.apk or GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk from system/app and reboot first, then install the Apk.



Uninstall your old YouTube.apk and install this one. If your YouTube is in System/app, uninstall it, reboot first and install the Apk.

Google Currents:


Uninstall your old Currents.apk first and install this

Google Translate:



Uninstall old Translate.apk first and install it.

Google Voice:


Uninstall the old Voice.apk first and install it.

Google Drive :



Uninstall old Drive.apk.. and then install the Apk from here.

Google Keep:

Keep  1.0.79

Uninstall the stock version from the market first, and then flash it via recovery.

Google Books:

Google Books 2.8.69

Google Calendar:

Google Calendar 201305280

Calender Android 4.2.2:

Jelly Bean Calendar  4.2.2

Google Settings:

Download the zip file and boot into recovery and flash it.

Google Maps:

Maps   6.14.4 


Uninstall your old Maps.apk and then install it like a normal app.

blacked out google apps 2

Installation Instructions:

As you know most of these are system apps, you would not find the “Uninstall” option for them. To uninstall them use a root file manager app, go to system/app folder, find the target file, tap and hold it and select “uninstall” or “delete” option.

To flash the apps via CWM recovery, use the following steps:

  1. Download the zip file and copy it to your phone’s SD Card.
  2. Turn off the device and boot it into ClockworkMod recovery mode.
  3. Do not forget to backup your current ROM, using “backup and restore” option,  before flashing anything on your phone.
  4. Go to “install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard” and select the file you want to install.
  5. When the installation is done, go to “advanced” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  6. Finally reboot device using “reboot system now” option.

Enjoy the dark flavor of your favorite Google apps and do not forget to share with us how do they taste to you!

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  • Hi, the developer has stopped working on the project.

  • disqus_1VFCYaaz4m

    why is there no more update to these? and why don’t all apps have black background? so stupid for not having the option to set black background!

  • Which ROM are you using?

  • disqus_Jy78PoGVSd

    Deleted velvet apk. Still have Google now. Can’t install black Google now or reinstall velvet. Please help!

  • anurag saikia

    I cant install Black Chrome on sgs3 running on cm11 m7………. Please help

  • anurag saikia

    I cant install Black Chrome on sgs3 running on cm11 m7

  • Download this app and update the calendar to the latest version. This might fix the issue.

  • jarmatic

    The Calendar App installed perfectly but it will not connect to google servers to get my google calendar information. Any suggestions?

  • Cool… Thanks!

  • Can these apps then be updated via the play store directly? Or do we have to download them each time from here/ another website

  • How come the Gmail only shows the inbox blacked out but the messages you receive are still in normal Gmail colors?

  • Marcelino Pérez

    It’s working on my Galaxy S3 !! o/ tks!!

  • Yeah, it’s just Google Now

  • Are the other apps working for you and the problem only relates to Google Now?

  • My S3i9300 won’t let me uninstall GoogleQuickSearchBox.Apk…I’ve tried closing etc still no go. Even tried uninstalling all apps tied in with it. I’m on Android 4.2.2.