Install Android Revolution HD ROM on HTC One M8


The scene over the One M8’s XDA forums is heating up with the release of the first Custom ROM for the HTC One M8. The honors have been done by the Android Revolution HD ROM on HTC One M8. And we’ll help you to Install Android Revolution HD ROM on HTC One M8.

About the ROM

The Android Revolution HD ROM is an highly enhanced and improved version of the device’s stock ROM. It is unimaginably fast, solid stable and clean, giving your device a great boost. It is based on Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) and latest official HTC One 1.54.401.5  firmware. Some major outlined features include Root access, Removed bloatware Apps, BusyBox, Complete GPU rendering, partition tweaks, zipaligned, de-odexed, init.d script support, Adobe Flash Player and much more. The ROM is based on Stock Kernel.  Apart from these, you get a large list of features that are unnoticed to eyes, just install the ROM figure ’em out.

As per the ROM users, this Custom ROM has made their devices super fast, smooth and lag-free, giving out the better battery life.


DroidViews or any of its community member shall not be held responsible for any damage to your device. Understand the risk of Installing a Custom ROM and then proceed further.


Before you go any further, there are a few tasks that you need to complete. The first of which is to unlock your device’s bootloader, next is to Install TWRP recovery on your M8. Both of these could be done by following the guides below.

How to Unlock HTC One M8 Bootloader (All variants)

How to Root and Install TWRP on HTC One M8

Install Android Revolution HD ROM on HTC One M8

  1. Download the ROM flashable zip file:
  2. Connect your device to the PC via USB cable
  3. Transfer the ROM zip file to the external storage
  4. Disconnect the device
  5. Power it off.
  6. Boot into HBOOT mode by pressing Volume down and Power buttons altogether. Using the volume keys highlight Recovery and select it using the power button.
  7. Your M8 will boot into TWRP recovery mode.
  8. Tap on Wipe > Advanced Wipe
  9. Check Dalvik Cache, System, Cache and Data. Make sure everything else is unchecked and swipe the button at the bottom to wipe.
  10. Once done, go back to the TWRP main screen.
  11. Tap on Install, browse to the location where the ROM zip file was placed and select the
  12. Swipe the button at the bottom to start the flashing process.
  13. Once the process is complete. Tap on Reboot and then System.

Your HTC One M8 will boot into the new Android Revolution HD custom ROM. Let us know about the ROM has affected your device via the comments. Also visit the XDA thread for user-support. Your feedback is valuable to us.

  • GS Grewal

    Hi, I have tried to install android revolution on my Verizon Htc One M8 but after successful installation when I click on reboot system, it ask me your phone doesn’t seems to be rooted and do you want to install superSU which will root your device? I have tried both (swipe to install) and (don’t install) after which my phone reboot and stuck on the white screen which says HTC powered by android and nothing happens after it. Please help..

  • We’ve conveyed your concern to the developer.

  • Luai Alaghbri

    please fix sprint for us

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  • Konok Das

    Sir Plz help me,

  • Konok Das

    Sir, I have download latest update of super su and install the rom, then install super su, but not done i takes same issue, after install done, it goes to bootloader, i have install twrp version, what is the problem? why it not install on M8 Sprint HK? Plz Help me…

  • Okay. Do this: copy the ROM file to the external micro SD, download the latest Update file from Chainfire’s site and copy it to the sd card too.

    Now reboot the device into the recovery mode, wipe data, cache, dalvik and system, the install the rom file. When the rom is installed, install the SuperSU zip file too. Then reboot the device.

  • Konok Das

    When installation done, after reboot it gose to bootloader continously, my phone software version is 3.30.654.2, plz help me sir, i want to use this rom, because this rom is so nice, plz explain me how can i install this rom on my phone

  • What issues are you getting?

  • Konok Das

    this rom not working on my htc m8 sprint, plz explain how to install the rom on my htc m8 sprint

  • kenneth yashim

    Please i need help,, while flashing android revolution hd one m8 45.0.758ff1 via TWRP,

  • Jnoon312

    Thank you

  • No need to return to stock, You can flash the ROM right away!

  • Jnoon312

    I already have cyanogenmod on my m8. Can i install this or do i have to put a stock rom on my phone first?

  • Yes.

  • Antonio Eguia

    Does this work for an m8 at&t?

  • Yes, it works on all models. You’ll have to select your phone model while installing the ROM.

  • jesus

    will it work on sprint

  • Yes, it should be over 1GB.

  • annon

    you needed to switch fastboot off hd this issue myself and make sure debugging is on

  • annon

    should my file size download for the revolution rom be 1.4gb

  • Hmm, I guess you installed version 21 (4.4.4) which has this issue. Try this (4.4.3)

  • Georges Haddad

    ok I installed it but I lost wifi, what shoud I do? is there any other zip file to add for the install so that my wifi is back?

  • No, you’ll not lose root or custom recovery.

  • Georges Haddad

    if my M8 is rooted will I lose the root???

  • أيمن الكيلاني

    Does it work with m7 ??

  • disqus_t0VTQiJSzj

    It doesn’t support Sprint or Verizon yet.

  • Yes, you need to install the Xposed framework in Framework option and reboot the device, and then activate the Sense 6 Toolboox from Modules.

  • Chris

    You also have to make sure that the Xposed framewrok is installed and updated. Sense 6 toolbox will not work until that is done. I ran into the same problem.

  • Sense 6 is still in alpha phase but it works. I am sure about the T-Mobile M8.

  • Matthew Koenes

    I installed this on my t-mobile htc one m8 and none of the sense 6 toolbox options are working. I changed nearly every setting in it and nothing has changed at all. I saved my changes rebooted my phone and turned it off and on and still nothing. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Download the ViperOne ROM and install it:

  • Joshua Schroeder

    Is there a v method that does.

  • No.

  • Joshua Schroeder

    Does this work for an m8 on Verizon network?

  • Michael Bull

    That’s what I figured as well, someone did link to another post talking about Hboot but it did not make too much sense to me, could there be something wrong with my hboot that needs to be updated? This is way above me, hopefully more info will come out regarding my issue. Don’t want to brick this phone trying things I know nothing about. Thank you for taking the time!

  • If your phone is running stock ROM, it definitely has Sprint boot.img on it.

  • Michael Bull

    See link above

  • Michael Bull

    Can’t get this to work on my Sprint M8, after flashing the Rom, all appears to be fine, message says successful but when I try to reboot, it just brings be back to the Fastboot time after time where I have to go back and re-install my back-up. Can’t quite figure out what I am doing wrong. Think I followed all of the steps but no luck. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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