Install Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Firmware on Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H


Samsung launched the Galaxy Grand series years ago to especially for the emerging markets where people prefer smartphones with a big screen, decent hardware specs but at an affordable price. Many years have gone by and the Grand line is still here with more choices to attract more customers. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is a mid-range phone that was released back in September 2014 with Android 4.4.4 KitKat out of the box.

The phone did not witness any major OS upgrade since it’s release, but Samsung seems to have kept its promise of upgrading the phone’s software to Android Lollipop. If you own the Galaxy Grand Prime with model number SM-G530H and have been waiting for the sweetest take on Android, that is Lollipop, you finally have a reason to rejoice.

The Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update for the Grand Prime (SM-G530H) is finally out and available for download. We probably don’t need to tell you that Lollipop is a very big update that brings a completely new user interface with a lot of tweaks and changes. Having updated your Grand Prime to the latest software, you would enjoy faster performance and better battery life.


The firmware installation procedure described below has been tested successfully, but it does not necessarily mean that it’s 100% safe. Make sure to follow the given steps carefully and don’t hesitate to clear any doubts before proceeding. Just a reminder, we won’t be responsible for any mishap so jump into things at your own liability.


  • Download Odin 3.09 or 3.10.7 from here and extract the zip.
  • Download and install the latest Samsung USB Drivers or Kies on your computer.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Grand Prime. You can find a detailed tutorial for the same here.
  • Charge your device to ensure 60% battery juice at least.
  • Since you might need to perform a data factory reset after installing the Lollipop firmware for better performance, it’s a good idea to backup all important data before attempting the installation.

Download Lollipop Firmware for Grand Prime SM-G530H

The firmware provided below is originally meant for Russian users but because it’s unbranded and contains many languages including English, it can be installed on any Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H that is not locked to a network operator. More firmwares will be added as they come!



Mexico (Telcel):



Russia:  |  Mirror Link

India:  |  Mirror Link







Saudi Arabia:

United Arab Emirates:


South Africa:





Nigeria: | Mirror

Install Lollipop Firmware on Grand Prime

  1. Download the firmware and extract the Zip to get the firmware file with .tar.md5 extension.
  2. Turn off your Galaxy Grand Prime and boot it into the Download Mode by pressing the Volume Down+Home+Power buttons simultaneously for 2-3 seconds. When you see the warning screen with yellow exclamation mark, press the Volume Up key to enter the Download Mode.
  3. Now launch the Odin tool as administrator and then connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable provided with your device.
  4. When Odin detects your phone, the ID:COM port on Odin will turn blue and you will see “Added!” text in Odin’s message box.odin-3.10.6-firmware-flash
  5. Now click the AP button and add the firmware file (G530HXXU2BOH5_G530HSER2BOH5_SER.tar.md5) to it.
  6. Click the Options tab on Odin and check Auto-Reboot and F. Reset Time. These options and enabled in Odin by default, so all you need to do it is to make sure that they are checked.
  7. You are now all set to go. Just click the Start button on Odin to trigger the firmware installation. It might take a few minutes before the installation completes, so wait patiently.odin-3.10.6-firmware-installation-pass
  8. When the firmware installation completes, you’ll see PASS! message on Odin. It’s the green signal that indicates a successful installation. In case you get Fail! message, make sure you have gone through the preparations carefully. You can also try rebooting your PC and phone and a different USB cable and port. You can also refer to our exhaustive guide on firmware installation using Odin.
  9. Anyway, your Galaxy Grand Prime will reboot automatically and when it boots up, you’ll be greeted by Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

Done! In case you face issues like buggy performance, error with network connectivity, device overheat or battery drain, you should try a data/factory reset via stock recovery. If you don’t know how to do it, head over to our detailed tutorial on the procedure.

Want to Root Your Grand Prime SM-G530H?

Root Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H and Install TWRP Recovery

  • Hi, I think you may not be pressing the key combination appropriately.

  • Ilaiya Thalapathy Rockz

    Hi sir im doing successfully install lollipop with odin and i get pass with green signal in samsung G530H with india firmware bt still cant boot up , what i do? and then vol up +home+power key is not working

  • Java World

    Hey can I update SM-G530H kitkat
    To lollipop baseband version G530HXXU1ANIJ

  • Is you phone, carrier branded?

  • Jhorz Manuel

    pano po mag upgrdae to lolipop ver.?

  • jhovy

    @DroidViews:disqus hey answer me please thanks

  • jhovy

    how to upgrade my g530hxcu1aod1kitakat version 4.4.4 to lollipop? im from philippines thanks

  • mcraffy

    What firmware should I use ? please help. im from philippines
    Baseband :G530HXCU1AOD1
    unlock phone.
    i want to upgrade my kitkat 4.4.4 to lollipop 5.0.2. please help. i know the upgrading procedure but i dont know the firmware to use. Im abit scared that i might brick my phone.

  • mcraffy

    pwede bato sa grand prime duos ko?
    baseband: G530HXCU1AOD1

  • Dada Fermalino

    ito pre sundin mo mas ok to pinoy room to, ito sinunod ko naka lollipop na Grand prime ko

  • Install using Odin.

  • I am from India and it works for me. It works in all European countries and Americas.

  • Edrianne Gubar

    Hi, natry mo na sayo yung kies 3?

  • Dada Fermalino

    Sa mga pinoy jan update nyo lang sa kies 3 phone nyo ok na, no need pa ng maraming process

  • Dada Fermalino

    Hindi ata pede pag sa pinas, dami ko na hinanap na site about sa baseband version ng Ph wala ako nakita na pede upgrade yung ganyan ata version ang una labas ng grand prime

  • Dada Fermalino

    i’m afraid to do this, it might brick my phone

  • hopeton

    Hi Rajesh how is going man haven’t talk to you in a long while. Any ways here goes
    I have the Samsung galaxy s8+ duos , the firmware is uae version and the model is sm-955fd, am not seeing the Samsung pay app. Could you please tell me which other countries firmware could I use. Am in Jamaica. Thanks

  • Philboy

    Dude any update about my problem? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Hold the power button until it reboots.

  • Rynhrd

    sorry I’ve tried and this not work. another obstacle is each of the choose safe mode my screen is blank black. however the screen remains lit.

  • Perform a data factory reset first:

    Then install the Lollipop firmware again.

  • Rynhrd

    Hello I am from Indonesia. the baseband of my samsung is: G530HXXU2AOD1
    I have a problem, everytime i upgrade from android 4.4 Kitkat to android 5.0 manually (download) or via odin, my screen is always blank gray. But when I downgrade to version 4.4 my screen returns to normal. What is this constraint firmware or hardware.
    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (Dual Sim).

  • Where are you from?

  • Krhyz Lozano

    Hi, the baseband of my samsung is: G530HDDU2AOA1
    And I can not update for OTA because it has root.
    I have android 4.4 KitKat and I want to upgrade to Lollipop 5.0
    Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime (Dual Sim)

  • 4G compatibility is a device-specific feature. If you had 4G on the Kitkat 4.4.4 firmware, you will be able to enjoy it on 5.0.2 Lollipop too.

  • Idowu Adedayo

    Please I just wanted to know if Samsung galaxy grandprime SM-G530H with 5.0.2 has 4G network?
    U can reply me on this email:
    from Nigeria
    Thanks sir

  • Akid

    sir, my problem are the same to. my reigon is vietnam.. did i need to download this firmware to? but that firmware reigon

  • Joseph Gagtan

    Hi i’ve tried 5.0.2 INS firmware, flashing was successful but it only shows black screen after rebooting. Can you help me.

  • Hi, I just checked it but did not find the firmware for your carrier. Anyway, you can check for the update’s availability yourself using this tool:

  • Philboy

    Sir may i know if when will i get an update for my problem?

  • spongkloinks

    please refer a firmware im from philippines

  • Where are you from?

  • Menggay041514 041514

    How to update my grandprime duos? Last week i’ll try to update my grandprime and when done to install and restart i scroll the menu so slow? Please help me.

  • Philboy

    Ok thanks sir 🙂

  • Your phone is carrier-branded and that’s why you can’t install any other firmware. You should wait.

  • Philboy

    Mine’s not working too please help me sir Rakesh. I’m from Philippines.
    Samsung grand prime duos
    Baseband version: G530HXCU1AOD1
    SIM: Globe/Smart

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    I already tried Indonesia and Uruguay. Not working 🙁

  • US JAN

    sir rakesh please read my comments and help me

  • US JAN

    please refer a firmware to me that works for my phone. i am in pakistan now

  • US JAN

    sir rakesh please help me

  • US JAN

    i am in pakistan now. i tried to upgrade my phone but that was of vitenam firmware. the upgrade completed but now my phone do not work. only this image is shown…

  • US JAN

    sir i am from pakistan my phone is sim uinlocked.. please refer the upgrade to me

  • Since you phone’s model number is SM-G530H and it’s SIM-unlocked too, you can install the lollipop firmwre.
    Try this firmware:

  • Oversoul Toinkz

    Philippines sir.

  • Where are you from?

  • Oversoul Toinkz

    can i use this to my grand prime duos SM-G530H?i tried to find update for my duos but only Samsung Galaxy Grand prime (No Duos) is always appear on google so i wonder if its fine to use this since my duos is also SM-530H same from above

    basedband : g530hxcu1aod1
    4.4 kitkat and SIM Unlock

  • Where are toy from and which firmware did you install?

  • Wael Elmansy

    in the first pic again

  • The device is still stuck on the boot screen?

  • Wael Elmansy
  • Wael Elmansy

    i restart my device and it not open again
    it open only page this page

  • Yes.

  • Ahmed1234 Hanafi12

    I can Installer lolibob sm-g530hddu2AOA1

  • Ananthu Kaladharan

    please help me sir

  • Prosper Oghenemene Olomu

    Sir thank u… Working fine….. God bless u

  • Prosper Oghenemene Olomu

    Ok.. Thanks

  • Here’s the Lollipop firmware for Nigeria:

    It’ll install successfully. Try it and let me know.

  • Prosper Oghenemene Olomu

    Sir I really want to upgrade my O.S

  • Prosper Oghenemene Olomu


  • Where are you from?

  • Prosper Oghenemene Olomu


  • Is your phone, SIM-locked?

  • Prosper Oghenemene Olomu
  • Since your phone is SIM locked, you should not try to install any other firmware and wait for the official update from your operator.

  • Johncarlo Cantos

    I try Malaysian firmware sir but its fail

  • Johncarlo Cantos

    Sir how about my device i have a same BASEBAND but my network is only for globe? what can you recommend to do? Thank you sir

  • Can you show me the Odin screenshot?

  • Prosper Oghenemene Olomu

    Hello Sir! I tried the Germany firmware and it failed… Which one do you recommend

  • Ananthu Kaladharan

    no sir i am not able to get to the Recovery mode.Recovery mode is not working.. only Download mode works in which i can flash another firmware..please help me sir..i would like to update my OS to me sir

  • Prosper Oghenemene Olomu

    Hello! My baseband version is G530HXCU1ANL4.. I downloaded the Germany firmware, should I proceed with the upgrade?

  • There may a a hardware issue but try a data factory reset:

    It might fix the problem.

  • Ananthu Kaladharan

    Sir please Help me.My current OS is kitkat.when i flashed using odin samsaung logo appears then white lines will come and fully covers the screen with white lines.then screen goes black and device restarts..Sir please help me which firmware should i download
    my baseband version : G530HDDU2AOA1

    please help me sir..


    Hello Sir. i want to upgrade my current O.S. to Lollipop. Grand Prime SM-G530H.
    Baseband is G530HXXU2AOD1 what firmware should i download ? (what country)
    Location: Philippines
    Network: GLOBE SIM
    Current Os : 4.4.4

  • Hi Jonathan, download the Malaysian firmware.

  • Jonathan Bustillo

    Hello Sir. i want to upgrade my current O.S. to Lollipop. Grand Prime SM-G530H.
    Baseband is G530HXCU1AOD1 what firmware should i download ? (what country)
    Location: Philippines
    Network: Openline
    Current Os : 4.4.4

    Thanks Sir.

  • Boot into the download mode and install the Malaysia firmware.

  • Jay Paragas

    Philippines sir!! Another problem is my phone is automatic going to recovery mode everytime i restart it because of the open line what can i do to install firmware should i download cwm?

  • Where are you from?

  • Jay Paragas

    My phone is openline what firmware should i download? And my baseband ver g530hxcu1aod1

  • If your phone is not SIM-locked, you can flash any unbranded firmware.

  • Jay Paragas

    what if my phone is open lock what firmware will i install?


    Hello Dear Mr. Rakesh,

    Is there any Lollipop custom rom available for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G5308W, if available can you kindly provide the link and kindly provide the procedure to install Custom ROM on SM-G5308W.

    Details of Device:
    Model Number : SM-G530F
    Android Version : 4.4.4
    Baseband Version : G530FXXU1AOE2

    Kindly help me out brother

    Thanks & Regards

  • Yes, you can. If you use a SIM from Smart or Globe, your phone is locked to a network operator, else it’s NOT.

  • phil gotengco

    hi sir, Im from philipines can i download lolipop for my grand prime? my current is kitkat

  • You can install any of the firmwares listed above, but will recommend installing the “India” firmware.

  • darwin arquiza

    samsung galacy grand prime kitkat baseband G530HXCU1A0A2 can you help what firmware is compatible to upgrade it to lollipop? Please and thank you take care ill w8

  • awatar

    E: unknown volume for path [/sbfs]
    E: unknown volume “/sbfs”

    get this message while am doing factory reset …keeps hanging and closing every few minutes
    its samsung galaxy core g530h model
    pls help

  • Mobeen
  • Is you phone SIM locked? Where are you from and which firmware did you try?

  • Nguyễn Duy Trường

    I can’t install any rom 5.0.2. When I flash stock 5.0.2 rom, screen of my phone turn black any has boot sound but there is no any image.
    Can u tell me how to fix this?

  • Hi, the latest update available for Philippines (Globe) is Android 4.4.4.

  • raven

    Sir , I am from Philippines and my phone is only worked in globe sim. can i install any firmware?

  • Syed

    Sir Can we Tallk in Hindi Or Urdu?

  • Okay.

  • Syed

    Now Installing Pakistan’s Firmware

  • Syed

    I am From Pakistan….

  • Then try recovering your phone via the download mode. Install a different firmware. Where are you from?

  • Syed

    Can i try Pakistan Firmware?

  • Syed

    No sir.. Download Mode Is Running … BUt recovery Is not Running….

  • You mean you aren’t able to boot into the download mode either?

  • Syed

    I did Sir But No result My Phone Is stuck ….:(

  • Try the Russian firmware.

  • Syed

    ? ?

  • Syed

    Well i wana Tell you Something I have Refurbished Set..

  • Then reboot into the Download mode and install a different firmware.

  • Syed

    NO sir I tried Several TIme Nothing Happend Still Stuck…:(

  • Sometimes it take a few attempts before you get into the stock recovery mode. Try again and again.

  • Syed

    I can’t go to recovery mode .. Still stuck..

  • If you got PASS message in Odin, follow the instruction given here:

  • Syed

    Help Me please?????

  • Syed

    My Grand Prime Is Got Stuck When I gonna Update IT on Lollipop Via Odin Everything Is Righ Ok but dont know why it Got Stuck And Then Black Screen Come.

  • Syed

    SIr are you here?

  • Syed

    BTW thanks you Sir

  • Syed

    There Is No problem?

  • Yes, you can install any firmware except the one for Uruguay.

  • Syed

    Sir I have Grand Prime My baseband Version Is : G350HXXU1ANIJ

  • Hi, what help do you need?

  • Syed

    HI guys I need A Help Mr rakesh Are you here?

  • Hi Bonie, if your Grand Prime not locked to network operators like Sun, Globe etc., you can install any firmware. It doesn’t matter whether your phone is rooted or not. You can install the stock firmware anyway.

  • Bonie Pablo

    Hi, I’m from the Philippines. Can I update my SM-G530H to Lollipop version of Android and my Baseband is G530HXCU1AOD1? And what firmware region should I download? By the way my Phone is NOT rooted. Thanks.

  • Glad to know, Allen!

  • Allen Christopher Bersamina

    Mr Rakesh. My phone is now working and it is in lollipop! 🙂 I used the russian(ser) sir! TY much hehe

  • What error do you get

  • Allen Christopher Bersamina

    trying sir. Still not working 🙁

  • Dd you try reinstalling the firmware?

  • Allen Christopher Bersamina

    Yes sir and now i cant fix it 🙁

  • Is your phone carrier branded?

  • It won’t work on your model.

  • Allen Christopher Bersamina


  • Did it go to the recovery mode after installing the firmware?

  • Allen Christopher Bersamina

    ODIN says : Invalid id ext4 image 🙁 please reply

  • Allen Christopher Bersamina

    my phone now is recovery mode. what should i do ?

  • Anna Lowers

    can someone tell me if this can work on grand prime SM H530AZ AT&T OR IF THER IS ANY OTHER ROM LIKE CM FOR THIS PHONE SEND THE LINK i got the phone running lollipop 5.1.1 need cm or any other rom dont know if rom for sm g530h rom could work on it dont want to try an end up brick.

  • joshuajoshua


  • joshuajoshua

    I use the russian firmware but it did’nt work.

  • joshuajoshua

    No, mr. admin. What firmware should i use?

  • homer piedra

    Hi! I’m from Philippines. I tried the vietnam version, but it failed. What should I do? Thank you.

  • homer piedra

    I tried the vietnam version, but it failed. What should i do?

  • Steven

    Does marshmallow 6.0 is already available for grand prime 5.0(SM-G530H

    If it does, kindly tell to me? THANK YOU

  • Is you phone locked to a network operator like SUN, Globe Telecom, etc.?

  • joshuajoshua

    What firmware should i download mr. admin? my phone id is G530HXXU1ANIJ i am from the Philippines. Hope you help me and reply to me 🙂

  • Steven

    Reply please

  • Steven

    Please reply

  • Hi, sorry for the late reply. What’s the current status?

  • weldon labang

    I need help please… 🙁 Odin didnt detect my Phone… Is already says (

    Downloading Do not turn off your target!) My phone is SM-G530H

  • Steven

    Um. If I have a custom recovery in my grand prime such as TWRP, how can I remove it and back to the original one??

  • No. The latest available firmware for your device is Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat

  • Yes.

  • cristian foeri

    my phone sm-g530y , if it works if you use this firmware ?

  • Steven

    See the picture, is it okay?

  • Steven

    May I root my Grand Prime 5.0.2 using kingroot?

  • handakes

    Just tried the “Indonesia” firmware cause it has the baseband (XCU) and it finally flashed successfully, so it does need a matching baseband apparently..

  • handakes

    yeah, i wonder if that’s the case,too

  • handakes

    tried the Egypt one, same error..weird..
    i get it that this error occurs when i use the wrong firmware, and the firmware does say “XXU” when my baseband is really “XCU”..
    i can’t find any lollipop firmware in your list with the baseband “XCU” other than the Panama one, and i am afraid to flash that and then find out that i have some localization issues or language encoding bugs because of it..
    thanks again for the continued help and the speedy replies..

  • Steven

    Ok . If we are going to fibd a firmware, is it required to have a same middle in the baseband version. Such as XCU,XXU etc.

  • Steven

    Umm . If we are going to find a firmware, is it required to have a same middle in the baseband version. Such as XCU,XXU etc.

  • Well, it should have installed fine. anyway, we also have the Lollipop firmware for Egypt. Try that too.

  • handakes

    Hey there,
    my baseband is G530HXCU1AOE2 , so i downloaded the firmaware ( but when i tried to flash it, i got a fail message and the phone showed the red colored error line “SECURE CHECK FAIL : aboot.”
    the device is bought from Egypt, but i am trying to download the (KSA) firmware, i don’t think it matters but i though i should mention it anyways..
    please help? thanks a million for the great guide.

  • murtaza hyder

    Thnx alot mate.

  • No. The latest firmware for your phone is Android 4.4.4.

  • Steven

    Ok . Thank you

  • Juan Da Silva

    Is compatible with sm-g530m? Thank’s.

  • You can install any firmware except the one for Mexico Telcel.

  • No, it will not.

  • You can still install it, but yours is a greater firmware, so you don’t need to.

  • Steven

    Please answer my question.

  • Gener Tagalog

    If i update my phone in different file, would it brick my phone?

  • murtaza hyder

    Hi Admin,
    my base band version is G530XXU2AOD1,
    which one should is recommended.

  • murtaza hyder

    Hello admin,
    my baseband version is G530XXU2AOD1,
    which one should i dowload.

  • Steven

    Thank you. Ummmmm . Is there any consuming of memory if I install again . Example . I first already download it in my phone and it is 790 mb . Will it consume?


    I install another firmware again with780 mb, will it add on my memory along with the first one?or the first ons will remove to my phone?

  • Steven

    Thank you

  • murtaza hyder

    hi Joseph,
    i just wanted to know how did u flash back to kitkat, beacuse i am having the same problem. Rakesh i really need your help here,
    heres my email:

  • Odin 3.10.7

  • Steven

    Ok if nothing will change. Proceeding in that kind of matter what version of odin I should use?

  • No significant change. Yes, you can proceed with that.

  • Steven

    Is there any changes when I install a 5.0.2 to 5.0.2 that comes from another country?
    And is it ok to perform that?

  • Yes.

  • Steven

    And may I still use this odin to downgrade and install sometging on my device?
    Am I required to have a rooted device before using odin?

  • Steven

    Ummm. May I install a same version of firmware but from another countries?

  • Steven

    Ok. Now thanks to you. I already upgrade my device into 5.0.2 lollipop, but I have problem and question. Why does my phone is not compatible in some apps such as S Health if I already have higher firmware
    Is it okay if I root my phone? I am thinking if my device status will become MODIFIED/CUSTOM.
    May I downgrade and upgrade my device ysing the Odin that I already used?

  • Well, one should always be careful while doing such things. As for Kies, keep it closed while you use Odin. Read the following tutorial in detail:

  • Steven

    Is there anything in Odin that I should be careful?

  • Yes.

  • Steven

    So that means that I can use another countries firmware and use it in the odin3 3.9

    Is this firmware reliable to my device? My baseband is G530HXCU1AOE2

  • Yes. In other words, if you can use any SIM card in your phone, it’s unlocked or unbranded, or if you have purchased your device from a store and not from some network provider, it’s SIM unlocked.

  • Steven

    Are you saying that whenever I change my sim card in different types of carrier, then when I open there is no password needed? Then my phone is NOT locked

  • Try a different firmware.

  • Doubts that this model will get the Marshmallow update.

  • Jalal Buledi

    Doubts? about what bro? say clearly

  • Rush Ko

    please reply Admin dont know what to do

  • Rush Ko

    i have encountered an error it says Binary file is invalid

  • If you can use any SIM card on your phone, it’s not locked.


    how to check if my phone is locked ? Where should I go?

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  • Sure! 🙂 However, I have doubts about the MM update for this model.

  • Jalal Buledi

    Let Me Know If There Is A Marshmallow Update For SM-G30H Galaxy Grand Prime

  • Lollipop update is not officially available for Carrier-locked devices in Philippines, but of your device is not SIM-locked, you can install any firmware.

  • Is your phone locked to some network operator?

  • You are welcome!

  • Jalal Buledi

    Thanks DroidViews, I Successfully Upgraded my SM-G530H KitKat To Android 5.0 Lollipop….!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS


    Hi, I am from the Philippines and I wanted to convert my phone from Kitkat to lollipop but I am scared. I just want to know what firmware should I use ? My baseband is G530HXCU1AOD1. Is there a latest version of firmware already available aside from the firmware mentioned above? What firmware is compatible with my baseband? pls help. Thanks.

  • Thanks for sharing your success story! 🙂

  • All firmwares provided above are greater than yours. You can install any of them.

  • Mohamed Magdy

    My baseband HXCU1AOE2 which firmware should i use? PLZ

  • Dino Villena

    sir pwede paturo. kinakabahan ako e. hehehe

  • Satchiko Kizuba

    done updating 😀 success brodaaaa thankss


  • Joseph Gagtan

    Tried all the firmware via odin 3.11 after the boot logo it just shows a black screen, the boot animation won’t even show. But when i flash back to kitkat it works fine. Even updating via OTA or via Kies give me same problem on lollipop. Hope you can help me.

  • Kyle Cabral

    What odin version did you use??

  • Use Odin 10.7.

  • Jorge497

    Hi! I’m from the Philippines as well. What version of Odin did you use?

  • Shahroz Khan

    Here, one more thing I even tried to downgrade to Kitkat it fails at erase on odin

  • Also, try different Odin versions.

  • Can you show me the Odin screenshot?

  • Shahroz Khan

    Hey I think you might have an idea of what is happening here cause idk i am following each and every step but odin keeps faling :/ any idea why is it happening ? plus my phone was working fine 2 days back but then randomly started crashing or getting to black screen or restart and get stuck on samsung logo

  • Zubair Ahmed

    dear Rrakesh I want to download lollipop for G530HXCU1AOE2 , which country firmware should be used or please send me link.

  • Darpan Dahal

    Thanks it is done! I change ‘_SER’ version and used Odin version 3.10.6. The previous version of Odin was for Lollipop. Now all fine but it shows ‘google play services is not working’, do you have any idea?

  • Darpan Dahal

    My firmware is= G530HXCU1AOA2

  • Darpan Dahal

    I used Link for INDIA ‘_IND’ and used Odin version 3.11. What is the problem?

  • Darpan Dahal

    same problem here what to do

  • JunKang

    What is the problem?

  • Yes. It will work for you. You can install any firmware.

  • Did you try updating the app? Try wiping data and cache for the Google Play Services app from Settings> Apps.

    If it doesn’t help, try this:

  • What error do you get?

  • shamei extreme

    failed odin 3v.09/3v.10/3v.11 always failed how can i fix this

    operation failed T______T

  • Bien Carlo Bobis

    “Google Play service won’t run unless you update Google Play service” i got this error after updating mine to lollipop. Help me pls. Thank you

  • Sushi Bae

    Did it work nung ginamit mo odin v11.1?

  • Sushi Bae

    Hi! Can I update my grand prime? Its baseband is g530hxcu1aod1. What firmware should I use? Does it work ’cause I really want to update my phone. By the way I’m from the Philippines.

  • Melbert Lou Barrera

    boss. tinry q kagabi.. gamit q ung 2016 na russia.. ng fail odin3 v10. 6
    odin3 v11. 1 gnamit q

  • Kristian

    Yes. Im from Philippines

  • Kristian

    From Philippines?

  • Kristian

    Are you from Philippines?

  • Melbert Lou Barrera

    does it work in the Philippines?

  • Muhammad Adi Abdillah Pratama

    frimware not supported

  • Subash Poudel

    plz provide me your mail id

  • Subash Poudel

    brother in my term odin3 doesnt shows highlighted part how to we do it

  • Kristian

    Can you recommend me a good rom for my phone? It’s baseband is G530HXCU1AOD1. I’m from Philippines. 🙂 Need to upgrade my phone cause it’s too laggy

  • Kristian

    Please reply asap. Need ko talaga i-update yung grand prime ko. Ma-lag kasi.

  • Kristian

    Anong odin ginamit mo?

  • rahaponsel

    How to downgrade? factory reset?

  • Zeeshan Tariq

    Turn off your phone pull out battery and press power button for 10 seconds without battery, and now insert battery and try again. I hope it helps

  • Aleem

    is it safe to install
    G531HXXU0APC2 on grand prime SM-G530H?

  • Xar

    Thank you for this tutorial Rakesh! I have been waiting for the update for forever, and was on the fence about doing this. But because my phone was so laggy, I decided to bite the bullet. My reward is my phone is now running Lollipop! Thanks again!

    PS: To all the owners from the Philippines with the same model (Grand Prime Duos SM-G530H – duos), I can confirm it works. My baseband is G530HXXU2BOH. I used the Russian update above. =)

  • Wealthy Thunder

    Thanks Rakesh for sharing …successfully upgraded to lollipop…Danish, go for Indian version.

  • F I B S ._.

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!! FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT!!!!!! :))))))))) two thumbs up!

  • Danish Memon

    sir for pakistan model which firmware should i use?

  • Nayeon

    for how long have you waited????

  • wyatt

    Do NOT do an OTA update with a rooted phone. You WILL brick it

  • Raj

    Rakesh Ji . Pls hlp its getting error

  • Yes, you can.

  • ThEo’ Inggar

    hallo rakesh,
    which firmware i could use if my baseband G530HXCU1AOD1??

  • Yes, you can.

  • Nicolai Diez

    Hello rakesh, my baseband is G530HXCU1AOD1, can i update my galaxy grand prime to lollipop? Please help me i really want to update my phone to lollipop

  • Sameer


  • Edwin Eddington Ehi-osagiede

    Hi there. I tried it and it worked! only that after full installation, I could not set-up the phone. I am stucked in the set-up stage where I have to agree to Samsung’s agreement. Clicking “next” takes me back to previous agreement step, over and over again. Please what do I do?

  • Yes, you can. Just make sure that your phone is not sim-locked to a network operator.

  • Lincoln808

    thanks a lot!!!everything working fine

  • azhar dogar

    Indian works for mine

  • azhar dogar

    I have G530HXXU2AOE5 downloaded the Indian firmware for it and it works. Thank you!

  • Hasson Raza

    hi.. my phone’s baseband is G530HXXU2AOE5.. which firmware i should use?

  • Mary Joyce Tabago Valdez

    hello can i download lollipop my baseband ver. G530HXCU1AOD1

  • usman mehar

    Sir Rakesh I want how to download lollipop for G530HXCU1AOE2 please send me link

  • Ainul Jaffery

    Hi Author,
    I wanted to know that: Can I downgrade my phone back to kitkat? from Lollipop version?

  • Edric Gunawan

    Failed men

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    Plz Help me ya firmware kis website sy download kiye hain

  • madushanka

    hey how you fix this problem,,please help me

  • Nahom Ab

    Hello Rakesh, Many Thanks to you i am running Lollipop smoothly,on my SM- G530H…Everything worked perfectly…I got one minor question,I tried to update using the check for update option and it actually got one update sized about 192MB…WILL THIS UPDATE CREATE SOME KIND OF PROBLEM IF I TRIED IT?

  • Stand Weeney

    Hello to you guys! Please i need help. I installed Lollipop 5.0.2 on my SAMSUNG GRAND PRIME Device and i can’t have Network connectivity for Internet although i have configured my phone to have Internet. I use only the WI-FI for the moment. Can someone help me? email:

  • Ali Ayyaz

    some one tell me plz

  • Ali Ayyaz

    my baseband is different. can i install it?

  • XQTan

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  • i want to do this but i’m scared it will make my phone become more laggy .

  • Nikhil Jangid

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  • juliana

    I also have this same model, i mean baseband G530HXXLH6….which exact rom should i install?

  • Sooraj Mallarapu

    how to install 5.0 in G530HXXU2AOE5

  • Quppy

    The baseband version of my girlfriends phone is G530HXCU1AOD1 (purchased in the Philippines), will this guide work for that phone? or should i wait, forever, on the official update?

  • Rockz

    my baseband is G530HXCU1AOD1… is it safe to upgrade may phone?

  • marc melvin

    me too! what should i do?

  • marc melvin

    minutes have passed but theres no change in the log. what should i do?

  • marc melvin

    does it take too long to finish? because mine is taking too long i dont know whats happening.

  • Fahad Abid Kalim

    worked like a charm. Had initial difficulty to connect to Odin. But after rebooting in download mode attach mobile to computer via USB and wait for windows to install the drivers for your mobile. after drivers have been install then open Odin and again attach your mobile to computer. and Odin will recognize!! 🙂

  • Jhacel

    Yeyyyy!! I finally got it right!! Loving this upgrade!! <3 😀

  • Jhacel

    Why is it like this? How do I solve this? Please..

  • Jhacel

    Why is it like this? How do I solve this? 🙂

  • Michael Ricky

    No, you don’t.

  • Victor Pereira

    this is a fucking big bullshit, odin, always failed, tried differnt USB ports, cables, my phone version is G530FZ ,, and i will wait for original update, hope u all die bey

  • Mark Anthony De Ocampo

    can i use this in updating my grand prime G530h
    G530HXXU2AOD1 though im from the Philippines ? thanks in advance for answering my query 🙂

  • Lee Ann Brillantes

    do i need to root my mobile before doing this?

  • Kessi Mohamed

    please reply my baseband version is g530hxcu1aoa2 can i get lollipop upgrade ?

  • Weizohmae Andes Borlagdatan

    when i clicked the start, it runs but ended up as fail. what am i gonna do?

  • deven

    please reply my baseband version is G530HDDU2AOA1 can i get lollipop upgrade

  • deven

    can i i install it on G530HDDU2AOA1 baseband version

  • deven

    my i install it on G530HDDU2AOA1 baseband version

  • Regina Harris

    Shouldn’t the phone update itself or you can go to settings and update the phone?
    Even so my phone won’t update it just keeps saying it has a network error

  • zed

    Is this for the first version of Grand Prime? I want to try but im scared what if I lost the procedure and cant get back my phone? :'(

  • Hammad Saeed

    Can I install on G530HXXU2AOE5 Baseband?

  • Nishant Ganesh

    In odin 3.10.7 i get auth fail and in 3.09 i get complete(write) operation fail. What do i do??? I used G530HXXU2BOH7_G530HODD2BOH3_G530HXXU2BOH5_HOME.tar on a g530m duos

  • Romelito G Lachica

    can i instal this ? My baseband is G530HXCU1A0A2

  • Pascal Matthew

    Worked like a charm 😀
    My wife will be so jealous she bought me this phone for my birthday

  • Ge Lo

    ohh! it says its added….now, my Baseband version is HXCU….which firmware should i download?

  • Close Kies, put device in download mode, open ODIN, connect device

  • Ge Lo

    this is how it looks like when i connect my phone to my pc with Kies 3

  • Ge Lo

    i already downloaded Kies 3 and it is able to detect my phone. What’s next?

  • Pramod Rimal

    every time when download reach in 700mb then its cancel why… i cant resume my download?

  • Most likely because u dont have any, or the correct drivers. Best way to get the right drivers is downloading Kies 3 first.

  • Ge Lo

    hi, my phone cant be detected by Odin… why? i tried both versions on your tutorial and it didnt detect at all.

  • teron

    mines is stuck on aboot.mbn

  • John

    do i need to free some internal space in my phone before installing?

  • John

    can i install this my baseband is G530HXCU1AOD1

  • saifullah siyal

    a big thankes to you realy awsome

  • Glad to know!

  • James Swift

    Many thanks for this tutorial, it was very easy to install Lollipop and there were no problems!

  • arief rachman

    bagai mana caranya rekesh

  • I am not sure, but I won’t recommend installing a different firmware other that the one meant for your model. If you still want to try, do it.

  • Yes.

  • No. You’ll have to wait.

  • From what I’ve read, the SM-G530AZ and the SM-G530H are almost identical when it comes to firmware. Has anyone attempted this on the AZ?

  • Malix Asad

    can i instal this ? My baseband is G530HXXU1ANIJ

  • Ma Kirste Cabrera

    Can i use this on my SM-G530Y??

  • Yes.

  • Glad to know!

  • Sameer

    Hi Rakesh My baseband is g530HXXLH6, can i install this rom?

  • AREZ


  • AREZ

    one more thing will it work for 530HXCU ??

  • Try a different cable and USB port and Odin version.

  • If your phone is not locked to a network operator, you can install it.

  • Yes, you can.

  • Yes.

  • Not available yet.

  • AREZ

    Hey @Rakesh I need your help while flashing it fails 🙁



    Odin engine v(ID:3.1100)..

    File analysis..



    Get PIT for mapping..

    Firmware update start..



    NAND Write Start!!

    FAIL! (Auth)

    Complete(Write) operation failed.

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  • Aslejfkslahdhdksl Hsjfkshahaks

    possible to used any of the firmware here in the philippines? thanks

  • Nimo

    Battery life has significantly increased after this update! 🙂

  • Nimo


  • Syed Ali Gohar

    This download is not available in the download mirror India..
    CanI proceed with russian?

  • Hammad Randhawa

    Rakesh my mobile baseband firmware is G530HXXU2A0E5…..can i install this firmware? Plz respond brother!

  • Arren Alfonso

    my mobile baseband firmware is G530HXXU2AOA1.. IT WILL WORK TO THIS FIRMWARE??

  • Jermain Colbert

    Whats up on the
    Grand Prime SM-G530AZ for lollipop will this version work

  • ALi NoonaRi

    plz tell how solve it 🙁 ?

  • Try Odin 3.10.6

  • Yes.

  • Mike Angelo Cadondon

    My mobile Baseband version is G530HXCU1AOD1… can i install this firmware ??

  • Josef Camello

    Same thing happened to me. what to do OP?

  • haroon israr

    fail error and my current version is…

  • haroon israr

    why does odin get fail I am doing same process I am in Pakistan and want to upgrade lollipop on galaxy grand prime

  • Vinesh Unni

    I’m currently running 4.4.4 and it’s rooted. Should I unroot it to install this firmware(5.0.2)?

  • Jason D Cruise

    I have already installed it, but the battery life seems worse than KK, isn’t it?

  • Roadrunner11

    Absolutely NOT, you can’t downgrade to KK from Lollipop, the update also updates the bootloader and if you try to flash a KK image with Odin it will give you an error.

  • Hassan Sardar

    Can I Downgrade My Android Version Back To 4.4.4 Nd Which Firmware I’ll Have To Download? By Country Or Same As Russia?

  • Alexis Olveres

    I downloaded version 5.0 of Russia, to return to version 4.4 should I download version of Russia?

  • Yes, you can root it again. We have already been working on a tutorial and it will be live within a few hours.

  • wyatt

    My device is currently rooted with a custom recovery (philz cwm). Will i have to re-root my phone after installing this firmware? And if so, do u know where i can find an odin flashable file to root once the firmware is installed? Or would it be the same file that i originally used to root the phone?

  • Anil Nani

    Can we come back to KitKat version after installing lollipop

  • Follow the above procedure.

  • Anil Nani


  • Anil Nani


  • Anil Nani

    can i install lollipop 5.0.2 on my galaxy grand prime model nUMBER SM-G530HDDU2AOA1

  • Josua Cruz

    sir can you give me a stock rom of grand prine kitkat version 4.4.4 thanks a lot..

  • It won’t downgrade the Android version but will fix your issue.

  • Sauood Khan

    Thanx rakesh but I dont wanna downgrade android version. Any thing else u know except it????

  • No. Root is not required to install the stock/official firmware.

  • Sauood Khan

    I am receiving google play service error that (google play service won’t run unless you update google play service.) but n play store it not shown me update of it. help me how to fix it????????

  • Jeff

    Do You Have To Be Rooted?

  • Jeff

    do you have to be rooted?

  • Yes, it should have Spanish.

  • Yes.

  • edaward garcia

    and will the lenguage be spanish??

  • Ramisetti Udaykiran

    My mobile Baseband version is G530HDDU2AOA1… can i install this firmware ??

  • Amol Salunkhe

    connect with internet pc

  • It won’t fail, but if it does, you can restore the KK firmware back using the same steps.

  • No, it has many other languages including English.

  • Sreyandeep

    and will the language be russian ??

  • Sreyandeep

    if there is any fail …what can i do ??