Install Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware on Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200


The first Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200 started rolling out back in March this year. The firmware released then was branded and was meant for A1 users in Austria. Samsung has now released some more firmwares for unbranded Tab 7.0 Plus that can be installed on any carrier unbranded device, no matter from what country or region you belong to.

Since the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update is already rolling out, you might also update your Tab 7.0 Plus via Samsung Kies or on-device software update feature. In case you do not find the update notification, you can download a firmware from below and install it manually using the easy installation guide.

The new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update bring most of the features on the Premium Suite Upgrade from Samsung and introduces several new feature and improvements such as the Nature TouchWiz UX, Google Now, new Notification Panel, smoother UI (Project Butter), Samsung Cloud service, Blocking Mode, new Lockscreen, new AccuWeather, varois new apps and much more.


The least of new features and changes is enough to show that it is a major upgrade that’ll completely enhance your experience with your Tab Plus GT-P6200 and revive it.

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Download Firmware





Open Austria:



Ukraine (Kiyvstar):

Philippines (Globe):

Philippines (Sun):

Philippines (Smart):


Singapore (Starhub):

Singapore (Singtel):



United Arab Emirates:

How to Install

Quick Steps:

  1. Download the firmware from above and unzip it.
  2. Download Odin3 tool and unzip it too:
  3. Download and install Samsung USB Drivers or Kies on your PC: Download
  4. Backup your phone data using these apps: Link
  5. Charge your device to have at least 70% battery level.
  6. Turn on USB Debugging on your Tab 7.0 Plus: Settings> Developer Options> USB Debugging.
  7. Turn off device and boot it into Download Mode: press and hold Volume Down+Power buttons together till you see a warning screen. Press Volume Down to continue to Download mode.
  8. Now launch Odin and connect your device to computer. Wait till the ID:COM turns blue and you see “Added!!” at message box.
  9. Click on PDA button and select the file with .tar.md5 extension found in the extracted firmware  folder.
  10. Do not touch anything else on Odin and click on Start button.
  11. Wait till the firmware is flashed, which is indicated by PASS! message, and then your device will reboot.

You can now disconnect the cable. When your Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200 boots up, it will have the new 4.1.2 firmware installed on it. To verify, open Settings> About. In case the device is stuck on bootloop, follow the steps under Method 1 from here.

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  • jawz

    xse indonesia bang…malaysia xme…

  • jenkins bendana

    My phone is Globe phone and im from philiphine what firmware can i use for this Please help me ….

  • Ahmad Ghazali

    How to update this , pls help me . which one the firmware i download? . baseband P6200DXKK5

  • Mohamed Hisham Mansoor

    where can I find the 4.0.4 ics firmware for galaxy tab version P6200XXKK6?

  • Mohamed Hisham Mansoor

    hello, I hav gt-p6200 wid 3.2 honeycomb….can we still install the 4.1.2 firmware? n which region’s firmware should I install is I m from oman?

  • Md Reyzarl

    hye…im from malaysia…if u r seeking firmware from malaysia…click this link…i just found it 🙂

  • Which firmware are you looking for?

  • Laurence Catalan

    still, there is no firmware

  • Laurence Catalan

    There is no firmware for gtp6200dxkk5 v3.2 to be downloaded at this link

  • Tan Khai Jeng

    hmm i ‘m from malaysia and i have problem at downloading it. the firmware, when i click download it will lead me to other unrelated pages

  • Pavan kalyan

    I Live in India…
    Which firmware i have to download..
    Pls help

  • Try a firmware wit a different version of Modem.

  • Stephen

    Installed the android 4.0.4 version, works better and perfectly. Am from south Africa, the only problem is my wifi can’t connect to any router. Help pliz

  • Faizal Dobbi Saidin

    where can i find download Firmware for GTP6200DXKK5 version 3.2

  • Try a data factory reset.

  • lalith bn

    hi i have dowloaded the software and its properly on my tab but it keeps saying the process anroid.processmedia has stopped can u guide me wat to do

  • lalith bn

    hi i hav bought this tab frm malyasia and i am livig in india i am not able to get to the download mode i can go to the warning screen but not the download mode can u guide me

  • No.

  • Alexander M Galimba

    If i install philippines (globe) the device will be globe locked?

  • Zarul Zafran

    How to downgrade to original firmware?

  • hafy

    I bought my tab p6200 from India so if I want to install jelly bean to my tab which firmware should I use. p

  • Is your device carrier unbranded?

  • abracadabra

    i live in america. which firmware should i use

  • Varun Jos

    I am from india, my P6200 honeycomb galaxy tab plus(brought from Saudi) updated to jellybean UAE firmware. Working fine… Thanks

  • RohanKhushnood

    DroidViewsRohanKhushnoodThanks 🙂

  • DroidViews

    RohanKhushnood  Download here:

  • RohanKhushnood

    How to download firmware 
    as hotfile is banned by US gov.
    any solution?

  • You can try the Russian version, but before doing that, try reinstalling the same firmware first. And if you got the failed error in the first attempt, it could be due to some other reason. Please check if you have not made any other mistake while installing it.

    If all things seem fine, give a try to Odin 1.85:

  • Yothika

    I’m in South Africa, which firmware download should I use?
    I tried with Open Austria & it returned a fail.

  • Harris Armani Sadun

    I already installed it and it is very dissapointing/the wifi doesnt work. how can i get back
    the original android 3.2 firmware.

  • Monkey

    same issue hmmm… i think firmware problem
    last time i use HoneyCom can use wifi…
    now cant…

  • The might be some issue with the modem of the firmware. If you do not have problem with English, try this:

  • Monkey

    i got wifi issue… i m from malaysia…
    after update firmware all perfect…
    but my wifi cant connect anymore…
    any idea?

  • Ian Goh

    thanks. just installed on my tab 7.0 plus. brilliantly easy!

  • Right.

  • Ian Goh

    this doesn’t need rooting right? just wanted to make sure

  • Rithwik

    I’ve upgraded my phone as per the instructions. How can i revert back to the original firmware, because Kies is telling my current fw version is not supported to update fw via kies

  • afiqhafizjailani

    i already follow the instruction given but still fail to update. Im from malaysia btw.. I already download firmware for malaysia update. is it ok for me to download others country firmware update??

  • afiqhafizjailani

    why my tab always fail to update??

  • demsy

    thank you.h

  • Updates are meant for improving performance and adding features. aia have not heard about any negative effect of firmware update.

  • demsy

    thank you for the info. does the new firmware will affect the tabs performance or anything in particularh

  • If an update is available from Samsung for your device and region and you have not rooted the device, you can update it via Kies or from Settings> About> Software Update.

  • demsy

    can i update the firmware without using a PC?

  • Just updated the post with three firmwares for Philippines. If you have non-carrier branded device, you can install the one for Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

  • demsy

    When will be the firmware available in the philippines

  • No, it’ll not.

  • Jon

    Does this work on the sgh-t869 as well?