How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Jelly Bean Firmware


The Jelly Bean firmware update for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 brought a host of new functions, features and improvements to this impressive tablet device. Google Now, New Notification panel, smoother UI, better battery performance, live preview at notification center, Blocking Mode, and lots more. All the Tab 2 7.0 users got the JB upgrade after a long wait so they should have been happy. Right! But a recent study disclosed that the “wish to downgrade firmware” has been dominant among Samsung’s Galaxy range of devices getting Jelly Bean.

I can confirm on the basis of the comments I receive on this blog, and what users say at other forums, that the Jelly Bean update made their device slower, laggy, less battery efficient and so on. I have two Galaxy devices (S3 and Note 10.1) and both are on Android 4.1.2 but I have seen any of these issues on them.

Today, at one of my articles, a user commented that he wished to downgrade his Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 from Android 4.1.1 to Android 4.04 simply because he missed the screenshot button at the bottom bar very badly. And when I told him a solution for the issue, he withdrew his decision to downgrade firmware.

It is right that the Android 4.1.1 firmware update took away the screenshot button from the Tab 2 7.0 but the screen capture function is still there, but now it has become a little complex though. Here is how you can take a screenshot on your Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 on Android 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 firmware.

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How to Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Phones

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Press the Power + Volume Down keys simultaneously for around 2 seconds and the screen will be captured. All screenshots, by default, are saved to SD Card> Pictures> Screenshots folder on your device. As it might sound to you, it is not as friendly method as it was with the previous ICS ROM but constant practice would make you get used to it.

As an alternative, you can take assistance of a screenshot app from the Google Play Store. Some of these apps do not require root and come free. Here are a few good screenshot apps, my favorite being the Screenshot ER.

No Root Screenshot It
Edward Kim Tools $4.99

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  • Miyuki Yoshino


  • Miyuki Yoshino

    I did that, it instantly turned the screen off. Help!!! D:

  • Abhishek

    thanks a lot.. it works!

  • Márk Csörgő

    Thank you!

  • Mike

    you have to pressing the power button & down volume together at same time. I also experienced get that giant volume if press the Power first & then the volume down

  • I have tested the method at least hundred times and still use it. I am unable to figure out why it doesn’t work on your device.

  • Tiffany Broughton

    I just tried every combination I could think of and they all result in the giant volume bar in my screenshot or just shutting my screen off entirely. I’m so frustrated with this update!

  • You are making some mistake. First press the power and instantly after that the volume down.

  • “your website froze my tablet”- how can a website freeze a device?

  • Tiffany Broughton


  • Tiffany Broughton

    Okay, I can take a screenshot by pressing the power button and down volume, kind of a pain. How do I get the giant volume bar out of my screenshots now?

  • Guest

    I can’t tell you how much I LOVE that it’s more difficult to take a screen shot. Not to mention the GIANT VOLUME BAR IN THE MIDDLE OF MY PICTURES NOW. Thanks Samsung. By the way, your website froze my tablet. Worthless.

  • Jerry Rambin

    The method for screenshot you instructed does not work on Galaxy tab 2 10.1 with JB 4.2.2. Why would samsung or android leave off such a simple but very useful feature as screen shot? Makes no sense at all.

  • Mike Garzonzki

    thanks, just got jb 4.2.2 thru OTA yesterday. i can say i won’t need to root this anymore as im satisfied with it.

  • Windy

    This helping me a lot. Thanks!

  • By Power button we mean the button that is used to turn the device ON or OFF. Which device do you have and what OS version it is on?

  • Sarah Jane Mendoza

    How can i put snap shot? I’m having a hard time. Please. Where is the power? I can’t use the snapshot.

  • Again I agree that the JB update for most devices, especially 4.1.2 has been buggy and that is why my articles like this are very popular:

    If you plan to change device, go for S3. I have it for a year now and it still shines.
    And yes, you are good writer. I would have invited you join us here at Droidviews if you were a little more inclined towards Android phones than Windows PC. Cheers!

  • Lee Lucas

    Hi respect the fact that it’s a feature of JB but there are other versions of JB out now than the 4.1.1. that I have read about that rectify a lot of issues that this particular GT-P3110 Model is having. Why Samsung have not provided a new update for this device is beyond me.

    I have only had this Tab a couple of weeks and many of the apps that were even installed on it when I got it, do not work. Not even my own email will work on it, and there is no way of setting it up manually either to do so, as it simply will not accept the outgoing server.

    To be perfectly honest I am much more of a PC user and the only reason why I had this Tab in the first place was to use in bed at night, and the fact that my wife needed a new phone so I got the 2 on a deal on contract.

    When I got it I thought great now I can even get the Yamaha AV Controller for the new Yamaha Receiver I not longed purchased, and I was so disappointed having downloaded the app to find out it does not even work.

    Not kidding you but I have the feeling that 60% of the apps for this thing do not work, and I have already read from reviews on the Yamaha AV app that it worked fine until they updated there Tabs from ICS to JB.

    I like the Tab very much but when things do not work what you want to work its really a bit of a let down. If Samsung knew the JB 4.1.1. was gonna cause this amount of inconvenience why on earth have it on there.

    My own upgrade for my phone comes up on the 19th of this month, and to be honest I am not a major mobile user, and only have a Blackberry Curve 9320 to which I got free from O2 on a 1 years contract for £11 per month, as I was an existing pay as you go customer with O2 for a good few years. So I thought it was a good deal. Having had this tab I was thinking of paying a few pennies more for a phone, and thinking of upgrading to either the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini or the Galaxy 3 as they have come down now the Galaxy 4 as hit the market. But if these phones have JB 4.1.1 on them I will not even bother.

    Cheers for the reply chap…

  • I forgot to mention- the apps need root access on the Tab2 to work. Have you a rooted device?

  • Hi Lee, the screenshot button in the ICS firmware was really a great feature and Samsung made a bad move by removing it. The key combo I described is a default feature of JB and works on all devices, whether it be a Galaxy or Nexus device.
    Since I do not have Tab2, I tested the key-combo and Screenshot ER on my Note 10.1, and assuming that it’ll work on Tab 2, I also listed other apps for users’ convenience.
    As for your observation on Samsung and Microsoft, I partly agree to it. The world is a round place and everything has circular movement. You rise, fly to peak and then fall. Any company that does not understand its users and their demand are sure to fall down some day. Nokia and Yahoo are examples.

  • Lee Lucas

    Not one of the screen shot apps here work for Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3110 and further more there is not one that will work with it either, even the ones you pay for you will be wasting your money. Samsung should of stuck with ICS on this device, Jelly Bean 4.1.1. is not good enough for it, and simply gives this device far to many faults and things that simply do not work any more.on this Tab.

    By rights Samsung should sort this out with a new update, but just like there so called support you will be waiting forever. To put the snapshot function on the Power and Volume buttons is a pain in the neck, and quite simply a pathetic idea in the first place, a decision made by brainless designers who simply do not have a clue.

    It seems that Samsung are very much like Microsoft these days, by putting things out on the market that simply do not work in the way they should do. Whenever you buy a new OS from windows its literally like buying a TV set which supposed to have 5 channels on it, and only 3 are working. Only with a TV set you would get your money back as it was very much a fault in the first place, and as a rule a TV set would match the trading standards of any product sold on the market which such function right and do what it is meant to do. Such things that Microsoft and Samsung are putting out are far from finished product and quite honestly should not be allowed to get past trading standards before they are put out on the market, as they have far to many things missing from them.

  • Did you update the device via OTA or manually?
    Go to settings>language and input> tap on Samsung keyboard setting icon, then Input languages. Tap on option/menu icon and select “update”. This should download local language packs. Let me know what happens!

  • We had hindi and other national languages of india for our messages to write … they are not to be found after the new update can u advice me how to get back all of them
    on the keyboard as a input language to type messages