For the past few days, we have been writing rooting tutorials on different Galaxy Note 3 variants. There is great number of people to whom Android tastes dull without root access on their device. Rooting is indeed one of the best things about Android as it hands over the power to you. It lets you install a plethora of useful apps that can’t be installed otherwise. If you want to improve the performance of your Android phone or tablet, or add a feature that does not come with it, rooting is the only way you can get all such things. As we said above, we have covered almost all the variants of the Note 3 in the previous posts.

The AT&T Note 3 was only left variant and the present tutorial will complete the circle. If you own the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 with model number SM-N900A, this tutorial is just for you. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to root your device and thus you can enjoy all the advantages of having a rooted device. Since there is no way to bypass the locked bootloader on this model, we’ll add the procedure to do the same and install a custom recovery later when it is available.


Rooting your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 will trip your device custom lash binary but it will not trigger Samsung’s KNOX warranty counter. Besides, involving in any such activity might put your device at risk. We, therefore, advise you to use your discretion before proceeding. Neither the developer of this exploit, nor DroidViews will be responsible for any mishap.


The Root de la vega method does not work any more! To root your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A without unlocking the bootloader, use Geohot’s TowelRoot app.


The rooting method described below has been developed by XDA member designgears, and it is a little different than other exploits that we are familiar with. It demands you to install a modified firmware and then copy a rooting package to your device. The procedure is pretty simple but it sound a little geeky. The only tiresome job for those with slow internet is the file size (2 GB) of the download package. Here are a few things to be taken care of before we proceed to root the AT&T Galaxy Note 3.

  • Download Odin 3.09 and extract the zip on your computer: Odin3 
  • Download the rooting package for your device and extract it with 7Zip programN900AUCUBMI9_VEGA.7z 
  • Inside the extracted folder, you’ll find 3 files:
    • N900AUCUBMI9_OneClickBin.exe
    • Root_de_la_Vega.tar
    • (extract)
      • root_files (folder)
  • Install the latest Samsung USB Drivers or Kies on your PC (skip if you have any of them already): Download
  • In case you have Kies installed on your computer, make sure to close it while you use Odin.
  • Go to Settings> General> Developer options> USB Debugging and enable it by checking the box. If you do not find Developer options on your phone, read this guide to enable it.
  • Rooting your Note 3 using this method will wipe all apps and data present on your device. Backup your device apps and data using these apps.
  • Charge your phone’s battery to at least 50%  level.
  • Remove the external SD card (if any) from your device.

Root AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A:

  1. Turn off the device and boot it into Download mode. This is how you can do it: hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time for about 2-3 seconds and press the Volume Up key to enter Download mode.
  2. Now run the N900AUCUBMI1_OneClickBin.exe file.
  3. Connect the phone to your PC using USB cable and wait till Odin detects your device. It is signalled by the COM port turning Yellow and “Added!!” text at the message box on note 3 root Odin
  4. Now click the Start button.
  5. When the installation is finished, disconnect the device and boot it again into Download mode. Pull out the battery and press the key combo (volume down+home+power as you did above).
  6. Launch Odin v3.09.exe and connect the device via USB. Once again you would see “Added!!” on Odin.
  7. Now click the AP button on Odin and select “Root_de_la_Vega.tar” file.verizon-note-3-rooting
  8. Make sure your Odin screen looks like our screenshot shown above. Then click the Start button and wait till the installation is finished.
  9. Finally, you will see PASS!! message on Odin, signaling successful installation and then your device will reboot.
  10. Now extract the “” file and open the extracted folder. You’ll find 2 files (a folder and a file with .sh extension)  inside it:
    • root_files (folder)
  11. Connect device to PC and copy the above files to your device.
  12. Disconnect the device and then reboot it.
  13. When the device boots up, go to file manager and delete the 2 files (that you copied to your Note 3 in Step 11)  from your device.
  14. Finally, reboot your phone again.

When your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A boots up, it would have root access. To confirm root permissions on your device, install the Root Checker app from the market and run it. Enjoy your rooted device and yes, do not forget to share your experience with us.


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