How to Root and Install CWM Recovery 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Using Odin



We have already published a tutorial on rooting the Samsung Galaxy Ace before but that described a different method and was using SuperOneClick and stock recovery. Quite recently we discovered another method that is much easier and involves the use of Odin Multi-Downloader. Yes, you heard right! You can now root and flash ClockworkMod Recovery on you Glaxy Ace S5830 via Odin.

Having flashed the recovery file on you your phone, you will be able to install some good apps that require root permission and also yo can install a good custom ROM of your choice to enhance the productivity of you Galaxy Ace S5830. Please note that the procedure described here applies only to the phone model in discussion. Please do not try it on any other variant of the Galaxy Ace. Moreover, it is our duty to warn you that the procedure given blow is considered risky so proceed at your own risk. However, if you are careful enough and stick to the rules, there is no chance that you get into any problem.

Also, make sure your phone is on GingerBread 2.3 and above firmware. If you are not sure what version your device is on, go to Settings> About> and check the version there.

Getting Prepared:

Here are a few resources and precautions that you need to download and take care of before doing anything.

  • Download the Rooting Package and copy it to your phone’s SD card. Do not extract the zip: Root Zip
  • Download Odin Multi Downloader: Odin Multi Downloader v4.38.exe  [mirror]
  • Download Cooper_v1.0.ops file for the Galaxy Ace S5830.
  • Download ClockworkMod Recovery 5.0 to be installed using Odin: cwm-recovery-ace.tar.md5
  • If the above CWM does not work for you, install the following file and install it via Stock Recovery first and then install the file: recovery-clockwork-
  • Download and install Samsung USB Drivers on your computer if it is not installed already.
  • Charge you phone to at least 70% of battery level.
  • Turn on USB Debugging from Settings > Applications> Development
  • Backup you contacts, message, apps, etc. Backup your contacts, call-logs, messages, APNs, bookmarks, calendar, apps & games using these nice free apps.

Root Galaxy Ace S5830:

  1. Make sure you have copied the  to the SD card of your phone. Also, remember the path and directory where you have put it.
  2. Turn your phone off and boot it into Recovery mode. To do that, press and hold Home (center)+Power buttons together. When the screen turns on and you see the Samsung logo, release the Power key but keep the Home key pressed. After the Galaxy Ace logo shows up and disappears, you should enter recovery mode. You can now release the Home button too.
  3. Now in recovery mode, you can scroll up and down using the Volume keys and select an option using the Home button.
  4. Scroll to the second option “apply update from sdcard” and press Home to select.
  5. Navigate to the file and select it.
  6. When it is installed, select “reboot system now” and wait for the phone to reboot.
  7. To check if your phone is rooted, go to you app drawer and look for an app called superuser with an icon of a pirate android with cross bones. If you see it, your phone is rooted.

When it boots up, you can download and install the RootChecker app from the Play Store to verify the root.

Root Check
JRummy Apps Tools Free

Install CWM Recovery on Galaxy Ace S5830:

  1. Run the S5830 Odin Multi Downloader v4.38.exe program
  2. When it is launched, check the three boxes, namely “One Package”, “Auto Reboot”, and “Protect OPS” as shown in the image below.
  3. Turn off you phone and boot it into Download mode: press and hold the Volume Down + Home buttons, then long press the Power key till the your phone’s screen turns up and you see the Download mode screen. Press the volume up when prompted.
  4. Connect the phone to computer using a USB cable. Install CWM Recovery 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  5. Then click on the OPS button and select the “Cooper_v1.0.ops” file.
  6. Click on the “One Package” button below and select the “cwm-recovery-ace.tar.md5” file.
  7. Finally, when Odin show you that the device click on the “Start” button.
  8. When the CWM Recovery is installed on your Galaxy Ace, Odin will give you a PASS! message.
  9. Then your phone will reboot automatically. Now you can disconnect the USB cable.

 You can  use this CWM Manager.apk for managing the CWM recovery on your phone.

Now your phone has been rooted with CWM Recovery installed on it. Do not forget to share with us how it went for you. If you wish to install a good custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, we have hand-picked some of the best ones for you.

  • SA A

    Thanks for the complete guide

    I want to install “CWM Advanced
    Edition / PhilZ Touch Recovery 6.40.1” (on xda-developers site) on my Galaxy
    Ace GT-S5830.

    I tried to flash recovery.img via terminal emulator, but it returned errors like “flash_image: permission denied”

    I tried to flash recovery.img via adb but some of the commands were not found.

    I have converted its “recovery.img” to “recovery.tar.md5”,
    to flash the recovery via Odin. Is it safe to flash what I have converted from
    .img to .tar.md5, via odin?

    Please guide me.

    Thanks in advance

  • ines casillo

    My phon tells me when i go to the sistem:
    appling Muti -csc — can’t access to ´/system/csc/TRG/system´
    and i not able to do anything: has anybody an Idea about this? Thankyou

  • Make sure to reinstall the usb drivers and enable USB debugging before trying. You can also try rebooting your phone and PC.

  • ines casillo

    does anybody know the reply? same is by me

  • Samit Aggarwal

    i have done every thing but it stops on start option and the screen displays please connect phone

  • McFlymo

    Phone appears to have froze at the boot into download step. I just have “downloading…” on my screen.

  • MohammedFaeeq

    The phone is not prompting for the Volumeup key.
    Its in downloading state only since last 25-30 mins…
    Please suggest what to do

  • Bella Black

    Thank you it worked….now i go and upgrade to jelly bean

  • Bella Black

    I can’t download the needed files…it’s not connecting, the download page is unavailable.

  • Yes, it will remain unlocked but do not forget to backup your current ROM before proceeding.

  • M Rouxger

    After i Update my Rooted/Unlocked Galaxy Ace gt-s5830d, to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 based CM10.1 Nightly custom ROM firmware,FROM version 2.3.4, will my phone still be Unlocked for all networks like koodo,telus,fido,roger, etc after that update???

  • 5 minutes at most. Disconnect device, and start again.

  • Kunal Janjrukia

    how much time does it take to get pass message in the end? its already 15 mins.. pls reply.. thank you

  • stuffnnonsense

    I’ve rooted with Root.Zip. The superuser app has appeared, yet when I try to uninstall preinstalled apps with Uninstall Master I still get the error message saying my phone needs to be rooted (to uninstall things)

  • meta-tron

    this does not work period. your instructions arent clear and they are convoluted to say the list.


    whn i click “apply update from sdcard” it shows “E:faile to mount /sdcard(no such file or directory) E: cant mount /sdcard”………..PLZ HELP PLZ………. need help asap

  • Install this file by booting th device in Stock recovery and let me know:


    Phone not booting in cwm , what can i do

  • Ayahuaska

    I´ve followed ur steps correctly, no errors, but when I check it with the “root checker app” it doesn´t show me root privileges……what should I do next????
    I tried with severals same files, no errors… root…..another way to do it??

    Thank you

  • thanxxxxx man……………

  • arshad

    okk thnks for ur help and support.
    i will retry again.
    but still im scared because i cant buy another device.

  • Backup always insures safety and it saves phones.

  • arshad

    and about nandroid backup ??? what would u say. do u recomend me to make backup
    is it safe.

  • Why not, you can give it a shot.

  • arshad

    and my last question is it safe to make rom back up (nandroid backup) from cwm5.
    does this brick my phone
    pls tell me

  • arshad

    i reflash stock gb 2.3.4 via odin becoz of boot loop should i reinstall cwm5 on 2.3.4
    earlier i had 2.3.6 when i installed cwm

  • I tested on 2.3.6 (India).

  • Well I have tested this root method and CWM 5 on a borrowed device myself and did not see any issue with this.

  • arshad

    and sir
    is this for indian stock gb 2.3.4 ddkq6
    or stock gb 2.3.6 ddkq8

  • arshad

    formate cache ??
    but i already did cache reset its mean cache is deleted

    actualy i have to install miracle rom thats why i have to install it somehow.
    and someone told me to install cwm5 fix version.
    is this cwm5 fix or just cwm5

  • Yes, it works with GB. Boot into recovery and wipe factory/data reset, cache partition, the go to mounts and storage and also format cache.

  • arshad

    hello i have rooted then install cwm succesfully.
    reboot into cwm then there were cwm 5 installed then i formate my phone from phone setting aftr this it gives me boot loop . i did evry thing wipe data cache reset but no solution
    could u explain whats the problem
    im on stock gb
    will this cwm5 work with stock gb

  • Okay, install the CWM first and then install via CWM recovery.

  • Hello, thanks for very clear instructions.

    I have done as asked, put the file on the SD card, rebooted, apply update from SD, clicked…

    Yet it still says installation aborted!

  • kpelrine

    I keep getting installation aborted when I try to “apply update from sdcard”. Any suggestions??

  • Noeman jawadi

    every thing is done in the right way and every thing goe right good work just do steps in the right way and in the right order thank you so much

  • Hi Brad, seems we missed the superuser part and wrote only about installing the cwm recovery. Sorry for your inconvenience. The post has been updated, lease try again and let us know. It will work now.

  • Followed the instructions and Odin said PASS but root checker said phone does not have proper root access.

  • shah

    ive loaded onto my sd card coming up no application can perform this application