How to Enable Hidden CSC Features on Samsung Galaxy Devices with Root Access


Samsung’s firmware for its Android devices have several components and CSC is one of them. The term is an abbreviated form of Consumer Software Customization and denotes to a specific geographical region or carrier branding. While most features of a specific Galaxy device are common globally, there are a bunch of other features that may or not be available to the end users in a particular country and region.

Every Android device from Samsung has a folder called csc under system directory. This folder contains some XML files that keep the configuration codes for country and carrier based customization options. If you have root access on your Samsung phone or tablet, you can access this directory and edit those XML file to enable or disable the features that are available or unavailable on your device. In other words, by editing the XML files present in the csc folder, you can easily personalize your device by adding features like your native language pack, screen rotation control, infinite scrolling on home screen, turn on/off camera shutter sound and so on.

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To be able to enable or disable a CSC governed feature on your Samsung Galaxy device, you need to edit the corresponding lines for a feature or add code yourself. To make this task easier for aspiring users, XDA member kkoolpatz has compiled some codes that can be added to your device using a root file browser. And, you can access the system files and modify them only if you have root permission on your Android device. If you have not yet rooted your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, you can do it now by following our easy and step-by-step tutorial:

Download a Root File Browser

You can download any of the following root file manager apps on your device:

File Explorer Root Browser
JRummy Apps Productivity Free
Speed Software Productivity Free

Enabling Secret CSC Features

So, if you have root access on your device and have installed a root browser app on it too, here is what you have to do to enable CSC features.

  1. Launch the root file manager app and grant it root permission when prompted.
  2. Go to system> csc directory on your device and look for a file named feature.xml. If you do not find this file, look for others.xml.galaxy-s4-csc-features
  3. Now tap on feature/others.xml and find <FeatureSet>.
        <!-- This is a comment. You may write anything between these tags -->
  4. Make sure to add your CSC feature comment line (you can find some of them below) between <FeatureSet> and </FeatureSet> otherwise it would not work.

  5. After adding/editing the lines, save your changes.
  6. Finally reboot your device for the changes to take effect.

Some Codes to Enable CSC Features

Here are a few code lines for you that you can add to activate some hidden features on your Galaxy smartphone or tablet.

Feature: Pressing Enter key takes the cursor to a new line in stock SMS


Feature:  Stock Samsung keyboard with sub symbols

<CscFeature_Sip_UseSymbolInCMKey>true</CscFeature_Sip_UseSymbolInCMKey> <CscFeature_Sip_EnableSymbolInSecondary>de;en_US;en_GB</CscFeature_Sip_EnableSymbolInSecondary>

Note: To enable your preferred input language on your device’s keyboard, you would have to replace the language code (highlighted in red) with those you want on your device. Below is a list of language codes (in small letters) followed by country code (in capital letters).

ko_KR;de_AT;de_CH;de_DE;fr_FR;fr_CH;fr_BE;fr_CA; bg_BG;cs_CZ;da_DK;el_GR;es_ES;et_EE;fi_FI;
ga_IE;hr_HR;hu_HU;is_IS;it_IT; lt_LT;lv_LV;mk_MK;ms_MY;nb_NO;nl_NL;nl_BE;pl_PL;pt_PT;pt-BR;ro_RO;sr_RS;sv_SE;tr_TR; ca_ES;eu_ES;gl_ES;kk_KZ;ru_RU;sk_SK;sl_SI;uk_UA;uz_UZ;az_AZ;hy_AM;ka_GE;


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Feature: Enable scheduled message


Feature: Dialer search matches numbers in contacts and call logs


Feature: Join unlimited contacts together


Feature: Get 100 speed dial shortcuts on phone’s dialer (you can personalize the number)


Feature: Extend Contact name length limit to 1280 characters (you can personalize the number)


Feature: Add exit menu to stock web browser


Feature: Turn camera shutter sound on/off


Feature: Enable infinite scrolling in home screen, app  and widget drawer


Feature: Enable rotation control icon in Gallery


Feature:  Show hardware revision in Settings> About


Feature: Enables stock browser to load sites in Desktop mode.


For  now we only have the above codes to enable some CSC feature on Samsung Galaxy devices. We would keep updaing the list as we come to know of more codes. Cheers!

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