Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 Android 4.4.2 KitKat Official Firmware Update Starts Rolling Out


The long awaited Android 4.4.2 KitKat official firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 has finally started rolling out. This time, the users of the phone in Russia have reported getting the new update via OTA. Since the KitKat firmware for GT-I9500 is unbranded, it can be installed on any Galaxy S4 (Exynos Octa variant) that is is not carrier branded.

If you happen to own this S4 variant and are from some other part of the globe than Russia, you can download the firmware file from our link below and install it manually using Odin. For the sake your convenience, we have added some download mirror links too.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware with build version I9500SERFNB3 for the Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 brings several new features and above all better performance. Just for you information, it does not bring ART (Android RunTime) to your device that Google introduced while releasing KitKat.

Firmware Details:

Device Model: Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500
Firmware Version: Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Build date: 13 February, 2014
Product Code: SER (Russia)

Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 Android 4.4.2

New Features:

  • Camera button on lock screen
  • Improvement in Camera performance
  • White icons on status bar
  • You can choose default app for Home Launcher and Messaging in Settings> More> Default Applications
  • Better performance resulting in better scores on benchmarks
  • Many others

Download Firmware:


Mirror Link 1Mirror Link 2Mirror Link 3, Mirror Link 4, Mirror Link 5


Newly Added Firmwares:

India:  [Mirror]

Saudi Arabia:  [Mirror]

Malaysia:  [Mirror]

Vietnam:  [Mirror]

Thailand:  [Mirror]

Singapore:  [Mirror]

Indonesia:  [Mirror]

HongKong:  [Mirror]

United Arab Emirates:  [Mirror]

Brazil:  [Mirror]

Taiwan:  [Mirror]

Turkey:  [Mirror]

How to Install:

Please note that updating your phone with the new firmware will upgrade its bootloader, and so you will not be able to downgrade your device to Android 4.3. To install this official firmware manually on your Samsung Galaxy S4, follow the installation steps given here.

  • Yes, you can change the system language to English.

  • Vancer

    Hello I Have A Question. I Live in Saudi Arabia aka KSA but i dont want the frimware to be in Arabic so can i downloda the KSA one and change it to english; I mean that by changing language.

  • pradeep

    when i click the link it opens but downloading doesnt start … ended with an error that site does not allow two time downloading something regarding session
    do you have any other link apart from sammobile bcoz that to not working some kind of torrent ??

  • What error do you see when you try to to that?

  • Tanzeel Ur Rehman

    Hi rakesh plz help me that why my mobile samsung galaxy GTi9500 cannot download and install an application?? 🙁 🙁

    i m from Pakistan

  • Since when are you having this issue?

  • rakulchandran

    Hello Rakesh, My Mobile is Galaxy s4 GT19500,Sim Card Range Cant Available What Happend.So Please Help Me…..

  • Root your device and install a custom recovery:

    And then, you’ll be able to flash custom fonts of your choice on your S4:

  • Bandara Ranasinghe

    Hello Rakesh. My mobile is Galaxy s4 GT19500, I cant change the system font style. So please help me to change the font

  • Ayesha Marie Apura

    Hello Rakesh ji last night my mobile saying unfortunately rservicesHome has stopped plz how can I fix? My mobile is galaxy s4 GT19500

  • David

    hello rakesh it says now stop responding everytime what to do

  • Firmware and stock ROM are the same things, but custom ROMs are different as they are modified stock ROMs and are installed through a custom recovery.

  • David

    is firmware and rom the same i am confused with these two terms

  • Well, this is Samsung stock firmware and you need to use Odin for installing it.

  • David

    hello rakesh i rooted my gt i9500 and installed stock rom . Is this a stock rom and can i install this rom .by clearing cahce and everything like the way i installed the custom rom.

  • The best way to know that is connecting the device via Kies and note down the CSC code. You can then find it out:

    Where are you from and where did your buy your phone from? Also, you can install any unbranded firmware if your phone is not locked to a carrier.

  • shoaib amin

    hi rakesh.. bro could u please help me…. i don’t know that from which country my phone exactly is from.. so because of that i can’t download a stock rom for it… on the battery it says “CELL MADE IN KOREA. ASSEMBLED IN VIETNAM “…. i’m worried because if i’ll flash some other countries stock rom.. i might potentially BRICK my phone…??? :”( please help me

  • Not pretty sure. If you had backed up the EFS partition, it would have been easier to fix the IMEI.

  • Samuel Kunady

    hey Rakesh, my IMEI number gone, can i get it back by flash-ing stock rom? currently I used indonesian version.

  • Try Triangle Away app from Google play.

  • Dave

    Rakesh, can u help me? i rooted my s4 i9500 and device status changed from official to custom ,can i bring status back?

  • Gyanendra acharya

    Hello Rakesh ji I got last two days my mobile saying unfortunately rservicesHome has stopped plz how can I fix? My mobile is galaxy s4 GT19500

  • hendro

    rakesh i need your help my phone lose Imei and i need flash to stock rom did you have stock room samsung s4 gt19500 code indonesia please respone 🙂

  • Reinstall the drivers and reboot phone and pc.

  • naewe sivle

    rakeesh still waiting on ur response

  • naewe sivle

    rakeesh pls help..odin is still not responding to my device when i plug it in in download mode..

  • Airwine Naewe

    I tried it again, I installed the drivers above but, odin is not responding to the device when I plug it….pls help.

  • Remove old driver and Install this driver:

    Reboot phone and PC and try again.

  • naewe sivle

    I put the phone in download mode but odin is not responding to it when i connected it with usb….instead it says driver was not successfully installed……

  • Yes, you can.

  • Ryan

    can i install the russia one? because i want it to be a torrent file

  • If you want English, you can install any firmware. Choose a country near you.

  • Ryan

    i live in philipines, what firmware should i download?

  • After installing the firmware, yu can choose you preferred lang. from the list.

  • Ryan

    can i remove the russian lungauges?

  • Any unbranded firmware would work fine.

  • naewe sivle

    i downloaded the one from domimica will it work or its only that from russia????

  • Yes, it’ll work.

  • naewe sivle

    rakesh.. i am from ghana, if download the firmware for russia , on my gt19500, will it work??? its not carrier branded.

  • It’ll not work.

  • Marco

    Can I download a different firmware to my S4 that has a Chinese firmware?

  • Shiv

    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!! Couldnt find a torrent link and the other downloads were soooo slooowwww(15 hours!!) with the torrent i downloaded the thing in 25 minutes 😉 THANK YOU!

  • Sorry I forgot to tell you to make a backup. 🙁

  • J.R.

    UPDATE: I restarted the phone not long after I posted the original comment above and the performance issues have cleared up. I thought the phone had restarted right after the update, so I guess I didn’t think to do it manually. I’ve still had to re-install several apps, but I can live with that.

  • Performing a data factory reset via recovery might help. Try the steps 10-14 given here:

  • J.R.

    I recently took the update on my Galaxy S4. While a few of the new features are nice, I lost almost half my app icons and now it often takes several seconds for the screen to wake up. Anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix for this coming? I’d like to revert back to 4.3 if possible, but I’m seeing postings saying that reverting to previous versions is no longer possible.

    I loved the phone before the update. Now I’m getting frustrated with it.