How to Fix “Moisture Detected Error” on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


One of the things that modern smartphone manufacturers use as a unique selling point for their high-devices is adding the “waterproof” feature to them. Everybody want to have a phone that doesn’t refuse to function properly or dies forever if it comes into the contact with water accidently. In fact, people want to own a phone that allows them to shoot underwater pics.

Sony has been making waterproof devices, especially the Xperia Z series, for years. Personally, I have stopped relying on the waterproof technology used in modern smartphones since my Xperia Z3 made its way to the world of the dead shortly after I dipped it into a bucket of water to test Sony’s claim that the Z3 is waterproof. It happened the same day I purchased the device, and by refusing to replace or repair my new phone, the service center added more salt to my wound. I owned the Galaxy S6 Edge in the past and currently, have the S7 Edge, but never did I gather the guts to test any of them.

Actually, water is the biggest enemy of electronic gadgets and making a phone that can survive inside water, even to a certain duration and pressure, is not an easy job. Since it’s impossible to imagine a smartphone without stereo speakers, microphone, earphone pin socket and charging port, it’s also hard to imagine a phone with no holes.

With the launch of the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Samsung brought the IP68 certification to their flagship range. It means that these devices can withstand water pressure up to 1.5 meters for a duration of 30 minutes.

Samsung has made heavy use of gaskets, sticky adhesives, and seals on the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge to protect the internal components from letting water or moisture inside the device. As for the speakers, Samsung has fitted mesh grille for keeping water out. To save the device from a possible short-circuit the power jack on the Galaxy S7 are powered by software that gives it the signal to stop responding.

Now here’re some instructions from Samsung as mentioned in the device manual.


Samsung claims to make heavy use of gaskets, sticky adhesives and seals to protect the internal components from letting water or moisture inside the device. As for the speakers, Samsung has fitted mesh grille for keeping water out. To save the device from a possible short-circuit the power jack on the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge are powered by software that gives it the intelligence to stop responding to electricity connection when the charging pin is plugged in.

Having read the above details, any Galaxy S7 user might start dreaming about some underwater adventure but then, there’s a problem. The device might stop charging if it detects any kind of moisture inside because of the moisture-detecting stickers fitted in the device. Moreover, Samsung has applied no water repellant coating on the circuit boards and that make this device more vulnerable to short-circuiting and corrosion.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is water resistant and it’s really an ensuring safety feature against accidental exposure to water. However, if you become very enthusiastic about it and deliberately try to expose it to water, Samsung might refuse your claims and you might lose your hands of the device warranty.

Fix Moisture Detected Error on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

If you have recently exposed your Galaxy S7 to water and have been encountering “Moisture Detected” error when you try to charge it, below are a few tips that you should try to fix the issue.

The error pops up, especially when the sensor detects any moisture inside the charging port. As I said above, this is a safety measure by the OEM to protect the device from short-circuiting. To some, it might sound like a sensible safeguard, while for some it might be the point that defeats IP68 certification.

Anyway, given below are a few handy tips to get the moisture out of your device and fix the Moisture Detected Error issue on Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7.

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  • The first thing you should try is to wipe your S7 or S7 Edge with a smooth cotton cloth properly and then shake it with the charging port facing down to remove any excess water inside the USB port.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the ports: charging port, speaker, aux port, earpiece speaker, buttons any holes. Doing so might fix the “moisture detected” error on your S7.
  • Don’t blow air into the charging port as the water or moisture may further go inside the device. Try a hair dryer instead to vaporize water and get rid of the moisture. Make sure to keep the hair dryer temperature at a low or moderate level so that the device doesn’t get damaged with heat. Set the temperature level of the dryer to “1” or “2”. Your target is to remove the moisture only, remember! Use the dryer for at least two-three minutes and blow the charging port from different angles.  Now, take a dry piece of cloth any try wiping any possible moisture left in the USB port.
  • Now, take a dry piece of cloth any try wiping any possible moisture left in the USB port.
  • You must be familiar with rice’s great quality of absorbing moisture out of things. Popping your Galaxy S7 in a rice box for 30-60 minutes might also help you fix the “moisture detected” issue. Give it a try!
  • Get an alcohol swab, and gently move it in the USB port. Let it dry for a couple of minutes.
  • If wiping with a cloth, dipping into rice or the hair dryer trick doesn’t work for you, there’s one more thing that you can try. Get a set of tweezers and slightly push up on the plastic piece that holds the contacts inside the charging port. Also, lightly scrape the contacts with the tweezers to remove any possible corrosion on them. I would caution anybody who is willing to try this to be very gentle and careful while trying this.
  • Using a different charging cable might also work.

Having tried the things suggested above, reboot your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and plug in the charger pin. You should now able to charge the device normally.

Do share with us which tip worked for you. If you have tried something else that fixed the “Moisture Detected Error” on your Galaxy S7, please share with us via comments. It’ll help others.

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  • Ryan

    Hair dry worked for me! Ironically i planned on doing it but wanted to make sure i didn’t fry it, so seeing that so many people did it and was fine makes me happy.

  • Christine Lee

    Thanks, this worked for me too for a similar situation!

  • Penny Knight

    I get the pop up.
    My phone is dry, it was never wet, and it won’t charge.
    Starts to boot then dies, I cant start it.
    1/2 a day is only to 5% charge, its not long enough to really do anything with it.

  • Randy Buchwald

    I had the same problem. Had tried the bag of rice overnight, but still had issue. I cut a small strip fron=m a business card and used it to wipe below the tab inside of the USB port. That seemed to remove the remaining moisture or crud from the phone. Is charging now. Thanks!

  • Kevin Williams

    My phone has the same issue, only I cannot remember having it close to water. I think it is probably only dust or dirt on the charging port. But is does make one worry your phone might not come back. Samsung needs to work on this error.

  • RojCowles

    Just got this on my wife’s phone. It did get wet, seawater, and I left it in a bag with silca gel packets overnight but still got the message. I then turned off the phone and plugged it in and it fast charged all the way to 100%. Now have a wireless charger on order but will see if this workaround works for the next few days

  • Mathieu Bosi

    Yes, that’s a useful gadget to have 🙂 however data transfer and software development / debugging will *not* be possible unless the issue is solved.
    The “hair drier” technique worked for me (see my other post).

  • Mathieu Bosi

    After reading the comments below, I decided to give the “extended hair drier” technique a try.

    In my case:
    1. I ensured that no lint was lying in the port / on the contacts.

    2. I then heated the phone USB port until the “Phone overheating detected” warning popped out. This icon looks like a small battery with an exclamation mark on it and it will appear on the top left of the phone screen, in the notifications area.

    3. Right after the warning disappeared, I let the phone rest for about 5 minutes.

    4. Then I plugged in the cable: error gone! 🙂

    In the past I had managed to solve the issue by leaving the phone beneath a 60 W light bulb for several hours. The hair drier technique has however proved to be *much* faster.
    (By the way, back in that time, I also purchased a wireless charger.
    Really useful gadget to have for about 16 bucks.)

  • Miao Miao

    You are still able to charge but it shows the error message? Perhaps you can use wireless charging.

  • Miao Miao

    Perhaps this message is a little late but if it happens again, you can try putting phone and submerge it into a bowl of rice. I used to put it for 2 or 3 days.

    That was what I did to my Samsung phone when it fell into the toilet bowl hahaha.

  • netplayground

    Do you have one of those round white or black Samsung wireless charging coasters (or similar)? Just set your phone on the charger and voila! You’re charging without the moisture error message.

  • John Thomas

    or to connect to the computer for data transfer/root/other tasks

  • trebor situnek

    I am convinced the “moisture detected” message is somewhat a spurious message thrown whenever the USB cable connection is not clean. After a VERY small amount of moisture spilled on my Samsung Galaxy S7 it stopped charging via the USB port (it did charge wirelessly). I followed the advice from another site by carefully cleaning the port (with auto battery cleaner) and wooden toothpick and very small flat screw driver. My phone started charging normally without the moisture warning.

  • Simon Collin

    Nice, tho the advice Reboot the device should come first.

  • Ian Mothersikk

    I had this issue after cleaning the screen with eyeglass cleaner (when putting on a screen protector). 30 minutes in a plastic baggie with some rice solved the problem.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Patrick Balfe

    My phone started showing “moisture detected” message whilst in humid weather in Indonesia. It lasted a few days and I tried the rice thing and a few other methods which didnt work. The only thing that worked was wrapping an alcohol swab around a thin piece of metal and scraping it around inside the charging port. It removed a fair bit of lint which i assume was contributing to the issue. I have a feeling the lint probably absorbed some moisture but swabbing the inside of the port with the alcohol swab + removing the lint completely solved the issue. Thanks for all your helpful suggestions.

  • EJ Belton

    I used a small brush that came with my electric hair clippers to wipe out the USB port on my phone and problem was aopvdd immediately.

  • andreasc601

    Cleaning the usb port with a thin brush did it for me!

  • krowe78

    ..or charge at full speed.

  • Zatch

    Since I got my Play and Charge kit for my Xbox One controller I use the micro USB cable with my phone charger to charge the controller and my phone, but only when using that cable I get the moisture message. The end of the cable has “clips” that keep it from coming out as easy as a regular micro USB which is why I like to use it. To fix it I just unplug it and plug it again and it works. To me it just sounds like an issue with the cable.

  • Slaffka S

    The manual is wrong obviously, LOL.

  • Slaffka S

    Maybe the charger cable is dirty, has some lint that attracts moisture. Can you change the cable or vacuum it as well as the port?

  • Slaffka S

    I just hit the same problem. The phone would complain about the moisture in the USB port, but the phone was never wet. I went to the Sprint store, they tested the phone with wireless charger which worked. So I assumed that there is something in the USB port that holds moisture. I got a wooden toothpick and cleaned the port. Right after I did this, my phone started charging.

  • KingThrogg

    A small paint brush wiped around the charge port fixed mine. Hair dryer way useless, I think it must have had corrosion on the contact.

  • There may be some issue with the humidity sensor. You should visit the Samsung service center and report the problem.

  • Donna Peluso

    Could this S7 Edge be defective? My phone has the moisture error and my phone has not been near water. I am seeing a lot of people are having the same issue. Is Samsung going to recall these expensive phones and fix the problem??

  • Xun Ci Chiang

    my S7 wasn’t anywhere near water before it happened, I used the cloth and vacuum advice but it didn’t work until I used the tweezers before I vacuumed it again. Not sure if the tweezers itself makes it work or it needs to be a combi of both. It’s charging normally now.

  • Nakana Morton

    It says in the manual not to stick anything into the charging port.

  • Asylumsix

    I have the Galaxy S5 neo, it has the same feature as this.. If any of you are vapers out there DO NOT GET THESE PHONES, it’s a constant struggle for me and my only option is to leave it in a drawer where I don’t hear it ring most of the time..

    How I’ve been dealing it, I took a thin piece of 28 gauge wire, fold it in half so there’s a rounded edge, I take a piece of tissue and wrap it around the wire, insert into charging port and move it around… it’ll start charging again after that…

  • Pam Reeves

    I HATE these phones!!! I was due for an upgrade and my husband ordered me the S7 Active, I wanted the s6. I had to buy a wireless charger for the first one because of that message, I never got it in water, we even sent it back but they sent it back to me because we didn’t have the insurance on it and the problem with it didn’t fall under warranty ( the on off button was stuck ) so they sent me another one, now this one is doing the same. it has NOT been in water, I was out side for a few minutes with it and it was sprinkling very lightly, that is the closest it’s come to being in water. now we are paying for 2 of those pieces of **** phones!

  • Janevski Riste

    Thanks a lot… it really helped. Hair dryer with max temperature for 2 mins from different directions really works.

  • Matt

    I am getting a bogus “Moisture Detected” error message on an S7. It only happens with one specific type of car charger. The phone has never been in or near water. Ever! I know that some of you will say “just use a different car charger”. I do not want to. I really like the charger because it is perfect for the car cradle I put the phone in. Since the process of elimination leads me to the error only happening with a specific brand of car charger it is a BOGUS message. Anyone have an idea on what I can do here?

  • Yes. You can also try car charger and different charging cables.

  • Deb Judah

    I got tbis dreaded error message when my phone hadn’t even been near the steam off a kettle never mind actual water. Tried all of the above anyway but no joy. Will a wireless charger work?

  • Paul

    Nothing else was working until I noticed some greenish corrosion on the part of the charging port facing me. I used the pick on a nail clipper (only thing available in my dorm) to scrape it away very, very gently, and plugged it in – worked on the first try

  • raj

    Wireless charger helps to charge your phone. To fix moisture error. just try with black usb cable which is not the original one.

  • Hi Ashik,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Your tips might really prove useful to other!

  • I own an S7 and just wanted to show my Mom that S7 is a waterproof phone. So I washed it right in front of her and she witnessed nothing happen to it. When the battery was about to die I plugged in the charger wire. That is when the phone said ‘Moisture detected make sure charger/port is dry’. I realized I’m in a trouble. Things I tried

    1. Dried the charger port with a hair dryer at least temperature for 2 minutes (no luck)
    2. Put the phone in a rice bag for 30 mins and then tried to charge

    This didn’t work. At this point of time I lost hope but gave another try.

    While the batter was totally dead I switched on the dryer and blew it in the charger port at max temperature for 2 mins from different directions. I made sure I did not overheat the phone. Then shake the phone to see if water comes out of the charger port or the speaker or the jack but I did not find any water. Then plugged the charge to see it charging 🙂

  • Deminox

    Phone is 2 weeks old. constantly gets this message when plugged into a gorilla powerbank, and nothing else.
    However, it also constant connect/disconnect/connect/disconnect every other second when plugged into a PC, making file transfer via cable next to impossible.

    Samsung makes such garbage phones.

  • Daniel Ireland

    Except for the issue of not being able to use a wired charger.

  • Damian Barlow

    Over a four day period I tried all these and a few more with no success including leaving overnight in front of a dehumidifier (no isopropyl as explained below).
    What did work for me was to turn off the device, spray the port with Isopropyl alcohol (from an electronics store) then leave over night in front of a dehumidifier – one that will dry a pair of jeans siting in front of it in the same time period.
    I turned it on (it still had the issue) and when at the store I bought it from, the girl restarted it and plugged it in – it started to charge. Typical… but possibly just needed that last reboot.

  • Todd Rossin

    Use a wireless charging pad. NFC. No plug, no cable, no issue.

  • Anthony Vovers

    My S7 had never been dunked, occasional dampness from rain. The moisture detected bug has been haunting me since the phone was new. The incidence is getting worse and worse. I live in a tropical place. The wireless charger seems to always work ok.
    The moisture detected is happening 4-5 times each week, sometimes an hour or 2, sometimes all day and I get a dead phone.
    After overnight charging on wireless a couple of times it normally comes back.
    Hair dryer is not effective. Rice and desiccant not effective.
    The problem is driving me to hate this lovely phone. Whenever i have time to get near a service center the problem has frustratingly gone away I won’t take it in if I can’t reproduce it. I suspect that the sensor is hiding behind some plastic gasket and moisture can get in and not get out. Frustrated… In Bali…

  • Anthony Vovers

    Same for me

  • Excessive Force


  • Jim Willeke

    I only get this message when plugged into a Samsung Desktop Charger (ED-D100TNWE) which I am confident has never been wet.
    When I plug the phone into the cable that feed the Samsung Desktop Charger, no error shows.

  • OKay

    I had the phone in slightly steamy bathroom for 45 minutes 24 hours ago. Methinks this sensor its a tad oversensitive

  • Yilmaz Burak

    Same here. Last night I got new update and my Motorola Car charger stop working and giving “Moisture Detected” error! I don’t know what to do

  • Francine Brunet

    i did all of the above and still seeing the Moisture detected error …

  • Ryan Griffin

    I think that taking the phone in salt water may be a bad idea. I took mine in (the s5 or whatever was the first water resistant galaxy) and it had a usb cover but not audio jack cover

    the salt water corroded the audio jack but after using it for a while, the corroded material wore off and the sound got back to normal

  • steggiec

    My car charger used to work with the s7 until fairly recently. My fast charger still works, and i haven’t tried any other chargers yet, but the car charger still says moisture detected and it’s been over a month.

  • Ed Liberty

    I have the s7 edge and I am experiencing the moisture sensing problem yet it has never seen or been near water. If I pull out the charge cord and reinsert it works sometimes and sometimes not since the last update neither my carrier nor samsung seem to care since I am over the carriers 15 min replacement program. Samsung says to send it in and they will look at it but that leaves me with no phone for 6 weeks. I have no idea what to do it started since the last update.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience, Emily!

  • Emily Mahar

    My S7 also has not been anywhere near water (other than rain, but it hasn’t been directly exposed to that either) and after a software update last night I no longer can use my charger at work.
    Neither the phone nor the charger could have been exposed to water at work since I work inside and haven’t spilled water anywhere recently.
    Thanks to your post I tried another charger and that works fine.
    What sucks is the one that no longer works is a new cord that I bought since I got the phone with a new fast-charging wall outlet so there shouldn’t be any issues with it.

  • HeartyCoffee Plays

    Get an acholol swab, and gently move it in the USB port. Let it dry for a couple of minutes, workso good as new, this what I did.

  • Faisal One

    I took my S7 Edge and dive with it merely for 30 Seconds. Everything seems OK after that until I charged the phone after many hours. I got same error message of moisture. I turned off my my phone and put in the bag of rice for overnight. I also kept my mobile in severe heat at dashboard of my car for many hour expecting the moisture would dry. The problem persist even after 3 weeks. First it show the error than, when I push or shack the cord it started charging so the tom and Jerry play is going on for 3 weeks. In fact there is no moisture left but the error still there as of 1st Sep. 2016.

  • Cory West

    Got the note 7 and it got wet at the beach same thing … it’s been 2 days. Had to go buy a wireless charging pad. Pretty pissed off at Samsung for this

  • You can also try this: take a bucket of dry rice and immerse your device inside it. Wait for an hour and then try rebooting the device.

  • AcemanX AcemanX

    Its been 3 days and I still get the message after showering with it, I have a note 7, any help?

  • In most cases, all the “waterproof” stuff about smartphones prove to be mere gimmick. I used to have an Xperia Z4. Being curious to test it, I just dipped it in a bucket and took out, and it went dead after that. The guys at Sony rejected my claim to fix the device or send me a new one.

    I now have another water resistant phone (S7 Edge) and I never dare even dream about water while I hold it in my hand.

  • Cliff Hess

    I am having the same charging issue. I had my S7 in the pocket of my fairly dry loose shorts that I was wearing OVER my scuba shorts that were indeed wet from a recent dive. There may have been some small contact with water from the scuba shorts underneath but even a non-waterproof phone should not have an issue. Not to mention that I have been diving for years and wearing other phones just as described above with no issues. What a pain.

  • I changed chargers and it worked fine after that

  • My S7 Edge has not even been near the water. I get this “moisture detected” message only if I use a certain phone charger. Any other charger, wall or car, works fine. I have been using this same charger for several months since I got my S7 in March. It just started giving me the moisture message last week using this Motorola charger that I have been using without an issue. Apparently Samsung did an update recently that is causing this I would guess since it used to charge just fine. And other car chargers work.? Odd.

  • Nanny

    I shook my phone and rebooted it, it’s now charging just fine

  • Tammy12

    Some water got in my phone while listening to music in the shower. My blow dryer was recently broken but I did the shaking and wiping out the USB port and I restarted my phone now it works perfectly like nothing was ever wrong

  • Laurie Kunzelman

    Mine will no longer charge. It was only in approx 1 inch of water for at most 10 minutes and will only charge on the wireless charger. I did everything all these things say to do. Samsung is having me send the phone in to have it looked at and they said if it is water damage, that isn’t covered and I will have to pay for it. FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

  • Reboot means restarting or turning off and turning on your phone.

  • Johanna Elizabeth Villarreal

    how do you reboot the phone?

  • Jami Johnson

    My edge was on me when I got dumped into the ocean last week (fell off jet ski) and now it will only charge wirelessly. I’ll try the q-tip

  • Bigor Bust

    Ok so there’s really an issue with this phone. Even after the moisture issue, I would have to put it in my VR Gear 10 – 15 times before it would recognize it.

    I think it might be one of those times where you have to find a way to get it dry yourself. If you had it around salt water, it might need more than drying – it may have salt in the port bay at the bottom of the phone.

    You could try using a q-tip to clean it?

  • KatColl

    Have had my phone for a few weeks. Took it to the beach last week and tried it in the water. My cousin has the same phone and has done it numerous times so I did it for just a minute because I was too nervous. Phone worked great all day after that. I went to charge it at end of day and it said Moisture Detecred. I did the steps above, and nothing, waited 11 hrs and next morning it finally worked. Has been fine since. Except now my phone is at 9% and it won’t charge cause Moisture Detected however I’ve been at work and home with the phone on bed and not around water, heat, or moisture so here I am googling the issue lol

  • I remember how my Xperia Z4 joined the land of the dead as soon as I put it in a bucket of water for 10 seconds out of curiosity. I did the same with the S7 Edge a little nervously, but it came out alive. 🙂

  • Bigor Bust

    Yeh np. I have had my phone for about a month and so far really happy with it. It heats up really bad during Gear VR, but if you use Smart Manager, close out all of the apps before starting a VR experience, it runs a lot better. I’ve also had the phone in the bathtub, shower, beach, and it cleans up really nice in water. Won’t be testing its pressure sensors though. First time I’ve seen the moisture though, so hopefully it won’t be come an issue – if it does, I may need to stick to wireless charging.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Bigor Bust

    Just had this happen to me. Phone was wiped off with a wet cloth, left at my bedside for 11 hours, drove to work (so that’s 13 hours of sitting still before plugging it in). Moisture error would pop up. Ultimately the best advice I received above was shaking it out (no nothing was in it), and then rebooting the phone.

    Reboot worked 🙂