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Dark Blue Mint v2 for MIUI V4 (Update Aug 28)

WhiteBoy997 from XDA ha just released the version 2 of his beautiful Dark Blue Mint theme for MIUI V4. The theme is a;so compatible with Android devices running MIUI JB ROMs. Download

Theme your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Using Galaxy S6’s Theme Engine

Android theming A theme is a style applied to an entire activity or application, rather than an individual view. Android is very versatile open source software allowing many OEMs and users to theme their devices...

Fire in the Night v1.0 for MIUI V4

Here is another dark orange theme for Android devices on MIUI V4. This is the third dark orange theme, including my theme The Dark Knight Rises 3.1, that I am posting for the last...

Download Flip Font Collection for Samsung Galaxy Phones

People like to change the look and feel of their phone very much. It is a sad thing that we have to depend on third party launcher or a custom ROM to enjoy themes...

100 Fonts Collection for MIUI

If you love to change the fonts of your Android device often, here is a mega collection of 100 beautiful fonts for you. All these fonts have been packed in .mtz format to easily...

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