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Best Cloud Storage Apps

4 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Cloud storage allows you to store the contents of your android device to an online source. This helps you to save a lot of...

5 Best Free Keyboard Apps for Android

Text messaging, browsing the internet, and keeping notes on your smartphone all have one thing in common. You can't complete these actions without the...

10 Best Android Games Under 15MB

Each one of us needs a break from work every now and then. Browsing through our favorite site, and learning new tricks that can improve our...

3 Effective Tips to Speed Up Android Devices (NO ROOT)

Smartphone hardware technology is far more advanced than it was 3 years ago. However, there are still people that complain about their device being slow....

4 Retro Games for Your Android Phone

There's nothing like 8-bit graphics and music to create a sense of nostalgia in just about anyone who played the games in the arcades....

3 Great Battery Saving Apps for Android

Aside from dropping or losing your phone, few cellular disasters are as distressing as looking down and seeing a low battery warning at the...

Here’s How You Can Edit Videos on Android

Video editing, whether you are a professional YouTuber or an amateur with a GoPro, is surely a reality. We don't only want to preserve our...

Bottle Flip – A Game That is Too Minimalistic to be True!

With billions of Android games available on the Google Play Store, we are only able to grasp the knowing of a part of it....

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