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Download Modded YouTube APK

Download Modded YouTube APK with Dark Mode, No Ads and Background Playback

There's no denying that YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and by a large margin. Even with all of the competition from licensed streaming services and Facebook, YouTube still brings in an audience...

Create & Pin Notes to the Notification Area with Collateral

Digital notes, thanks to the timely reminders, are simply the best. I may forget to look at the note written on a paper from time to time but a digital note never fails as...
fooView - Float Viewer

Simplify Your Android Experience with fooView – Float Viewer

I have never been a fan of apps with a persistent notification or a floating icon. I may have to reconsider that stance though because fooView - Float Viewer is just that good. It...

Firefox Version 57.0 is Officially Released with Big Improvements

Long awaited Firefox 57.0 is officially out on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, i-OS and Android platforms. Version 57.0 of Firefox browser is special because it implements features resulting from long-time research and development. This...
Love Microsoft? Give Your Android A Microsoft Edition Makeover

Love Microsoft? Give Your Android a Microsoft Edition Makeover

We've all come to love Android and consequently the bundled Google apps and services that come along with it. Microsoft's Windows Phone did not receive the same amount of love, mostly because of the...
NewPipe App

NewPipe App is a Lightweight but Powerful YouTube Alternative You Must Not Miss

F-Droid is an Android Play Store alternative that offers exclusively Free and Open Source Apps. It's been around since 2010 and it has recently seen a user interface overhaul. Over the years, various high-quality...
Watch New Short Indie Films Daily With

Watch New Short Indie Films Daily With Viddsee Android App

Big budget blockbusters are fun, they are. There's nothing like watching someone with a red cape flying around on the screen, making you believe a man can fly. But then, there are also movies...

How to Add Any Widget to Expanded Nova Launcher Dock

Nova Launcher is the prime example of the level of customization Android can offer. The most popular Android launcher by far, it started out simply as a stock Android launcher with some extra features....
5 Paid Icon Packs And Live Wallpapers Currently Free On Google Play Store

5 Paid Icon Packs and Live Wallpapers Currently Free on Google Play Store

Google has been holding app sales for quite some time now but somehow there are still many that don't know about it. And it is Google's fault in the end. Neither the Play Store...
How To Block Those Pesky Redirect Ads In Google Chrome

How to Block Those Pesky Redirect Ads in Google Chrome

If you do any significant amount of Internet browsing on your Android device, you have likely faced the ads we're going to be talking about. These redirect ads appear on a page and, you...

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