Download and Install Galaxy S3 AccuWeather Clock Widget Mods in Various Styles


It’s always a pleasant experience to a beautiful weather widget on our phone’s homescreen and when it comes to a clock weather widget, I think the Motorola Circle Clock Weather widget is the best looking widget found on Android phones. The stock weather widget on our Galaxy S3 is beautiful but as Tennyson has said “Lest one good custom should corrupt the world”, one is sure to get bored of even those things one likes most.

We are always looking for some new things for a change and to cater this desire our great developers and modders keep working. Just a couple of days ago we posted  the Galaxy S4 Weather clock widget mod for the users of Galaxy S3 phones, and now we have some more widgets for you to play with. These are the modded versions of the AccuWeather widget from Galaxy S3 in various layouts, transparency levels and layouts.

Personally, I do not like any widgets that occupies a major part of the homescreen and covers it. That is why I always use the transparent version of  the weather widget on my Galaxy S3. XDA member KimbaSinger has releases the modded version of the AccuWeather Widget which can be flashed on all Galaxy S3 phones with stock odex or deodexed ROMs.


I have tested the mods on stock and custom ROMs both and they are working just fine. You can select the transparency level of the widget from below. Download the widget from below and flash the zip via CWM Recovery. This means that you must have root with a custom recovery installed on your phone.


1. AccuweatherWidget semi Mod

2. AccuweatherWidget Mod XXUFME7

3. AccuweatherWidget HTC Mod XXUFME7

Also Download:

Galaxy S4 WeatherClock Widget for Galaxy S3

How to Install:

  1. Download the Galaxy S3 weather widget zip file from above and copy the zip file to your phone’s internal or external SD Card storage without extracting it.
  2. If you have installed a deodexed stock ROM like WanamLite, FoxHound, crDroid, Omega, etc., you need not perform the Step 3.
  3. Now boot your phone into ClockWorkMod recovery mode by holding the Volume Up+Home+Power buttons for about 3-5 seconds.
  4. Needless to say, you will have to use the volume and power keys to scroll up or down and select options.
  5. Do not forget to backup your current ROM so that you might restore it later in case of  a mishap.
  6. Now scroll down to “install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard”, navigate to the weather widget file and select it.
  7. It will be installed in a few seconds and when it is done,  reboot the phone.

If your phone is on stock rooted firmware, and you are unable to see the new widget after installing it, do as follows. Install a root file explorer and navigate to the system/app folder. Here, you will find the following files:  AccuWeatherWidget.odex and AccuWeatherWidget_Main.odex. Backup both the files to the external storage of your device and then delete the original odex files from the System/app folder. If it still does not help you restore the deleted .odex files back to their place.

When your phone boots up, you should have the newly installed modded Galaxy S3 AccuWeather Weather Clock widget on your phone.

source: xda

  • se the apps given here to remove bloats:

    For fast performance, install the KitKat rom from here:

  • John Giosso

    I installed this on a stock mod ROM 4.3.
    The widget shows up, but says, “tap to add city” when I tap on it, it stops and says, “Unfortunately, TouchWiz home has stopped”
    I tried to clear the Weather Daemon, Weather Widget, and Weather Widget Main, but the only thing that shows up in my app manager is just the Weather Widget.
    Any help on this? I really liked the stock widget, not sure why the developer didn’t add it back to the ROM.

    Either that or can someone recommend a good stock rom that’s fast and doesn’t have all the bloat. Even this moded stock rom is a little laggy.


  • Fa Hazelnut

    Hi, I actually have a Galaxy S3 with firmware as fabric and I can’t find this widget. Do you know how can I get it? I also installed from Google play an application to help me to show it up (Galaxy S3 Weather Shortcut) but it says that Weather app cannot be found. Help please!!!! I really like this widget but I don’t want to root my device until guarantee expires.

  • belovedbyHim

    Thank you.

  • Hi, that is a default feature of Android and is found on most devices. Open App Drawer and tap on the Clock icon, you will see all those features you want. Alternatively, you can also take a look here:

  • belovedbyHim

    I just switched from the HTC evo to the Galaxy s3, I really miss the clock/timer/stopwatch/alarm feature of my HTC. Is there anything like that for the GS3?? If so can someone point me to it? I use that feature nearly daily and really need something that is a one touch digital clock. thanks.

  • Mauricio Magaña

    it would be nice if you could remove the lines on the transparent one

  • Mauricio Magaña

    Try this:
    clear app data from Settings> Application Manager> ALL> after flashing the zip:
    Settings>Application manager>All/Weather Daemon/clear data
    Settings>Application manager>All/Weather Widget /clear data
    Settings>Application manager>All/Weather Widget Main/clear data

  • Aman Chatha

    mine says problem loading widget

  • dea mon

    Well shit…

  • Chris Plunkett

    Went back to 4.1.2 for now where it’s working exactly as it should do.But are there options to customise it? Nice though the backgrounds are,it’d be nice to able to change them and maybe change the size and placement of the text?

  • Chris Plunkett

    Ok,so any more ideas on this please without having to go back to an older version of the ROM?

  • Chris Plunkett

    Ok thanks for those,but both are transparent which I don’t want ( I particularly like the backgrounds) and they still have the line of code across them.

  • Chris Plunkett

    None that look like I want them to.It’s a shame the ones above won’t work properly on 4.2.2 as it looks a lot nicer than the stock one does.

  • Then try from a various versions above. May be it works for you.

  • Chris Plunkett

    Ok thanks for that,but that’s the much more basic S4 widget without a proper background image unless I’m mistaken? I just want the stock S3 weather widget back again,or the one I’m I’m using now which is actually better but without the lines of code across the top of it.

  • Max

    Before I barge in guns blazing I have to ask – would this work on a Galaxy S2 running 4.1.2 Jelly Bean?

  • Here are the files:

    Copy/replace the files in System/app folder using a root explorer and then fix permission for all 3 files as: rw-r–r–

    Try copying the “AccuweatherWidget” file only. It is the file for HS widget.

    See the guide here:

  • Chris Plunkett

    Brilliant,thanks for that.

  • Hmm. Okay I’ll upload a deodexed version tomorrow.

  • Chris Plunkett

    I guess it should be opaque then,but mine is fully transparent,I’ve tried reinstalling it and it’s still transparent.

  • What do you mean by fully Opaque? The default widget is already like that!

  • Chris Plunkett

    Ok thanks,I don’t want to go to the older version.All I want to do is to restore the bundled widget to fully opaque,is there any way to do this please?

  • So, you are using it on Android 4.2.2! That’s why you see those symbols. Try with 4.1.2 and it’ll work fine.

  • Chris Plunkett
  • Chris Plunkett

    On a Galaxy S3 on Omega ROM V45,I get this widget working perfectly again with full opacity as required,but with a line of code across the top of it.I’ve tried several re-installs and still the code.Is there a quick and easy way to get it working properly without this please?

  • This is only for Galaxy S3 and Note 2. On tablets it poses problems. Better restore the original widget.

  • dea mon

    Widget doesn’t show up on tab 2 running cm10

  • In fact, your phone should have deodexed ROM to get it work.

  • Have you moved the widget to SD-Card ? or in case your are using any apps2sd script?

  • caponemontana617

    I have galaxy s3 4.2.2 and I flashed the zip. To install stock s3 weather widget and nothing showed on my screen but it said installation was complete plz help I really want that

  • This is only for Galaxy devices. You can try this:
    But do not proceed without backing up your current ROM in CWM.

  • Amit Taksali

    Can I install it on Canvas HD with Rooted Stock ROM or Deodexed ROM?

  • not working on my Karbonn titanium s1. any suggestions ?

  • Work perfect on stock 4.1.2 Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S3 AccuWeather Widget [50% Transparent]) Thanks 🙂

  • Will this work on TOUCHWIZ based roms only? I’m running cm 10.1.