Desktop Clock & Weather Widget for MIUI


Here is a beautiful desktop clock and weather widget for Android devices on MIUI ROM. The widget is made by an anonymous modder. I have tested it on MIUI v4 and it worked like a charm (Not sure about MIUI GB. Try it yourself and let me know). To show the weather on homescreen, the widget fetched data from Google Weather/Genie Widget app. So you will have to this app to, or you will get only a simple white clock. Copy the mtz file to MIUI/Theme folder, then open Theme Manager> Mixed> Clock> select the clock and apply.

Desktop Clock & Weather Widget


  • Well, that is not a bug in the widget. In fact, genie widget is a little slow. It will take some time before it shows up. Just keep updating the Genie Weather app and it will show the weather.

  • I have Genie Widget Installed but no Weather Images are coming…only white data of weather and clock.

    I have MIUI V4 2.6.7 installed on Samsung Galaxy S plus