One of the best things about Android is that you can change what you don’t like. You don’t need to stick to some absurd functionality or design just because it exists. If you have a bit of knowledge about Android, you might have seen many modded APKs on the Internet. Also, you might have seen many themed apps in custom ROMs that are modified to blend into the ecosystem. Before getting into the theming and modding business, you should first learn how to decompile and recompile APK files. Today we’ll see how to do that using a simple tool.

Before we jump into the tutorial, let’s just get familiar with the technicalities. Decompiling an APK means to extract the contents of the app which allows you to modify individual aspects of an app. For instance, you can simply change the color palette of the app by just changing few hex codes. Depending on the expertise, you can even modify the functionality of the app if needed. Once your work is completed, you need to recompile the files to form an APK. You can do this by using the popular APKTool developed by XDA Recognized Developer Brut.all. You can find a detailed guide from the below link.

If you’re new to Android theming and all those commands make you fuzzy, we recommend the APK Easy Tool. The APK Easy Tool is a simple GUI tool which helps you decompile, recompile APK files along with a bunch of other functions. It’s as simple as a file picker, all you need to do is to browse the APK to decompile and the tool will do the rest. Once decompiled, you can fiddle with the APK contents and finally, you can recompile the APK just with a button click. You can use the APK Easy Tool on Windows machines running Vista or later (Works well with Windows 10). Follow the simple tutorial to get it running on your PC.

Download APK Easy Tool

How to use APK Easy Tool to Decompile & Recompile APK

  1. Download the executable file from above and open it. The tool will install the required resources to your Documents folder.
  2. Before editing any system apps, you need to install the necessary framework on your PC. You can do that by adding the framework-res.apk from your phone to the framework installer in the tool.
  3. If you’re a newbie, just download the framework-res.apk from here and add it to the framework installer in the tool.
  4. Now, select the APK you want to work and click on Decompile button.
    recomplie APK
  5. Open the decompile directory and do the mods you have in mind.
  6. Once completed, recompile APK by clicking on the Recompile button.
  7. You can also install the modded APK to your device right from the tool.

Android theming and modding is not an easy task but you can do wonders with rigorous efforts. Tools like these will make your task easier by reducing the steps to perform certain tasks. Give the tool a try and let us know if you find it easier to decompile and recompile APK.