Create, Edit and Analyze Samsung PIT Files with PIT Magic Tool


Rooting and flashing firmware is one of the key jobs for people like us who want more than what the device offers. Most of us often root our device, install custom kernels, ROMs and mods to make our device much more interesting and secure. Once in a while, we also need to flash stock or custom firmware on our Android smartphone to recover it from unexpected situations. Flashing stock firmware, CF-Root or any .tar/.tar.md5 files on Samsung devices is quite easy with Odin.

We often encounter many errors while flashing firmware on Samsung devices like “Invalid Ext4 image“ and “Get PIT for mapping…” issue. These errors are due to the incompatibility of partitions sizes of your device and image sizes of your firmware. Samsung PIT file (Partition Information Table) contains the partition table for your Galaxy smartphone. It contains al the information like partition name, flash file name, block size etc.

Finding PIT file for your device is quite a difficult task as there is no central repository where you can find them all. In our previous article on PIT files, we have covered some methods to extract PIT file from your device and PIT file download links for some Galaxy devices. Today we are using a tool called PIT Magic developed by an XDA member.

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PIT Magic Tool for Samsung Devices

PIT Magic is the best tool to modify or create a pit file from scratch as you can do it from GUI. So, you can manually modify the contents of the PIT file like the partition size, add new partitions etc.

PIT Magic tool provides a wide range of options to edit the PIT file to get through the flashing errors in Odin tool. This tool can be simply installed on your Windows PC just like any other program. The latest version of PIT Magic requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to be installed on your PC.

pit magic

Here are some of the important features of PIT Magic tool:

  • Create New PIT Files from scratch.
  • Edit Existing PIT Files and change all available properties.
  • Analyze a PIT File and create a human readable report of all Partition entries.
  • Export PIT Analysis to Text File or Copy to Clipboard directly from the User Interface.
  • Add or Remove Partition entries to a New or Existing PIT File.
  • Save options to write changes to Existing PIT File or write a New PIT File altogether.

Download the PIT Magic tool from here and create/manage PIT files for your Samsung device.