Sushil is a student by day... and a student by night too. Currently living in the middle of nowhere in India. He spends most of his time reading, gaming, watching movies, learning programming languages and ploting world domination. He is always looking for fresh, useful and innovative apps. Because of his special love for mobile OS, he wants to start a mobile gaming startup in future.

4 Best News Reading Apps Compared: Flipboard Vs. Feedly Vs. Digg Vs. Circa

Ah, time before android when reading news meant jumping from one tab to another and entering URLs after URLs to get the news of the day. Now, fast forward to today and the scenario...

Android M: 6 Things You Need to Know

Android M is finally here. Google unveiled a new version of its much loved OS at its annual I/O event a few days back which is now available for download as developer preview for...

4 Google Projects You Need To Know About

Google, currently, is busy changing the way we use our smartphones. Recently at the I/O event Google showed us android M and discussed some projects it's working on. These projects might seem a bit...

Spotify and Foursquare Coming to Android Wear

Spotify and Foursquare both announced that they’re adding new functionality to their Android Wear apps through upcoming updates.Previously you were able to play and pause music on your android wear in Spotify and through...

Android M to Feature Native Fingerprint Authentication

Google is all set for its big upcoming event, Google I/O, which is on 28 may 2015 where Google is rumoured to reveal next version of android called android M. But it’s still a...

10 Indispensable Android Apps I Can’t Live Without

With millions of apps to its credit, the Google play store is the second largest app market in the world. The enormity of app volume is enough to overwhelm the users because the more...
Best Android Apps To Sideload

7 Useful Android Apps Which You Won’t Find in the Google Play Store

Google play store is home for more than 1,420,000 apps. Everyday 100s of apps are added in the repository. But some apps that do not follow Google's policy are rejected. No matter how useful...

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