Sushil is a student by day... and a student by night too. Currently living in the middle of nowhere in India. He spends most of his time reading, gaming, watching movies, learning programming languages and ploting world domination. He is always looking for fresh, useful and innovative apps. Because of his special love for mobile OS, he wants to start a mobile gaming startup in future.

Flud is Probably the Best Torrent Client for Android

Remember the time when downloading stuffs from torrent only happened on computers? Everything you wanted was available for free on the internet. You probably thought that things just could not get any better than...
10 Android Apps Worth Purchasing

10 Android Apps Worth Purchasing

Google play store is huge. Even though it regularly outshines the App store in total number of downloads, developers still choose iOS over Android OS as their first preference. Why? Because Apple users have...
11 Beautiful Android Live Wallpapers To Animate Your Homescreen

11 Beautiful Android Live Wallpapers to Animate Your Homescreen

When I think about android OS the first thing that comes to my mind is the ability of heavy customization. You can customize EVERYTHING. From boot animation to keyboard, each and every part of...
Sword Of Xolan

Sword Of Xolan : A Must Play Retro Action Platformer

I grew up playing video games with pixelated graphics so it's obvious that I still have a soft spot for such games. And I love Role Playing Games too. So "RPG+Pixelated graphics" is the...

Current Flow: A Beautiful And Relaxing Puzzle Game

It's very rare that I find a game which is fun to play, challenging, free, without any in-app purchase, and without any ads. So when I found Current Flow I was amazed. When I...

Piktures: The Most Beautiful Gallery Replacement App

I don't know what it is but I've never liked the stock apps that come in phones. I replace almost everything I can. There are a lot of amazing apps that provide way more...
Jair Music Player

Jair Music Player : One of the Best Local Music Player for Android

Diving into the Google play store and looking for that one music player which suits your need is difficult. Generally, most of us don't even use a third party music player. A lot of...

Drupe Lets You Communicate with Your Contacts Quickly

Drupe is a new take on contacts. It's made to bring all your contacts and communication apps (Hangouts, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.) together in one place, but more importantly, you can get to it from...

Ultraflow: Put Your Agility to Test with this Amazingly Addictive Puzzle Game

Puzzle games are quite a popular category that everyone loves. It is my favorite category in mobile gaming as it trains my brain while having fun, makes me feel successful as levels are easy...
Google Keep

5 Powerful Google Keep Features You Might Not be Using

A note-taking app must have three qualities- easy and variety of methods to take notes, cross platform, and should not eat up the storage and RAM. Google Keep has all these three qualities. It's...

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