Sushil is a student by day... and a student by night too. Currently living in the middle of nowhere in India. He spends most of his time reading, gaming, watching movies, learning programming languages and ploting world domination. He is always looking for fresh, useful and innovative apps. Because of his special love for mobile OS, he wants to start a mobile gaming startup in future.
Elixir 2

Elixir 2: A Powerful System Information App for Android

Elixir 2 is for those users who want to have very detailed information about what's going on in their beloved smartphone. The amount of information it provides is huge - battery information, device uptime,...

Make Your Screen Turn On and Off Automatically

What's the thing that you do the most in your phone? Listening music? Na. Taking photos? Na. The thing which you do the most is to lock and unlock your phone by using the...
Best Android Launchers

Which Android Launcher Is Best For You? We Help You Find Out

When it comes to customizing an android device without rooting, a homescreen replacement a.k.a launcher is the best option we've got.For the uninitiated, a launcher is an app that lets you customize the look...

10 Best Android Games Under 10 MB

Gaming on android has evolved a lot since the first android smartphone launched in the market back in 2008. I mean, who could have imagined that games as big as 1GB can be played...

Low On Storage? Save Space on Android with These Lightweight Alternative Apps

Android phones are basically divided into two categories- low-end and high-end. Low-end phone features specs like 1 GB RAM and 4 GB ROM. And high-end is, well, high-end.Although majority of Android user base is...
Mercury Browser

Mercury Browser – Probably the Best Web Browser for Android You’ve Never Heard Of

Browsing the internet is fun. You can get almost any information you want. Smartphones are by far the most popular device to go on the internet through. The browser category in the Google play...
7 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

7 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android

Wallpapers are an expression of yourself. Personally, I love to switch my digital wallpapers often as I quickly get bored. But finding the right wallpaper for your device can be challenging as you would...
less known android launchers

5 Awesome But Less Known Home Launchers for Android

I love Android, mainly because of its ability of heavy customization. I can completely change the look of my phone with rooting or jailbreaking it. Although rooting an android phone gives complete control over...
Cabinet file explorer

Cabinet: A Lightweight And Feature Rich File Explorer

File explorer are the apps that let you browse the files in your phone. You may not use it much but it's an important aspect of Android as it shows good use of open...

2 Best Free Lockscreen Replacement Apps for Android

Don’t like the default lockscreen of your phone? I do not like it too. That’s why I started looking for some alternatives and I came across a lot of apps which are definitely better...

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