Sushil is a student by day... and a student by night too. Currently living in the middle of nowhere in India. He spends most of his time reading, gaming, watching movies, learning programming languages and ploting world domination. He is always looking for fresh, useful and innovative apps. Because of his special love for mobile OS, he wants to start a mobile gaming startup in future.
6 Relaxing Puzzle Games for Android

6 Relaxing Puzzle Games for Android

The best video games have always been those which are packed with action, loud music, and achievements to be unlocked. The last few years have seen a change in this philosophy as more and...
Interesting Photography Apps for Android

4 Interesting Photography Apps for Android

Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, everyone has a camera in their pockets. Everybody takes photos of everything. Heck, we even have a platform just to share photos. But, you know, buying a smartphone with...
Features to Try When You Get Android Oreo

6 Features to Try When You Get Android Oreo

Android Oreo has been out for a while now but not everyone has it. If we go by the distribution chart, only 0.7 % of users have access to Android Oreo (0.5 % for...
3 Best Free Lyrics Apps for Android

3 Best Free Lyrics Apps for Android

Lyrics are an important part of any song. I love listening music, especially the ones with deep and meaningful lyrics. Plus, it's fun to sing along. This is where apps specifically designed to show...
Unique Chess Games for Android

2 Unique Chess Games for Android

Chess is an awesome game. It's probably my favorite board game of all time. It's been around for a long time and it is still one the most appreciated and competitive game board game...
KLWP Presets

3 Amazing KLWP Presets to Try

Customisation is Android's one of the biggest selling point. We have a lot of apps to customize and change the way your device looks. Third-party launcher, wallpapers, widgets, icon packs, lock screen - there's...

5 Awesome Substratum Themes You Must Check Out

Perform a simple search in the Google play store and you will find uncountable themes for Substratum. It's that famous. Loved by every rooted Android user, Substratum is the ultimate theming app for Android....
3 Useful Tricks Every Android User Should Know

3 Useful Tricks Every Android User Should Know

Android is awesome. With the user-base of more than a billion people, it is by far the most used and the most popular mobile operating system. Every year we see tons of smartphones launched...
Chat-Based Games for Android

4 Awesome Chat-Based Games for Android

I'll admit - even though I play games on my Android device every day for hours (work purpose), I've never tried those AI-powered chat games that have been the trend for a few year...

What’s an IMEI Number & How to Find Yours

If you have a smartphone, then you must have heard about IMEI number. Every smartphone has one and it's more important than you think. What's An IMEI Number?The International Mobile Equipment Identity - or IMEI...

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