3 Ad-Blocker Add-Ons for Firefox on Android

3 Ad-Blocker Add-Ons for Firefox on Android

Firefox Web Browser has had an Android port since Firefox 4.0. Until recently, the predominant opinion among Android users claimed that Firefox was always one step behind Google's Chrome Browser on Android, in terms...

BankBot Trojan Strikes Again: Everything you Need to Know About it

New Malware threats targeting Android appear regularly. The most worrying fact is that most of them manage to find their way into the Google Play Store, long before they are exposed by security experts....

Looking for an Ultra-Lightweight App Launcher? Try Emerald

The Application Launcher is the most important part of every Android device. It takes care of listing all available Apps on the operating system and providing a method to access them. Moreover, it acts...

Firefox Version 57.0 is Officially Released with Big Improvements

Long awaited Firefox 57.0 is officially out on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, i-OS and Android platforms. Version 57.0 of Firefox browser is special because it implements features resulting from long-time research and development. This...
NewPipe App

NewPipe App is a Lightweight but Powerful YouTube Alternative You Must Not Miss

F-Droid is an Android Play Store alternative that offers exclusively Free and Open Source Apps. It's been around since 2010 and it has recently seen a user interface overhaul. Over the years, various high-quality...
Improve Android's Performance by Tweaking VM Heap Size

Improve Your Android’s Performance by Tweaking VM Heap Size

One of the most controversial features of Android is the use of Java programming language for System and User Apps. Having a Java SDK (Software Development Kit) allows rapid development of high-quality Apps, that...
Download YouTube Videos on Android with youtube-dl

Download YouTube Videos on Android with youtube-dl

Youtube-dl is a Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux tool that makes downloading of Internet videos quite easily. It implements a powerful download engine and can download and manipulate audio and video files from several...
HEVC Video Playback on Android

How to Enjoy HEVC/ H.265 Video Playback on Android

High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, is a video compression standard, regarded by many as the successor to the AVC (H.264) standard. It was developed following the same concepts as H.264 and...
Past and Future of the Linux Kernel on Mobile Devices

Past and Future of the Linux Kernel on Mobile Devices

Linux kernel is known to run on a wide variety of devices. It can power almost every electronic equipment that features a CPU, from high-end video cameras to space stations. Its software design makes...

VLC for Android Version 2.5 is Out with New Features

VLC is probably the most capable multimedia player available on every computing platform. It makes use of professional libraries for media manipulation and can carry out almost anything related to multimedia with the correct...

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