Naveen Robsworth

Naveen is a tech enthusiast with a deep interest in Open Source software and Operating Systems. Freelancing and learning new technologies are his motives. His Pen name Robsworth reflects that his talents are worthy to be robbed.

Enjoy Louder Volume on Moto G4 with Volume Booster Mod

Long gone are the days where a phone is just used for calling and SMS. Smartphones have fundamentally changed the way we use and interact with portable phones. Voice assistants, biometric scanners, wider camera...
install hydrogen os 3.0 oneplus 3

How to Install Hydrogen OS 3.0 On OnePlus 3/3T

After the split up with CyanogenMod, OnePlus has set foot into two different software builds - Oxygen OS and the Hydrogen OS. Oxygen OS is an international build which is released all over the...
root huawei mate 9

How to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Huawei Mate 9

"The best thing to do after buying an Android device is to root it." If I said this a few years back, people would be soo angry at me saying it will compromise warranty...

How to Add More Volume Levels to Volume Slider on Android

Have you ever seen memes on Facebook or G+ saying "Your childhood is awesome if you've ever tried to balance the switch between ON/OFF positions"? Well, the world has changed a bit now, and...
force ok google when screen off

How to Force “OK Google” Detection When the Screen is OFF on Any Device

Voice commands and digital assistants are the new faces of the smartness in smartphones. Operating your smartphone with voice commands is quite useful, and it's also pretty cool. You can just say a magic...
root vibe k5

Root Lenovo Vibe K5, K5 Plus and Lemon 3 and Install TWRP Recovery

The Android market has become a lot more competitive in the last couple of years than it ever was. There are a lot of new players in the market who are offering quality smartphones...
how to change csc on galaxy note 4

How to Change CSC on Samsung Galaxy Devices without Wiping Data

If you've ever installed a firmware on your Samsung smartphone, you might have seen a file called CSC (Consumer Software Customization). It's one of the important components of the Samsung's firmware which is responsible for storing...
uppercut tool for lgup

How to Make LGUP Work on any LG Device with UpperCut Tool

Android is the land of customizations and development where you can find something interesting every day. However, we will mess up our device every once in a while giving us a mini heart attack. Flashing...

Some Tips and Tricks for Chrome Browser on Android

Google Chrome is one of the most customizable and versatile web browsers available for Android which offers fairly smooth browsing experience on any Android device. Just like the Chrome browser on PC, Google chose...

Install Google Assistant on Nougat Devices [“OK Google” Working]

Google Assistant, an intelligent personal assistant, is the crown jewel of the Pixel smartphones. The Pixel smartphones are the most powerful and unique smartphones that were released last year. As Google mentioned, "Software" is...

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