Harsh Doshi

An Android geek of sorts, and all things tech. His love for Android can be seen in several places including XDA, his Blogs and DroidViews ! Also an avid writer, and loves to write on everything from stories and life lessons to technology and Android. Currently in college, Studying Media Science. Warning : Has a contagiously positive attitude.

LG P500 Best ICS ROMs Series- Part 5

5. AOKP - Android Open Kang Project       AOKP - One word says it all. Android open kang project. Highly customizable, infinitely awesome, uber-cool and, as always, fast. Also, it's clean.  Customized to best of your...

Best P500 ICS ROMs Series Roundup !

Sit back tight and enjoy the ride through the best of the best ICS ROMs on the old, but very much active LG P500! As u all owners out there already know, the phone...

LG P500 Best ICS ROMs Series- Part 4

4. Paranoid Android by Ksood !    Well well, who doesnt want a ROM with goodies from both a Tablet UI and Smartphone UI ? i dont see many hands going up ! but sadly, in...

LG P500 Best ICS ROMs Series- Part 3

3. OxygenICSv by Popdog123   The most "barebones" ROM ever is simply lightweight, fast and awesome. It's ICS and it has only the bare minimum of everything, thus the name.  Minimalistic in its approach, its been...

LG P500 Best ICS ROMs Series- Part 2

2. Official MIUIv4 Snapseries by Zackconsole   This ROM created an instant stir among the Optimus one community as this was the first miui project taken up from one of the 'nearly official' sites of  MIUI...

LG P500 Best ICS ROMs Series- Part 1

1. CM9.1.1  (by hephappy) - Final : Codenamed 'FLYME'   As many of you know, this is the ICS ROM for P500. It was through joint efforts of luphorip, _Arjen_ and hephappy that ICS ROMs are now...

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