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Top 5 Android Features iOS Doesn’t Have

In previous posts, we have seen ways which can help you transition from iOS to Android. In case you've missed these articles, read them below:How to Synchronize iTunes with Android How to Switch...

Year End List! Best Android Apps of 2016 (in All Categories)

Admittedly, 2016 was a year full of Android-related surprises and news. From the exploding Note 7 to the release of Android Nougat, 2016 gave us many things to be interested in.However, one of the things that never...

5 Android Apps to Enrich Your Christmas Experience

You may have already seen that we, here at Droidviews, are particularly happy about gifts, and the whole Christmas experience in general. As a result, today, we are going to see 5 Christmas themed...

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Whether you like to simply share moments on Instagram or you are a pro photographer, you often come across a picture that is in need of some editing. Hence, today, we are going to...

How to Gift Android Apps on Google Play Store

Christmas day is just around the corner and while not every person on the world celebrates the day, it is undoubtedly a great period for sending gifts. For those of you that are in need...

Top 3 Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

We all know that smoking is bad, both for your health and your pocket. Talking about the disadvantages, however, won't help any smoke-free prospect. In my opinion, it is more important to help you by...

5 Best Educational Apps for Kids

Smartphones are undoubtedly a part of our adult lives. However, there are people that debate on whether we should permit kids to play with a smartphone or not. Are there are ways to incorporate...

Android Nougat Update List: See Which Phones Will Get It

On August 22 of this year, Google announced the latest addition to our favorite candy-themed OS. However, as we slowly approach 2017 most users haven't yet tasted the Nougat flavor. Today, we are going to...

Top 3 Wallpaper Apps for Android

As we've mentioned many times before, customization is Android's cornerstone. The ability to personalize almost every aspect of Android is what makes it different from, you know, that other OS. The most noticeable and...
To-Do List Apps for Android

Improve Productivity with These 3 To-Do List Apps for Android

Nowadays, productivity is undoubtedly important. That becomes obvious as soon as you open the PlayStore. From habit trackers to to-do list applications, more and more people use their smartphone so as to enhance their...

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