Ameer Akhtar

Creative at heart, marketer at work Ameer is a marketer in branding & web-design at work and loves investing time in design, imaging & droiding. He is an avid fan of both Android & iOS platforms, more so of Android. He also enjoys reading, music and the idiot box on a daily basis. Being in the web industry, he tries to stay on as many [too many] social media as possible.

Got a Nexus Device? Here’s Why You Need WugFresh NRT

Are you a Nexus user? Do you like to play around with your device?If you scored Yes on both questions, then it’s settled, the WugFresh Nexus Root Toolkit is for you, and the sooner you...

Are You Experiencing Black Screen Issue on Your Nexus 6 Too?

If you are a Nexus user with a custom ROM, then by now you must have encountered this issue at least once.I have encountered this issue on 2 ROMs in my experience: CM 12.1...

Euphoria OS for Nexus 4 & 6: Review and How-to

Hi, since you're here reading this, means you've already done some reading on the Euphoria and are aching to know more. Have a read and do share your experience about this very decent ROM. Why...

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