Install Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Firmware on Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360F


Samsung has been pretty busy with sending the latest software update to many of its eligible devices for quite a few months now. The reason that makes the update so special this time is the Lollipop upgrade. Android Lollipop is definitely the best interaction the OS has witnessed so far. It bring heavy tweaks in terms of the look and feel of the user interface, as well as new features. Having updated to Lollipop, you will also experience batter and faster performance, smooth animation and better battery backup.

One noticeable thing about Samsung’s Lollipop rollout has mainly been for the new and older flagships. However,when we see a low-end phone like the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime getting major OS updates along with the high-end devices, it feels cool. The Galaxy Core Prime is rather a new phone launched in the November 2014 with Android 4.4.4 KitKat out of the box and now it has been receiving the latest and greatest version of Android. Yes, I mean the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

The European LTE model of the Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360F) has been getting the new update for a day now. The Lollipop update has started rolling out in Poland, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina. You live in these countries, you might have already got the OTA notification. In case you did not receive the OTA yet, you can trigger it manually by tapping the Update Now option under Settings> About> Software update.

If you have rooted your Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360F or have installed a custom recovery, you might not get the official OTA. However, it does not mean  that you won’t be able to enjoy Lollipop at all. Since the firmwares files are available for download, you can install them manually using Odin. If you do not belong to Poland or Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can still download the Android 5.0.2 firmware from below and flash it right away.

Both the available firmware are unbranded and it means that they can be installed on any Galaxy Core Prime with model number SM-G360F regardless of country and region. The only thing you must take care before installing the firmware is to make sure that your phone is not locked to a network provider.

Download Lollipop Firmware for Core Prime SM-G360F

Poland:  |  Mirror Link

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

How to Install:

To install the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, please refer to our detailed tutorial on flashing Samsung firmwares on Galaxy devices.

  • Vicky Gupta

    can i install this rom on samsung galaxy core prime sm-g360H variant?

  • Lyn

    How i can retrieve the old software for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime? I have problem with my unit, after I update my software last May 2015. My phone gets lagging. And it appears TouchWiz not responding. please help me. Thank you.

  • Jade Blue Jay

    what would happen if i flash it on my g360h?

  • Raúl Salcedo

    I don’t recommend absolutly do this, your phone will be critically slow and probably you will be repentant

  • Saad Toor

    have any idea when they release lollipop rom for this model

  • DipeshBasnet

    yup it is kitkat 4.0.4 🙂

  • Saad Toor

    is this 4.4.4 ???

  • Steven Boyd

    I done a data factory reset and the phone is working perfectly using lollipop

  • Jonathan Fallon

    The only issue i had was when you flashed it and it rebooted. It got stuck in a boot loop so i just pulled out the battery, went into recovery and did a factory reset.Then i rebooted the phone gave it 5-10 mins to boot then it was back to normal, just what it was like at the start.

  • Steven Boyd

    I did and the phone is sluggish, it takes upto 20 seconds and more for apps to open. Even doing basic operations like messaging is slow. I do not recommend lollipop till the fix the bugs

  • Steven Boyd

    did you have any trouble going back to kitkat, I also read somewhere that if you do a factory reset and reinstall your apps the phone should be grand

  • Jonathan Fallon

    No because its not available yet.

  • Jonathan Fallon

    I Upgraded as well and I am having the same issues im downgrading to 4.4 kitkat

  • Codes-Sources

    Pls someone has already tested this firmware on SM-G360H ?

  • Steven Boyd

    Since updating to Lollipop my core prime is sluggish, battery drains quicker and certain apps take too long to open

  • It’s not available officially yet.

  • Munish Verma

    sir my phone is smg360h how to install 5.0.2 lollipop version upgrade i m indian

  • Heating a common issue with new firmware upgrades. Try a data factory reset to fix it:

  • Popescu George

    i have a problem my core prime after installing android 5.0.2 is heating up more than 4.4 how can i downgrade?

  • Vjeran Kamenicki

    Nevermind,.. I had to do a factory reset.

  • Vjeran Kamenicki

    Flashed, now my brightness control does not work. Please help

  • Vjeran Kamenicki

    Rooted, now my brightness control does not work. please help

  • Yes, it’ll.

  • arron

    will the polish firmware work in the united kingdom?

  • Daniel TheMan Johnson


  • Daniel TheMan Johnson

    no worries sorted it

  • DipeshBasnet

    sir can i update this firmware to my samsung galaxy core prime 360h???

  • Daniel TheMan Johnson

    how can i downgrade from 5.0.2 to 4.4.4 have tried using odin but it just hangs when trying to reboot and gets stuck on the samsung logo

  • Kia

    my phone is galaxy core prime 360H, will it be possible to upgrade to lolipop version here in bangladesh?

  • Umar Shahzad


  • Yes.

  • walid_kh__

    thanks man i really appreciate your help

  • Umar Shahzad

    Will the poland or second firmware work in Pakistan?

  • Yes, it’ll still work for you. Install the Poland firmware.

  • walid_kh__

    what if i have the phone but a different build -mine is (G360FXXU1AOB1)- would it work?

  • zia Fauji11

    how can i update my tab 2 10.1 gt_p5100